Actually More Like Over The Lap

My mom did all of the spanking, mostly because my dad travels a lot for his job and she was the only one home lots of times to supervise/nurture/discipline us, and because we all wanted our time with my dad while he was hometo not be devoted to having to punish.

So when we'd done something to earn a spanking, we usually went to our room(s) and waited for mom, who would walk in with a paddle in one hand and ask, "Can we talk?" Ha! Talk! But when it came time for the spanking and she bared our bottoms, it would be over her lap because of the way she'd position herself on our bed(s). I couldn't imagine having to go traditional OTK, especially with my father, and I feel empathy for any girl reading this who has to, because I definitely wouldn't want my dad to see all the way to China!
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

this makes me soaking wet

were there only girls in your family? Mom spanking girls is okay but I would hate to be brother and spanked bare by mom?

I'm probably missing the obvious here, but I don't know the difference between over her lap and traditional OTK.