Marc And I Caught Smoking - Again

Marc and I were best friends since elementary school. Also as teenagers would we spend much time together. Often was Marc at ours or I spent the afternoons and weekends at his house. Thus, it wasn´t too uncommon for us, that one of us was present when the other one got his bottom smacked. Sometimes we got spanked together as well. This happened mainly when we were between 7 and 11.

We hadn´t been spanked together for 2 years or longer, when Marc´s dad caught us red-handed smoking cigarettes, for the second time. Our parents had very strict rules related to drinking and smoking. No cigarettes were allowed before the age of 16, with no exception. We were barely 14 back then. After he ordered us into the living room he had a short phone call with my parents. A couple of minutes later he returned and told me it was my decision either to stay and getting punished together with Marc or going home where my dad would deal with me. Without thinking I decided to stay.

After a good scolding and endless lectures about the dangers of drugs and smoking we were sent into the garden to cut two switches from the hazel tree. Marc was really skilled and showed me how to prepare them properly. Each of us with a freshly cut, smoothed and very flexible switch in our hands, we went back into the living room...
His dad ordered us upstairs into Marc´s room. We had to ***** naked and wait for him. Marc was already having tears in his eyes and I felt my heart pounding quickly in my chest. I didn´t know what to expect. I only got the switch once by my dad when I was barely 12 and I knew it hurt a lot back then, but not as bad as the belt. Now we were sitting on Marc´s bed, buck-naked, waiting for our punishment. Like always before my spankings would my **** develop its own dynamics and within seconds I was rock hard. This made Marc forget his fear for a moment and we both laughed about it, meanwhile he had popped an impressive *****, too. There we sat, two naked boys, our ***** fully erect, waiting for a painful punishment.

Marc´s dad wouldn´t be long time in coming. Marc stood up, arms straight at both sides of his body, when we heard him coming up the stairs. So did I. He entered the room, our two freshly cut switches in his hand, smiling when he spotted our willies, standing just as upright as we did.
He turned to Marc, < son, you know the procedure >. Marc nodded briefly, took two pillows from his bed and placed them in the middle. Then he positioned himself on his bed, lying face down with the two pillows underneath his hips, his feet about 2 ft. apart. His smooth and firm white bottom was sticking out pointing upwards, offering a perfect target for the switch. Now his dad put the second switch on the desk and took position next to the bed. He let the switch swish 2 times through the air before he raised his arm and landed the first whack right in the middle of Marc´s sit spot. He took it with a silent moan. 20 seconds later the second stroke landed just under the first. Another moan, this time a bit louder. I could see two parallell red stripes appearing across both butt cheeks. The third and fourth hit covered the lower end of Marc´s bottom and made him squirm a bit.

He still took his punishment bravely like a man. Things changed rapidly when number five would land slightly beneath the butt cheeks, right on the very sensitive area where the thighs begin. Marc cried out in pain, rearing up his upper body for a short moment but quickly went back again into his position. The next one hit the same spot again and my friend screamed out uncontrollably and wouldn´t stop sobbing and bawling for the next few minutes, till the switch had landed hard 14 times across his bottom and his punishment was finally over.
Marc´s lower bottom half was covered in red stripes that slowly changed into darker red and also blueish welts. Marc´s dad sat next to Marc now, lifted him up and gave him a big hug while Marc pressed his face onto his dad´s chest, still in tears and sobbing how sorry he was. His dad stroked Marc´s hair affectionately and said < I know >.
I felt deeply moved but at the same time I was still stricken with fear about my pending punishment. Only a few minutes later it was my turn. I took the same position that Marc had just a moment before and I could still feel the warmth and dampness of his sweating body on the bedsheet under me. My **** was still hard and squeezing into the pillow where I could feel a cool wet spot. Before I was able to think more about it would Marc´s dad start promptly to give me exactly the same treatment he had given to his son before.

