A Nun's Story

I attended Catholic schools for all of my education. I remember my freshman year of high school.
It was a brand new year only the second day, our religion instructor was Sister Mary Claire rumored to be the toughest nun in the school. It was the last class of the day for me. That day when she entered the room atthe beginning of class I was busy talking to my friend John. I did not hear her call for silence and continued talking even though I could see John was no longer paying attention to me. He was frantically waving his hand to get me to be quiet but I did not pick up on his signal. I then saw a shadow across my desk and looked up to see Sister Mary Claire standing there. She grabbed me by my ear and pulled me to the front of the class. She began to scold me about disobeying her, talking, being disrespectful etc etc. I simply bowed my head hoping that would help me.
It did not! The next thing I heard was Sister Mary Claire telling me to *****. I looked at her confused. She repeated herself "Take off your clothes Mister **********". I still hesitated. She than grabbed me and pulled me closer to her. She began to pull on my shirt yanking it over my head, next came my pants being pulled to the floor then my tightie whities. She commanded me to finish the job. This time I did as told including removing my socks and shoes. Sister Mary Claire then picked up my clothing and put them in her desk drawer.
She sat down at her desk and told me to get over her knees. By this time I had learned and did not hesitate. As soon as my bare skin touched the coarse material of her habit I got a raging hard on, I know I was turning beet red from ermbrassment. She must have felt it too becasue she looked at me and smiled and wicked little grin and I felt her pulling the skirt of her habit up until I felt my bare skin against hers. That is when the spanking began. She told the class to slowly count to 25. With each number they called out I received a solid open hand smack on my butt. After 6 or 7 she stopped and told the class they were counting too fast and we had to start over again. They slowed the cadance down and the slaps began anew only harder this go around. I could feel pressure building my loins and began to fear that I was going to *** all over her legs. Just when I thought for sure I could not hold back any longer the spanking stopped and I was told to stand up. I looked at her pleading with my eyes to let me stay on her lap. She then grabbed my hair and pulled me upright. I stood there in front of everyone naked with my **** twitching. She told me to go stand in the corner and refused to give me my clothes when I asked. I went to the corner and turned my back to the class happy to be able to hide my erection. However Sister Mary Claire made me turn and face them all. I remained there for the remaing 45 minutes. Each time that I tried to cover myself with my hands Sister told me to keep my arms at my side. After class when I went to her to get my clothing she told me I had to clean the blackboard first and then stay for an hours detention which I spent standing by her side while she graded papers
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Nov 29, 2012