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Getting A Pants Down Spanking

I was given many spankings with my pants and panties down. The only time I got spanked with pants up is when my mom felt that I needed it right then and there. Once in the department store I was whining so much that she just took hold of my upper arm and swated my bottom over my dress several times and told to behave. I did because I didn't want a pants down spanking. I have been spanked by several people. From grandparents to anunts and school teachers. I never have been spanked by the principle. If I got spanked at school it was done by the teacher. Most school spankings were done in grade school. Fourth grade teacher spanked me over my panties. Only my 5th grade teacher spanked me on my bare bottom. I was scared to death when she told me I would get like that. I got spanked several times by her but only once on the bare bottom. The other times it was over my panties. Honestly, my panties were so thin it really didn't matter if they were up or down. The spanking stung really bad either up or down. The other thing about getting spanked over the teacher's knee was the fear that someone would walk in and see me getting spanked.  That never happed, but it sure was a possible thing.
MaryJoAZ MaryJoAZ 22-25, F 28 Responses Nov 6, 2012

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I can't even imagine how embarrassing a school spanking would be. Again, thanks for sharing.

I got spanked many times by my teachers. One time, my teacher was mad at me for talking so she walked up, grabbed my friend and I, put us over her knee, and started spanking us. She had bare bottom spanked us right in front of the whole class. It was with her leather paddle which was a common use. This time she also used her belt she was wearing which hurt like crazy. My friend and I were crying so hard that the principal could hear us. She walked in and asked what was going on. She saw us getting spankings. The teacher explained. The principal went back to her office to grab her paddle. She gave us 20 swats! After that day, we never talked in class again.

I like your story But a good spanking is a pants down bare butt paddling

Just love to give you a bare bottom spanking Maryjo , I am sure you would enjoy it as I would do it nice and slow and scold you at the same time , for being so naughty !

Have you found that you enjoy getting spanked in your adult life?

So, bare bottom spankings made you behave better did they?

I got spankings at school. It was not at all frowned upon in our community from anyone including parents for your teachers and principles to spank. My fourth grade teacher spanked me for lying. I had to stay in for recess. When the other kids were gone she made me place my hands against the chalk board with my bottom out. She gave me 12 hard whacks with a yard stick. The worst ones came from our assistant principle. She was this mean stodgy woman from England named Mrs. Rowe. She had a big paddle with holes in it. I swear she got off on it. She spanked me about 3 times. The worst was when I was 11. My friends and I were re-enacting pro wrestling on the playground. The recess monitor took me to the office and told Mrs. Rowe I was fighting. I explained what we were doing but I'm telling you this lady just liked punishing people. She spank boys over their underwear. I did hear stories that some of the girls got it bare bottom. Anyway I had to bend over her desk in my underwear. Her paddle hung on the wall and she took it down and stood behind me. Before paddling you she would always make these big long speeches about how much harsher the punishments are in England and how they use the cane. She would tell us how we are lucky that our state has only approved the paddle to be used and that if she had her way they would legalize canings the way the English schools did. She would go on forever about how the paddle was mild compared to what she could do if they allowed the cane to be used. Then she would slowly and methodically paddle you very very very hard. I think the law was that 12 swats was the most you could receive, but she gave 12 every time and made you count out loud. I can remember on one occasion sitting on a bench outside her office with a girl my age. There was another girl in her office getting paddled and we would both just cringe at each other at the sound of each swat knowing what we both had coming.

what did you do to get spanked? I crawled on the floor after dropping my pen. I did it to look up girl's dresses lol

I was spanked over the teachers knee when given detention in PE. hose PE teachers were monsters. A very painful spanking had to be endured.

You look only 17 on that photo...

