Paddled In A Private Borading School

I went private boarding school for special education and personal needs this was a all boys school . the personal needs that i refer  to is that we are incontinect and had to wear diapers and requigered assitance in that area .and the school had very strict disclipe rules and corpal punishment was used to inforce the rules so any violation met a trip to the head masters office where you were told about what you did was wrong and that you had to be punished. what
 the punishment  was and how many . well we knew what the punishment was because it was explained every couple of months it was a paddleing on your bare
 bottom so after he was done yelling at you were taken in the next room.
the punishment room .Now this is big thing because of the fact that most of us wore diapers for one reason or other in my case it was incontinect both ways whitch meant that one of aids assigned to me or one of the nurses because i would to be cleaned up first well nurse was out and other had somebody si
.ck in the clinic and could't leave the aides were collage students and only there after 3pm .so iwas told i would have to reprt back at that time so me being a 16 yrs smart ***  told him  FU and walkedout  wethat i have good load in my diaper and tll at 245 i was sent for and told to report the headmasters office now i know that my smart mouth got in eve more trouble .when i got there he said that i'm in big trouble and bought me next store once the aid is'nt there yet so tell me to take off my my trousers and plastic plants as i was doing this i let my mouth run some more and i told him that i knew he just like seeing boys naked he ordered me to him to check my diapers and sees that my diaper is full picks up the paddle and i got 3  wacks on top my daiper .it's a good thing the aid came when he did or i probaly would have gotten more so after  the aide takes into the adjoinig bathroom removes my  diaper cleans me and brings back out naked i was ordered face down on the cot and i got 10 hard wacks my bottom  was blistered good and fire engine red my aid put fresh diaper and plasticpants and took back to my dorm room i had to report the next 2 days for 10 each time on the 3rd he said heres something to think about if i had kept my mouth shout i would have only got 3
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Sounds like abuse!!