As soon as the switch hit my bottom for the first time should I forget anything around. For the next few minutes existed only the switch and my badly suffering butt, which should be thoroughly blistered by Marc´s enthusiastic dad till it was as sore and covered in welts as Marc´s. I got a hug like Marc before, and I pressed my face onto his chest crying and sobbing for a few minutes. He then lifted me up gently onto my feet and told us we had to do thirty minutes corner time to think about it, hands on our heads. When his dad had left I asked Marc about the wet spot where I was lying on the pillow. He just grinned impishly and I felt my **** getting hard again.

The switches worked really impressive on both of us. Unfortunately this couldn´t prevent us from smoking, however, we made sure that we were never caught again.
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A very thorough spanking for each of you. Marc was skilful at preparing the switch and his father was skilful at using it. You must both have been sore after things had ended, but perhaps, slightly pleased with yourselves, for another reason.

Wonder if the branch would hurt as much as a razor strap? Did you experience both, I only got the razor strap, hand, and hairbrush---ONLY!

I can´t talk about the razor strap because I never got it. Maybe I can assess it roughly though. Dad spanked me with an old brown leather belt which my grand dad had already used regularly on my dad´s and his two brother´s bare butts. It was about 2in wide and 38in long, made of sturdy heavy duty leather. He wouldn´t double the belt but wrap the end with the buckle around his wrist till it was about 20in in length. I think the dimensions and thickness didn´t differ very much from a razor strap. A belt spanking felt rather different from the switch. The thin and very flexible switch would cut into your skin more, covering an area much narrower. Therefor each single cut with the branch would leave a red and well palpable welt that could change its colour in every shade between red, blue and purple and usually lasted for days.
The pain is more sharp, stinging, acute and piercing then the rather biting, radiating, boring pain of the strap. If I had been given the choice, the same amount of licks with belt or switch, I had preferred the belt. It also depends how the branch is applied. When I got the switching in the woods I had to bend over the backrest of the bench and dad would give me more (22) but moderate whacks with the switch. It hurt a lot though. Marc´s dad had an even easier access to his target (my bottom). I was lying on the bed, *** elevated by pillows, giving a perfect target for hits from above. He also laid really into it and made sure that each single whack hurt like hell, more than a single whack with the belt ever did.

Great detail. The razor strap was a very heavy saddle grade leather much thicker than a belt, 2 to 2.5", depending upon the manufacturer, 22" long. As you can see from my stories it stung like hell, especially after being treated to a long-hard otk handing spanking which made your bare butt ever so sensitive. In the end the comparisons are hard to make unless your on the receiving end of both experiences. The razor strops manufactured in England were on the best leather. In one of my stories about my girlfriend, Nicole, I describe getting a thrashing from her father from an English strop---by far my worst punishment given the awful warm up I got with a hairbrush.

You said it! Maybe it was because Marc´s dad liked his gardening so much LOL
I can tell you, it was really frightening to watch this spectacle, knowing that a few minutes later it would be me at the very same place, lying on two pillows with my bottom in the air. At the same time I was kinda fascinated and aroused by seeing how the switch hit his smooth white bottom, leaving red welts over both butt cheeks. Watching other boys getting spanked or thinking back of my own spankings were my main fantasies when I was wanking, back then. I couldn´t tell if my heart was pounding like mad only because I dreaded the pain or maybe also because I was horny like hell. I must admit that I was rock hard while watching.

Marc would get the switch only for more serious "crimes", maybe like I would get the wooden bath brush then. He told me that he got his first switching at 12. His last one was at 15. Our dads liked to exchange their views about our punishments and their efficiencies. That is why my dad tried the switch on me as well, rarely though, and Marc´s dad gave his son a few spankings with a wooden hairbrush in want of a bath brush. Our most common spankings were always hand and wooden spoon till 12 and wooden spoon and belt later on.

Sounds like you and Marc got your share of spankings from your dads at home? Until what age did you get spanked by mom and until what age was Marc spanked by his mom? What age did your moms last see you two bare *** naked front and back?

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