I will receive my last spanking for a while tonight since I will be leaving for college tomorrow! I hope it's my last spanking forever
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Aww don't worry I'm 18 and I get them

you're lucky. my Mother made me live at home during college and I was still regularly spanked

If you behave it will be. I'm thinking not.

i hope they make it a good one so you never forget it.

Yes it was

lucky u


Did they kiss your spanked butt? I mean because they will miss it for awhile.

Would you consider adding me?

Can me be u freind

Can u add me or message me

Why it may have helped you become great person you probably are. Hope it's not extra hard

I thought the same thing when I left, but it wasn't my last one afterall

How do you know your parents won't visit you at college and give you a spanking there?

Is that a maintenance spanking? I am shocked parents use that stupid thing yet. There is no point to spank if there is not crime.

yeah, i dont usually get maintenance spankings. but this one is just to remind me to behave in college even though my parents aren't going to be there anymore

Hmm, not if you're in a situation like a girl I knew on messenger. She got spanked before leaving for college for each of her 8 semesters, and when she returned home for breaks and summers she was right where she was before going to college: under her parents' authority and over their laps whenever she did anything they considered misbehavior - oh, and they visited her at school and "discussed" her behavior with her in their hotel room too.

yeah i guess that might happen to me too. im just wishfully thinking

but atleast the spankings would decrease a significant amount

Hers continued right past college graduation when she returned to her parents' home and got a job at 22, and she knows they'll be a consequence until she gets married and/or moves out.


Are you still spanked ?

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so when you go to college you will behave bad as there will be no one to stop you

Yes it was

It probably will be - if you behave from now on.