Bare Bottom Spanking

I have always favoured bare-bottom spanking. There are three clear advantages:

1) psychologically, it's a "no nonsense" approach. The person being punished forfeits their right to modesty.
2) it makes for a much more effective punishment. In the years when I was on the receiving end, I always found it stung much more sharply on the bare. Even a thin pair of pants made a big difference.
3) the spanker can monitor progress, so that the punishment can end when the bottom is sufficiently reddened - blushing pink for minor misdemeanours, bright red for more serious offences. "Deep beetroot" should be reserved for the gravest of crimes.

To be spanked through clothing is like going to a concert wearing ear-plugs.
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4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Has to be bare bottom for to humilitate reciever and make sure my work leaves marks

For the same three reasons, I prefer all spankings to be on the bare bottom whenever possible. Undies and pants/skirts don't misbehave so they shouldn't suffer.

I agree. Were you spanked the same way as a child growing up and until what age by whom and was it bare? Did you spank your kids too and how did they react to spankings? Until what age and what gender?

Most of my spankings were on my bare bottom. I was spanked until about 12, but I don't remember exactly when they stopped. Mom and dad shared the spanking duties and I got it about equally from them, plus the random spanking from extended family and my mom's BFF whose daughter was close to my age and also my BFF. I have no kids of my own but when I do I intend to spank them when they need it.

I know you can, sweetheart. I'm looking forward to it :-)

My hand would get sore spanking clothes. Best bare and with an implement so I can save my hand. I spank bottoms, not clothes.

I agree with you completely. Clothing to me suggests resistance, whereas the bare bottom indicates complete submission and vulnerability. For the same reason, I prefer the over the knee position. In that position, the person being punished has nothing to hide and is completely at the mercy of the disciplinarian. The over the knee position almost constitutes a punishment in and of itself, even apart from the spanking.

I agree. There is something so liberating about letting another man completely take charge.