Sadly my parents weren't really their for me or my siblings but when it came to discipline they always seemed to be around. Now I admit I was a difficult kid but My parents mostly my dad would spank me for just about anything. This went on since I was 2 all the way until now. But I recently moved in with my brothers since there apartment is closer to the campus ill be attending. So hopefully that phase of my life is over!
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Are your brothers allowed to spank you? Did they ever spank you?

Umm yeah my brothers have spanked me before. I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate to do it again :/

Hopefully not! Sounds like you need to be kept in line!

That maybe true but I think im to old for spankings

never to old!

I think her brothers will definitely keep her in line
They may use a belt, paddle or what they need to keep this girl in line.