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I was often smacked by my parents (especially my mother) as I was growing up, as were my sisters. But there was nothing unusual about this as at the time smacking was a very typical punishment for children and I would say that most children were smacked in some way when they misbehaved both at home and in school.

At home my mother would usually take my trousers and underwear down and smack my bare bottom with either her hand, or a slipper or hairbrush depending upon what I had done wrong. My sisters were punished in a similar way although my older sister would often by smacked over her knickers rather than on the bare. I don't know why this was but assume that it had something to do with the fact that we were usually smacked in front of each other and my mother persumably felt that it was inappropriate to smack her in front of me this way (although it did happen on occasions especially when we were all punished together so I really don't know).

My mother didn't seem to care too much about who was around at the time either which led to some very embarrassing smackings in front of extended family members and even friends at times.

We all had our fair share of public smackings growing up too from the odd smack to our covered bottoms to full on pants down smackings in changing rooms, etc., although again this was not uncommon for the time.

I was also punished this way at school on occasion too and witnessed many other children being smacked/slippered there too, again it was just the way that things were done at the time.

Would be happy to share memories/experiences with anyone who had a similar upbringing.
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I can certainly relate to those experiences! Although it was more common at the time, I also believe that it carries on, in many homes, although it is not shared as common knowledge as it used to be, because of changing attutudes, and the worries of children being physically abused. I like to think that I was never abused, but spanked? Oh yes! It also crosses my mind that my parents may have got some pleasure out of the threats, the warnings, the embarrassing of myself and my sisters? I truly hope and believer they got no pleasure from smacking us. However, the number of times we were left red faced, after being told, in company, that if we did / said that again... Etc etc,
We would find ourselves...
"Across my knee with your trousers/knickers pulled down..."
Oh the shame!
Yet, oh the secret delight when I overheard this threatened to others!

this made me ***

me an my sister allways spank bare bottom an it was not uncommon for us to see each ohter getting bare bottom spanking
mom allways pull down my pants an underware an use the hairbrush on me
mom would spank way after i was crying till she felt i had enough
me i got it alot more growing up then my sis did but still as i got older was embrassing for her to see me naked even thought we never hide coming out of shower or pool

There are some spanking stories in my profile, if you would like to read them.

Thanks for sharing. I know exactly what you mean about the hairbrush! My mom started me on the hairbrush when I was 7 years old in the aftermath of burning a hole in the living room rug. Prior to that time she used either a thin paint stirring stick that we called "the ruler" or the fly swatter. I remember both of those things really stung as she not only swatted my hiney but also the backs of the thighs. But by a wide margin, the hairbrush was the worst!

I also was spanked in school a few times in the lower grades when I was 7-8-9 years old. But they were hand spankings over clothes and more of an embarrassment than any real pain. Sometimes the teacher would phone my mom about my behavior and right after supper i would be sent up to take a bath and get ready for bed. My mom would come in and take me out of the bath tub, dry me off, and then start swatting my hiney with the hairbrush on the way down the hall to my room. Once there she would put me across her lap and blister my little hiney with the hairbrush for what seemed an eternity, but in reality was a minute or less. Then I was put to bed for the rest of the night.

Yikes! Hate to think of the spanking that I would have got for burning a hole in my mum's rug, I know that it would have hurt though your mum must have been furious!!! How did you manage to do that by the way? Do you remember?

Yeah as I said I got spanked with a number of different things growing up but I reckon that the hairbrush was probably just about the worst, especially since my mum used one of those really heavy think ebony type brushs!

I remember getting my bare legs smacked a lot at school and also a few hand spankings which were usually over my shorts in primary school (things were much worse in secondary school were they used slipper and cane) although as you said these were usually more embarrassing than particularly painful especially when we would often get it with the hairbrush or such like at home. In fact like you said the worst thing that could happen at that age would be for my teacher to tell my parents I had misbehaved, not worked hard enough, etc., in school as that would certainly led to a much worse punishment when I got home!

The message home worked wonders on my behaviour at school.

I know, it was always worse at home! .

your mom sounds alot like my mom in spanking so many times after bath mom would dry me and spank me with bathr bursh on way down to her room holding my arm and wacking on way down passing sis and all then over her knees

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