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Parent Teacher Conference

I attended a school run by our church. They did spank us there with hands and a paddle, but it was always just a few swats. The real trouble is when we got home to face mom.

Anyway, this one time at a parent teacher conference Mrs. Hawley, my home room teacher, didn't have good news about me to mom. I had been acting up a little bit and not paying attention like I should have been for a few weeks before the conference. Mom was not happy to hear this and asked Mrs. Hawley if she wouldn't mind stepping out of the office for a few minutes while mom had a "talk" with me.

Well, as you guessed that "talk" was really a spanking. I was so embarrassed because I knew that Mrs. Hawley and and other parents, teachers, or kids who were close by could hear me getting my spanking in the office.

Mrs. Hawley was my home room teacher for another couple of years and would always use the threat of "Don't make me call your mother, than you won't be sitting comfortable tonight, will you?"

It was embarrassing, but I have to say I was good in Mrs. Hawley's presence for the most part after that.
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You're lucky, when I get (paddle) licks at school I get the belt from my dad, if a teacher calls for a bad reason I also get the belt. But the worst is when my dad knows I got the paddle and I don't tell him. He believes in 'generous' application of the belt etc. "spare the rod spoil the child"
I actually got whipped last week for being mouthy, I wish I didn't live in Alabama, because the principal knows from my siblings(11 of them) that all he has to do is call my parents and I'll be thoroughly dealt with. The one okay thing is I don't have to sit through long Saturday detentions like y'all up

I am aware of two instances in which students were spanked by a parent at school. Although applied to the seat of the kid's pants, one was with a belt during an after school parent conference. The other was with the assistant principal's paddle in her office during normal school hours.

Several years later at another school, after a mischievous girl tried unsuccessfully to pit her mother against the principal to avoid getting a spanking, the mother told both her shocked daughter and the surprised principal that, because she knew "this day was coming," she had a previously unused (for the purpose of spanking) belt that would blister her daughter's bare behind just as soon as she got her home! Reportedly, the next day the girl was a little angel at school.

Another teacher told a story about the time she tried to call a student's parents one evening at home. Knowing the teacher was going to call, the kid watched the phone like a hawk ready to pounce on a chicken. Every time the phone rang, the kid would slightly lift the handset and then gently put it down in the cradle.

The persistent teacher kept calling until finally the mother answered. When the teacher explained the cat and mouse game, the mother replied the her son told her that someone kept calling the wrong number. The upshot of the whole set of events was that the mother called the kid to the phone, confronted him with the lie, and spanked his bare bottom while the teacher was still on the other end of the line! Then, reportedly after the end of the landline parent-teacher conference, the kid got another spanking for causing problems at school. When word got out about the first spanking, the teacher said she never had any difficulty reaching parents in the evenings!

I hated parent conferences! Even if I thought I didn't do anything I was still affraid that my teacher would complain about something. Also since my sister attended the same school, one of my parents would go to the conference for her class and the other one to my class. I was always hoping that it was mom who went to the one for me.

Never was spanked at a parent conference. My mom always told the teachers at the time of the conference that they had her permission to spank me if I was a naughty girl. That was scary when I was in the lower grades and embarassing when I was in 6th grade and middle school.

My Mom always told the teachers to paddle me "if I needed one" She until 6th grade always took me to school the 1st day and met the teacher and told them to spank me. At any conference she repeated this. I got spanked after a conference when Mom found out I had misbehaved and been paddled.

Yes, in middle school when I was 12/13/14 my Stepmother openly told my teachers that I would get a "pants-down" spanking if they reported any bad behavior. It was embarrassing and a few of my teachers did get me spanked at home and they knew about it :-(

I'm sure I would have been just mortified! Never had anything like that happen away from home, although my sister came close to getting a spanking when we were in a big department store on a Christmas shopping trip. Just that near miss was enough to concern me. Mom always took us upstairs or sent us upstairs if she wasn't coming right up or of we were going to get a bedtime spanking and it was always behind closed doors. However, anyone in the house at the time was able to pretty much hear what was going on, which was embarrassing enough.

I did well in school and generally welcomed parental involvement. My parents tended not to do the PTA thing. I am not sure why. They supported education.

The department store near miss must have been scary for both of you. Did you ever get threatened with a trip to the "Ladies Room?" That was one place you didn't want to be taken. Going voluntarily for girls would have a totally different connotation, of course.

Did you really get bedtime spankings? I would have hated to have to wait all evening for that. Were they any gentler so that you didn't have to sleep on your tummy?

Don't recall a specific threat from Mom to take me to the Ladies Room, but I was convinced that she was going to take my sister that one time and she gave me the look that said it sure was a possibility. Even though it didn't actually happen, for some reason it made a huge impression on me and it's something I thought about on later occasions with the idea that would be terrible and that I didn't want to ever do anything where it might become a reality. It's sometimes odd the things that make an impression and stay with you over the years.

Yes, to your question about bedtime spankings. It wasn't the norm, but did happen a number of times. Sometimes with prior notice and a few others where I knew I had upset Mom earlier but thought maybe it had passed and she would come pretty early in the evening and tell me to get upstairs and get ready for bed and that she'd be up to deal with me in a little while. :( My natural inclination would be to try and talk my way out of it, but when she had a certain demeanor of determination and that there better not be any nonsense, you knew you'd better just do what she said.

No not gentler, but at least you could stay in bed and not have to come down stairs after, knowing that anyone in the house had just heard you get a sound spanking.

I think that you remember that Ladies Room warning because it wasn't just your bottom that was "on the line" as it were. I think your memory was greatly enhanced because the warning was also and primarily aimed at your sister.

Not having to come downstairs after feeling the hairbrush at bedtime and having to field questions about "How are you doing?" was probably a significant relief!

Normally it would only be my sister and maybe my Dad or during a few years (after my grandfather died) my grandmother. There would never be any comments (save perhaps my sister when we would be out doing chores and/or completely out of Mom or Dad's hearing range), it was just soooo darn embarrassing.

I know what you mean. Even at the boys club, after you ran the gauntlet, and everyone knew you had just done this, you were supposed to pretend that it didn't sting like the Dickens. You were allowed one rub of your burning rear and then supposed to act normally! No whining. No complaining about the tingle. Business as usual. I suspect that some version of these pressures were/was present even among your family.

I always had a strange sort of envy for other kids who had strict parents and got real spankings at home and could trade war (aka spanking) stories with each other in private. So, the embarrassing element in spanking is something of a puzzle to me. Didn't those private chats with your sister have a deep bonding effect? Mainly for the possibility of sharing at that level I wanted a sibling. Other times, especially when my friends got into trouble for not getting along with a sister or brother, I was glad that I didn't have one.

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