Boarding School Memories

I wanted to share some of my experiences in a public school located in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) during the 70s.

To put this into perspective, the school was very proud of its heritage, populated by sons of an affluent and influential society. The teachers were at least Cambridge graduates and the head staff were all very select and above all strict. Yes, it was an expensive education and sometimes very painful one.

The question of acceptability of corporal punishment simply did not exist.

I was sent to this all boys boarding school when I was 13. When I arrived, I was greeted by the then Housemaster. He seemed okay to me until he began explaining the rules and more worryingly the consequences of not adhering to these rules. Sitting in front of him across his desk, my eyes began to wonder around the room. It was long and quite thin. Behind me was an old school bench, the kind that seats 6 boys at the breakfast table, to my right was a cupboard next to the door. On the cupboard were the obvious books, a couple of photos and a tall, thin closed door. Behind him was a sign that simply read, “I will improve”.

The housemaster himself seemed old to me and I didn’t appreciate how he smelled. Don’t ask me to explain it because I have never smelled it since. I began to not like him. He droned on and on, began to bore me and the inevitable happened, I yawned.

Though this is not he incident I want to write about, it was my introduction to the school. Boring you? He asked. No Sir I replied, I have been travelling all day, I lied. Where have you travelled from he pressed. Gatoma I lied again. Gatoma is probably another 300 miles away from where I did actually travel from. He raised an eyebrow, “where is your ticket?” he asked. Oh **** I thought. Long storey short, the school organised the travel so they knew from where I had arrived.

The only words I could remember at this point was the second thing he mentioned when I arrived in front of him. “We do not tolerate liars here”

He got up, came round to my side, instructed me to stand and then in true “I am holier than though” fashion, reminded me of the not tolerating liars bit. He took my arm turned me towards the long bench. This is the first time I noticed this but the bench had been neatly signed, “place hands here”. Can you read he asked, Yes Sir I answered while lowering my hands onto the bench. As my hands touched the cool wood, I could feel my shorts taught around my bottom. Then I heard, No No Boy, stand up, in this office, boys are punished with pants down. I stood, undid my buckle, button and zipper and my shorts fell to the floor. I bent over again and waited. My undies were my only protection, least that’s what I hoped. I felt him put his fingers in my undies waistband and he began to lower them too. He lowered them just past my bottom. I heard the cupboard door open and when I did, I looked up and through the window. Classes were obviously in progress because the greens were empty. Then I felt him put his hand on my back. He moved to my left and then I felt the sting. To this day I don’t know what it was but I suspect a paddle. 4 stings later I was told not to move. He put the implement away and then told me to dress. Yes it did hurt like hell and yes I did cry a little.

He looked at me, told me to leave the office giving instruction on where to go and who to ask for.

Some time later.

My second year started as normal except for one thing. In the mornings, at exactly 6:30, roll call before breakfast, always attended by the housemaster, the junior master and the senior boys to help maintain order. Only thing different here was no housemaster. In his place was a rather nice looking lady. With all my worldly experience at the grand old age of 14, I guessed her to be about 40. She wore a charcoal grey suit. Her skirt was just below her knees and being a leg man, I noticed she had gorgeous legs.

Our junior master, nick named “pufter” because of the way he walked not because of his sexual lean, began a formal introduction of Ms. Samantha Brownly. We all watched her intently, mild whisperings and coughs of approval from the boys. She stood there looking down on us with an imposing air of authority, in my eyes, very sexy. Once introduced, she began her own introduction by calling a house meeting in the gymnasium at 4pm sharp. We were roll called and dispatched to breakfast. You can imagine the conversations on the way to breakfast and indeed up until the house meetings.

4:00pm sharp, 64 boys arrive at the gym for the meeting. Called in we were separated into years and dorms. Told to sit, we all placed bums on floor, cross legged and sitting upright. Ms. Brownly stood waiting for the noise of shuffling had completed and then began.

I wont go into the whole introduction but I will explain the jist of this meeting. Her message was simply, don’t underestimate her just because she was a woman. Her threat was obvious. In her hand were several pieces of paper and a couple of text books. One of which was the punishment book from the previous year. We all knew that one. Once she had completed the loose papers she open the punishment book towards the back and flipped a couple of pages to where she wanted to read from.

Her words. “7 names appear here repeatedly” . She then read out these names. As each name was read, a muffled giggle could be heard amongst the boys. These names, one of which was mine were targets for shall I say, better behaviour. Apparently our names appeared more times than any others and apparently she was going to stop this.

For some reason, I cant think why, this didn’t concern me at the time. Though the future would amend this small fault in my thinking.

Meeting over, all warned and all happy with the thought of our new Housemistress.

We wandered back to the dorms chatting as if nothing had changed and life continued as normal for about 6 weeks. One Sunday afternoon, myself and 2 other boys returned from swimming practice. On the way back we came across a small snake. I knew the snake well, it was a Night Adder. Semi poisonous but a real good hisser. Capturing this poor creature we were deciding what to do with it when Tom said, lets put it in “pufters” letterbox. Spontaneous laughter erupted from us. The thought of “pufter” leaving his front door at speed was just too much to resist. As it was more likely we could be seen entering the front garden we decided the back door was a better option. His home was adjacent to the dorm buildings and his back kitchen door was easily accessible without being seen. Quite normal in Rhodesia for the top half of doors to remain open to help cool things.

