I was not.

However, this is my other post I'm making regarding how pathetic and disgusting people who do are.

S-panking is not only sick, vile and inhumane it also warps children who receive it at a early age into s-panking loving per-verts, that is a proven fact, don't believe me? Type in this experience look at some older aged men/women's profile's look how obsessed they are with s-panking, all due to the fact they had this experience as a child, a truly repulsive act of cruelty, not discipline.

I think, in my opinion, span-king should be illegal, its inhumane child abuse, a cruel act of sadism. Do you sick twisted parents who do get a thrill or rush of power when you do this cruel act upon your children? "To teach them Respect" yet you only get them to fear you? Pitiful parents you are.

As for adults who sp-ank, you guys are cruel sadistic pieces of trash, nothing more nothing less. But still hope for you to change yourself.
GlassySky GlassySky
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What is amazing to me , is the sheer lack of knowledge on this subject. I have interviewed about 40 women , involved in the "DD" scene , on this subject. Believe it or not , most of these women weren't spanked or abused as children. They said the only thing lacking in their childhood was structure. Most of these women have no self discipline of any kind and seem to have very little regard for any rules or authority. They turned to this type of lifestyle in order gain some kind of accountability. After speaking to these women , I started talking to the men involved in this lifestyle. Most of them were pursued by the women , this confirmed what the women had told me. The women are the ones that usually seek out this relationship. So , a lot of what you read is just that... Try actually talking to people in this lifestyle before saying they are abused and that the need comes from an abusive past. It seems to not be the factor in about 70% of the cases.

Lack of knowledge? No. DD? why are you only refering to women? Spanking, is child abuse not a form of discipline, well not it can be considered that unlike back then, actually I think you should do your research, before giving me random %'s. People who have had an abusive past tend to do the same to their children, moreoever spanking changes intona sexual fetish, I believe now spanking is not a valid form of discipline, but a sexual fetish that should not be practiced on anyone. Also, I have talked to people, especially on ep.

I agree with you 100% young man.

Hmm, my mom sometimes spanked me and I'm not warped pervert :/

Consider yourself lucky. Did you like being spanked?

No I didn't, but looking back now I can honestly say I probably deserved it :P

Then you deserved it :)


I mean if my parents didn't discipline me, who knows, I probably would have ended up like Bart simpson :P

I wondrr.

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Proverbs 13:24 says "Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them."

Its a mere proverbs, its a pity if you live your life by that.

I've gotten spanked when I was little and sometimes still do now but not as much. And I'm not a spanking loving pervert. First of all, I actually do NOT agree with parents spanking their children. I have experienced being spanked in all kinds of forms and will say that I have hated it. All it has done has caused pain, bruises, and marks on my body. I do not believe in spanking for discipline. Actually a parent spanking their child can sometimes even scar a child mentally. Causing fear or hatred towards their parent. Sometimes my parents would say, that they hit me because they cannot control their anger and that's why they do it. Well then I feel like saying, "so if you cannot control your anger then you shouldn't be a parent then. You shouldn't be taking out what you're feeling on a child." A parent should know the chanllenge that they are going to face through when they're about to have a baby. I feel that some parents aren't ready to have a child or don't realize that not everything is going to be easy. And that when they get into a issue or problem with their child, they just try to get the easy way out. Through violence. Instead of using violence, a parent should try different techniques and teach their kid if they are doing something wrong instead of hitting them. A parent should know better and has lived the world longer than a child has. A child is still learning and usually doesn't know better. I don't believe children should go through this torture. This is just wrong!

Yes! I agree, and sorry ya had to go through that

It's okay. I'm alright now

My parents spanked me and I turned out fine. Look I don't like that they did it I wish they didn't. But with my mom she would smack me with the comb if I didn't sit still when I was getting my hair done, my dad would only spank me if I deserved it like for Instance (I hid one of there paychecks and didn't give it back cuz I was mad at them) I don't know I'm not for it.

I was spanked as a child and I didn't like it but my parents didn't abuse me they kept my pants on n used a wooden spoon and only did a few swats n that was it n I came out fine granted I'm married n my husband spanks me now n I don't like it but I do it

You get spanked by your husband, isn't that laughable lol..

