Growing up, I was spanked for expressing how I felt. I would have fits because I was unable to tell people how I felt. My mom was the one I remember doing the spankings.
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Sorry to hear that. My mother hated "sassing back" or "back talk" so when I tried to reason with her or explain why I think I should be allowed to do something, she got angry and started spanking. I had a great deal of resentment towards her for years afterwards.

i felt the same way to my mother it took me years to forgive her for the way she had treated me

my dad never spanked me or my sister it was always mum and for any thing she could find wrong

I was spanked too. It's definitely contributed into me being unable to talk about my feelings. No doubt that it had made my mental health problems worse.

I'm sorry to hear that. Kids need to know that they can express themselves in a constructive manner.