I was spanked until I was 20 by my mother. She used her hand or a ruler when we were little but as soon as the oldest my older sister, was 13 she started using spanking instruments. She and my aunt bought switches, straps and leather paddles to use on my sisters, brothers and I and on my cousins. When we were punished she often did it with others around if we needed it. The first time I got the switch I was 13 and talked back at dinner. She said nothing but after dinner ordered my sisters and I into her sitting room. I was given a lecture then told to pend over her desk. She then told me to pull my panties down. I knew what was coming. I pulled the panties down and she then ordered my sister to bring her the whip which was actually a leather switch. She told me I would receive ten strokes. She then laid the first one on me and I screamed and jumped. She ordered me to be quiet and not to jump or I'd be sorry. She then gave the rest in quick succession and after told my sister to rub some baby lotion on my burn butt. The next time my brother I were in trouble we were whipped with the leather strap. We were all given regular whippings with whatever she chose. It was almost always with panties down. My brother wore diapers regularly until he was 18. He always had to pull down his plastic panties and diaper for his whippings.

I bet your teacher loved spanking you over her knee, I too was spanked over a lady teachers knee many years ago , its a pitty they still can't do it !

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect Well I did like it still not sure why I still like being spanked , it must be something to do with my age I guess !

By the time I went to school (1960) CPS (Chicago Public Schools) didn't allow it. I think they outlawed it because most teachers, administrators, and principals didn't know where spankings ended and beatings began.

My mom used to know where a spanking started , it started over her knee ,and ended up with me bawling my eye's out , no matter how big I thought I was you always feel small when over your moms lap !

very sexy

It sure would have been awkward to be draped across the teacher's lap getting your fanny smacked and have someone walk in, especially a fellow student! And especially a boy, for that matter! Bare bottom would have made it even more mortifying!

Hi MaryJo enjoy some of your stories. Nice to see someone else from the southwest.. stone nieghbor from NM

I had similar experiences MaryJo.Thank you. Now I don't feel so

i have a feeling you may still have some naughtiness in you. : )

What kind of a school did you go to that they were allowed to spank on your bare bottom?

What are your feelings about spanking nowadays? For me its a tremendous turn on.

Me too, especially a sexual spanking...

Was it slways deserved?

Never felt I needed a spanking.

Me neither. How many children ever do?

Btw i am replying to Jon1975.

yes i was shocked after the first ten strikes I was crying like a baby. I got 30 hits. My bottom was dark red. And that wasn't my last spanking. Yes in do belive that 13 was a bit too late but my parents think that i am never too old for a sound spanking over the knee. And yes it does say 22-27 years old on my profile but I accidentally put that and I can't change it.

Thanks for replying.

you can read my stories if you want and post comments

I was a spoiled little brat until I got to age 13. That is when I was introduced to spankings. But I just back sassed my mom today and look what happened.
She pulled me by the ear to my room, yanked my underpants down and gave me a spanking with a hairbrush until my bottom was red and swollen. That happened today. And yesterday I got the paddle for cussing. btw I am 14 years olds
so yea it's not too late to get a spanking.

Also just recently I have gotten an experience project account and I posted like 8 stories about my spankings and so please please please comment on the stories to make me feel good because I just got a spanking!

locker24, were you surprised when you were spanked for the first time at 13? That seems pretty late to start. I think a hairbrush over the knees is best at that age, especially for a first spanking. The paddle is intense, as you probably learned. How many swats did you get? Do you think it will help you to avoid cussing and other misbehavior? You're 14? Your profile says 22-25.

well I did learn eventually not to misbehave but I do step out of line once in a while and my parents are not afraid to yank me onto their laps for a good spanking.

Do you think that you deserved to be spanked that much? It sounds like you had a really hard time.

I had an adventurous childhood. I was spanked way too much from my point of view. Never thought about it like that back then.

Where I went to school, the principals did all the spanking. My principals in grade school were always women....

Interesting story.

Love your recollections on getting paddled on your panties. That was the way I saw my sisters get spanked and was aware of some girls getting their panties paddled in school. Thanks for the memories.

I always got it bare too, and with a belt!