Catholic School And At Home

I went to catholic school and received many spankings from the nuns over the 8 years I was in grade school. We had to wear white shirts, blue pants and a blue tie.
I was an altar boy and back then you had to do the Mass in Latin. You had to memorize the responses. We had a class after school on Tuesdays to learn how to be an altar boy and do the responses. There were about 10 of us.
You were called upon to give the right response andif you messed up or did it wrong, you were called up to the front of the room. The nun then made you kneel down and bend over. She then took a stick about 18" long and proceeded to wallop your bottom. You got hit anywhere from a minimum of 5 to 20 times on your bottom. I usually got at least 10 when I gotspanked for messing up. You were sent back to your seat and you hoped you did not get called on again, because if you messed up again you got doublethe first spanking.
There were times when we were all misbehaved in school or in church and we all got hit one by one at least 15 times before the class on Tuesdays. Then that set the tone for the rest of the class when we usually got it again during class.
I prayed my mom did not spank me that night because she would see my red bottom. I would then have to tell what happened and I would get her spanking and then the belt for getting it in school.
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At least the nun didn't send a note home with you for your mother to sign.

I had friends that went to the Catholic school. I always knew when they had taken home a note. At or around supper time, or right before bed time, everyone in the neighborhood could hear the unmistakable sounds of a spanking coming from their houses.

I got spanked in 7th and 8th grade prob once a week. Most were on pants but if you were real bad they were not. At home from mom it was always bare and I got it all through high school even at 18. Talking back was the biggest reason.

How often did you get the paddle in grades 7th and 8th at school. Were they all over your uniform pants, ever any bare or over underpants? At home how were you spanked by mom and did she spank bare most of the time? Until what age did mom spank you at home and what was your last parental spanking for?

Wow our teacher always tells us does stories. But . He says hr doesn't regret it and childhood was better does days anyways.

He is not wrong.

when i got spank in school which was catholic school i allways go it when i got home also in school either paddle r yardstick on bottom or hands at home bare bottom hairbrush

I had enough spankings in the public school as it was.

did you get spanked again at home?

If they discovered it, yes.

i got caught when i was bared for a spanking and had an already bottom. How did you get caught?

I was in a medium size town where stories from the school secretary and other loose mouths sometimes reached my parents.

Was it also the type of town where you got spanked by anyone in authority?

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I was lucky in that I went to a public school which was a half block away from the Catholic school where some of my neighborhood friends went. If they got spanked at school, then they usually got a spanking at home that night. I remember the kids across the street would get a lickin' with the strap after supper and I could hear them crying.<br />
<br />
Of course, there were times when they heard me crying - usually from my mom giving me a good spanking with the hairbrush after supper and putting me to bed for the rest of the night.

Yea after supper seemed to be the time for parental spankings. It was spanked then sent to bed.

I always loved hearing other kids get spanked - as long as it wasn't me the unmistakable sound of a spanking coming from a house on our street was a real treat. I would imagine being in the house and watching it take place.

especially at report card time , where I think the strap was used in ever house that had kids

I always did very well academically so my grades were never an issue as far as spankings. But it was my behavior that frequently caused my hiney to get a good blistering.

I remember hearing my mom on the phone one night with my teacher, telling her "well as soon as I hang up I'm going to take him upstairs and give him a good spanking with the hairbrush on his bare hiney and then put him to bed for the rest of the night. Please let me know if his behavior doesn't improve tomorrow because if it doesn't, he'll get another spanking tomorrow night, too.

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