The three of us gathered behind the bins holding this small but very angry snake. Shushing them I made my way to the back door, dropping the snake into the kitchen and then making haste to where the boys were. They were laughing, a little too loudly for my liking and herein was our downfall. “Pufters” wife whose name absolutely eludes me at this point heard the commotion, looked out of the window of her bedroom to see us disappearing into the bushes.

No need to explain where this landed us. Monday morning prior to the actual roll call, Ms Brownley called out our names. Attend my office after breakfast, and that was it. Breakfast seemed to fly past and still I saw now problem nor anything to be concerned about. So, joking and generally being boys we carried on regardless.

The three of us, standing outside her office, we could hear her reprimanding a 1st yearer for being late for his activities. A couple of minutes later he departed her office with 2 sheets to which he had to write 200 lines. He left the door ajar and we waited for the “next” call. There were two other boys now in the queue behind us and boys walking past us were gesturing by bending over, cracking their bums, expressing pain then giggling away down the corridor.

NEXT! Tom was next so he went in first, then a second later I heard ALL of you please. Damn, this is new I thought as we shuffled into her office. The air smelled wonderful, probably her perfume, the office was immaculate. The furniture remained the same but on top of the cupboard I noticed several tennis trophies. Being the last one in, she looked at me and told me to close the door, which I did.

Then the questions began. Whose idea was it? Why did we think it funny? Don’t you think it cruel? Are you aware the snake was poisonous? How old are we? Is this what the school needs? Do we not care about what damage we could have done, blah de blah. We didn’t really answer these questions because we thought they were stupid, the snake was not deadly, who could we hurt and how, she all ready knew our ages and so on.

I am certain she said something else but the only word I heard was cane. It was from this point it got interesting. We three, standing in front of her desk, told to drop our pants. Now I know we always dropped our pants before but that was with a man not this very gorgeous looking lady. I objected, she said nothing, I did nothing, I was not going to do it. William began to undo his buckle, I heard him unzip and then from the corner of my eye saw his shorts drop to the floor. Tom followed and I still refused. She just sat there waiting, as I stood there waiting. She then looked at William and asked him “what are the consequences for being late for classes?” William answered, The Deans office Miss. Nobody wanted the dean, he hurt like hell. Then she said, so if Paul continues to ignore my instruction and you are late for class and later have to attend the dean, how would you feel?

Bollocks I thought, she will just wait here as long as it takes. She didn’t have to say anything else, I took my shorts off. Three of us, shorts around our ankles then it got much worse.

Underpants too please boys. Surely not. I was never the best endowed boy and Tom very much was. When he got up for showers in the morning, his morning wood put most of the seniors to shame. First William removed his undies, then Tom and then reluctantly me. Shirts up. I lifted my shirt at the same time as the others. This was now the most embarrassing moment of my life, what’s more, my **** seemed to like this situation and my boyish erection chose the most inopportune moment assume control. I wasn’t alone, Tom had a fair semi and William was rock solid. I watched her eyes, I was convinced she was looking but she wasn’t. Now I know this was part of the punishment.

We waited for what seemed a lifetime before we heard the hands on bench command.
We turned towards the window and positioned ourselves evenly before we all bent over.

I looked down the line starting between my legs, I could see her moving behind towards the cupboard, William was next to me and his small boy **** was now hard and proud and big Tom remained semi but still impressive. The cupboard door shut and I looked up through the window. There was a gathering of boys on the green looking up at the window. I cant believe they were actually watching this.

Ms Brownly moved towards Tom, she told us that this was a serious offence and as such we will receive the maximum of 8 strokes. We were told to open our legs as wide as our shorts would allow and not to move during the punishment. I will start with you Tom, once complete stay where you are until I says so.

I could see Toms **** hardening and then I heard that fateful swish followed by the intense crack as it laid across Toms bottom. He jerked and as he did so, so did his ****. I found it fixating. I watched as the second stroke connected, his **** was fast loosing its hardness and as he jerked his **** was bouncing more erratically. I saw his face, cringed up in pain as he tried to stay still. After the 5th stroke, Tom was in tears and had unfortunately sprung up grabbing his bottom and turned to her to beg for mercy. She never answered, she just moved down the line to William.

I noticed Williams **** had already decided better to go away. William was quite small for his age and I kind of felt sorry for him. The cane was hitting him hard and he too fell at the fifth. To his knees to be precise. He held his smarting bottom tightly and she simply ignored him and then moved to me.

Now I had never received the maximum 8 before but I had several 6s and many 4s. 8 couldn’t be so bad…could it? How wrong a 14 year old can be. My **** was still quite excited about the proceedings but in typical fashion decided to call it a day after the second stroke. I had never felt the cane so painfully before. It was in a different division. Even the swish was more acute. My bottom was on fire, the tears welled up in my eyes and all I wanted was it to be over. I had forgotten how many she had laid on me but in the end, I had to shield my bottom from her. Tears in my eyes, I looked at her and again she ignored it. She returned to behind her desk, told us all to turn and face her. Tom 5, William 5, Paul 6, you three will report back here tonight at 6:30 in pyjamas. Get dressed and get out of my sight. We needed no second word. Gone.

This is an actual account of my boarding school days and if you would like to know what happened to the three of us that evening please just say so.
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