My Dormmaster Spanked Me, And I Went Back For More...

It was a summer hockey camp when I was 13. I found my room for the week was just across from the dormmaster s apartment. After the first practice I was changing my clothes and he stood at the door watching. He invited me into his place after I had slipped on a pair of cut offs, and that was all I was wearing - free birding . After making some wisecracks, I was told I was going to get a spanking....which I ignored. When I finally got up to leave, he said, what about the spanking? I didn't move cause I wasn't sure what to do......he just reached up and unbuttoned my shorts....Drop them, he said. A second later I was standing naked in front of him as he pulled me onto his lap. The spanking I got was firm and slow....and each smack really hurt my buns...stinging like crazy. The only good thing was that his other hand was rubbing my little **** so the overall sensation was pleasure - even as he smacked my bare butt, over and over. When he finally stopped, my butt was beet red, and my **** pencil hard! I went back to his apartment every night that week of camp and got more of the same, every wise crack I made I knew would end up a stinging smack on my bare ***...what a dirty little 13 year old boy!!
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You were a normal horny boy

Spanking is so erotic for me now.... I can enjoy any kind of spanking, but especially with me as the "boy" feeling horny....getting aroused and arousing the older guy spanking me who is really getting off seeing me case !

You still fascinated by spanking ? If yes, getting it or handing out also?

Fascinated, yes that is a good way to express it. For now I love to be on the receiving end.....the powerlessness and vulnerability is so exciting.....the physical experience of the stinging pain and being nude also lights me up. I had an experience at a spanking party in Paris I will write about soon.....loved the spanking mixed in with sex.....!