It's not funny its called a domestic discipline marriage n ya it hurts but it's good for me it helps keep me in check like it's working for him n I I'm most likely going to b leaving him so it doesn't matter anymore

Then why are you leaving him? Seems pitiful to me, lol. You're like his slave aren't you, getting beat when you don't listen to him

I'm leaving him bc he's choosing to work over his declinig health he's 57 n I'm 27 n on top of our huge age difference we have to live with my parents who r 4 years older than him n I gave him the choice n be decided that money is more important than I am so I'll b leaving while he lives with my parents

lol. not too wise are you?

Y do u say that bc his work that he's doin tomorrow isn't his regular job n be won't leave my place so I've got no choice but to leave

I'm not interested.

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Thanks for the entertaining post. I LOVE good comedy. :))

I've looked at you're profile, you must have been through a lot. You seem to be quite into spanking, do you still believe how you were treated in the past was acceptable?

Since being "into" spanking is a lot of fun, what do you think?

I was spanked, with a belt or slipper if we were really bad. I don't ever remember doing anything that awful, I don't even remember what I did but I was still spanked with a belt. I agree, it teaches fear not respect. I grew up terrified of authority and that separated me from some wonderful human beings whom I had no reason to fear.

Thank you so much. Means alot hearing this from a older women, atleast one person agree's! I tip my hat to you.

The worst I do, is lay one hand (palm up) on the child's bum and clap my other hand against it loud- and that is last resort. All "disrespectful" kids listen to me and love me- but I'd never actually lay a hand on a child. I want to preserve that innocense and raise a rightful, smart child whether it's family or not. I am against spanking.

I like read everything that u write because makes me think about different problems and lives

Oh yeah cuz standing in a corner really solves things... it's unintelligent spoiled little twats like you that cause 90% of societies problems because you think you can do whatever and say whatever and nothing will come of it.

It does, there are alternatives to violence, so teaching your child violence helps society?

my my, someone had a brutal spanking

I was actually rarely ever spanked, because I learned early that I didn't want that to happen so I didn't do stupid **** to deserve it. It teaches punishment for your actions. Your parentals obviously failed in life cuz they should have straight up beat the **** out of your mouthy little ***

Welcome to the internet, oh really?

Seem's your parents failed you turned out to be a "dork" lool

Punishment for actions can be taught in different ways, you little *** loving b--tch

How do I know ur not bullshiting over the net?

My achievements, hmmm well ive also saved life, Ive also grown food, im going to university in a bit :P...hmmm ive got my own car ;)

70,000? Weak. I'll show u a real job in a few years man,
Don't even play cod, you're "experiences" might not even be true.

I can talk **** to someone as low as you.

You think I give a ****, Mr self-proclaimed firefighter? Do u think I care u put out a few fires?

Real world? I'm in the "real world" I'm already better of then you are.

Tiny job market? i believe it depends on where you live and the career path you've chosen, HOWEVER im not from the usa Mr.self-pro claimed firefighter.

Riddle me this, if you have such a great life bruh, why ya on ep chasing after some vv-*****? Do tell.

Pets? Nice assumptions. I saved actual people, fyi.

Im from canada. "Tea sippers"? Horny ameircan hunting for ephores, please.
Go some rounds? You have a better chance at getting *** "dork" rather going a few rounds with me.

little girl? A opinion, u just judged me you hypocrite.

Big people? Ignorant, arnt ya mate?

Why don't you leave the thinking to me, and go chase after some ephores, like your circle showcases bruh, gogo

I wouldn't call it violence if there is a reason to

not a reasonable form of discipline, alex

Dude ur an *******


Blocking u

oh damnn, im so worried man, dont beg me for girls next time, k?

I never beg u idiot

You wanna start alex?

I'm sorry bout i think ur wrong, hitting kids only teaches them things can be solved with violence :/

My 'father' made over $150k a year. He was egocentric and revolves around his money. He emotionally abused me because I didn't turn into a greedy workaholic who puts income over family needs. He excluded me from a wedding because I don't know what to do with my life. I'm not even a criminal in jail! I graduated high school! I'm still unsure what to do! I volunteered to help my family friend who lost their house and yard to a flood and he disregarded that. Income isn't everything and saying I'm useless and lazy and constantly demeaning someone is not a productive way to rear children! They are divorced and since then, the abuse started... My mom didn't have a job for 2 years and makes do with income from rent and child support. She is more family orientated. She also taught me that constructive upbringing is key and teaching that income isn't everything, taught me more than being some entitled and spoilt kid, I may be lazy but at least I don't expect much.

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