Whenever you've done something bad for a long period of time and get away with it as soon as you say "wow can't believe I've never been caught" you get caught? I feel like that always happens to me ! Like seriously I'm so dead!
Gabbysthename Gabbysthename
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Did you really get spanked when you got caught smoking last month?

It's almost like tempting fate when you think that lol! I got too casual with my precautions to avoid being found out when breaking the rules, after getting away with it for a while and it always led to getting caught (and usually a sore bottom as well)!

You know you deserve the spanking you're going to get honey so maybe you will learn from it. Then again maybe not ?

I've been there at least once. My sister had that happen more often because she would think she was clear of trouble but a big mouthed friend would say too much and they would then get in trouble.

Omg yes I had friends like that really made me mad

Been there many times, you'll get through it just be strong and brave.