Daddy's Little Helper

Most of my spankings were from my Mom but Dad also was quick to discipline me and my two sisters. He'd generally march us upstairs and whip our butts with a razor strap and that was something I absolutely dreaded. Several times however he'd spank us downstairs and on those occasions he'd use his belt.

I'll never forget seeing him unbuckle it. Sometimes that's as far as he'd go. I might make some smart comment to him or be slow to do something he told me to do and he'd undo the buckle and I would jump up and do as I was told or else apologize for what I said and get a reprieve. He'd re-fasten it and I'd breathe a huge sigh of relief. These, sadly, were the exceptions to the rule. Mostly when Dad decided to spank then that was it.

I can remember many time arguing with him and he'd undo his belt and say "That's just about enough from you young lady. Now you're going to get your butt whipped". It was either that or "I'm going to strap your fanny" or "Now you're getting a taste of the belt". With Dad it was never a spanking. From him it was always a whipping. I don't know what it is about that word but it scared the heck out of me. For some reason a "whipping" always made me more frightened than a "spanking". I don't know, I mean technically I guess that's what it is when you get your bottom hit with a strap or a belt but psychologically at least I was less afraid of a spanking like "Whew! Thank God I'm just getting a spanking and not a whipping!". In truth they were both just as severe and just as painful.

Anyhow, a "whipping" from my Dad was a serious affair and was given, if up in my room, bent over the edge of my bed or lying face down on my bed with a pillow under me. If it was downstairs it was one of the following: Bent over the back of the sofa, bent over the arm of the sofa or bent over the back of a chair with my hands on the seat.

Being a girl and being spanked bare bottom by your Dad was always extra humiliating but he made it worse by saying things like "Stick your bottom out" and "You'd better keep your butt still". Dads are great for encouragement!

He'd pull his belt out in one swift motion and the sound of it slipping through the loops...I can't think of the right words to describe click click click...or "br-rr-rr-rr-ip" (I know, that's not even a word!) made my heart skip a beat. He also had the nasty habit of folding it in two and snapping the two halves a time or two which made a sickening sound and I just wanted to get up and run and run and run.

And then...the first smack hit and it was like being struck by lightning. Again I can't adequately describe the feeling...kind of like a sting and a burn all wrapped into one. and it seemed to build like it would hurt when it landed and a split second later hurt even more and the first smack of a belt or strap is the exact level of intensity as the 21st smack from it.

That is why I chose my profile picture because his belt (and more so his razor strap) was laid on just as it was in that picture. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

A spanking from my Mom was just as hard if not in fact harder but for me it was worse getting smacked by my Dad. I guess because even though my Mom would not put up with it, I at least had the courage to kind of resist her and to sort of protest more whereas a whipping from my Dad required total obedience and I could not fuss as much as I did when being spanked by Mom
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Yes spankedjenny, I still remember that feeling and that pain when lying face down on the bed and getting belts on my bottoms.
I wonder whether did you struggle and cry because of that terrible pain it was very hard to be in 'position'.

If I would have been spanked with a belt, that would have been a piece of cake. I was spanked bare butt with a 3 foot 1x2 hardwood stick until I could no longer feel each swat. I was spanked like that from when I was 4 until I was 5. I was spanked less severely with a stick after that.

Rodney Calmes

I got many from my dad with his belt. I know what you mean about jumping or getting that sinking feeling in your stomach when he would unbuckle his belt.
I also agree that being spanked bare bottom by your dad is very embarrassing!

I am a man. I was always spanked on my bare bottom by both my mum and my dad. The last spanking I got was when I was 17. I can't remember what it was for but I remember having my jeans and underpants pulled down by my mum and first going over her knee for a severe spanking and then I was pulled over my dad's knee and got an even worse spanking. My bottom felt as if it was on fire and I couldn't sit down for a month.

Dear Jenny.....thanks for too brought back memories. My stepfather would march me upstairs, make me take off my pants and undies.... and make me lie on a big pillow so my bottom would stick up in the air. He too folded over his belt and would strap me hard. And this went on till I left home after college. My mother would say nothing. Glad I wasn't the only one who went through all this!

I bet your butt didn't as many stroke with the belt as many times for attitude adjustment!

Both mom and dad demanded obedience in my household. Like you I got whippings rather than spankings. They where definitly something I was very ashamed of. I got whipped in front of my sister many times. You just never forget those beatings do you. So painful and scarry.

It was a real good story to read. I liked it a lot.

Great story, thanks for sharing. I am always curious in a family where corporal punishment is practiced with the children if it is also practiced between husband and wife. Do you think your father ever punished your mom this way?

Yea I was never truly spanked..but was threatened to be by my step dad and my mom's spankings made us laugh..I was a good kid though but one time she did spank me with a belt..but our parents only gave us three licks usaully and never bare...thats kinda sick to me when people do it bare to older kids...or at all..but I have been spa ked by my boyfriend..he does it in a joking way time I was being a mouthy ***** to my boyfriend..and he stood up and took his belt off and gave me two was actually turned me on lol...but other than that I have hardly been spanked..I always kinda wanted to experience more to see what people that have been punished like that mean..but after feeling how it felt from a strong man I am glad I didnt experience it!!! :)

I know what you mean about the belt. My father used to have aproximately the same habits, unfortunately for my bum

I know your pain.

Despite most of my spankings were delivered by mom, I had too some memorable from dad. Hand bare bottom spankings when I was a little boy, but at 8 he started using her leather belt on my bare bottom. I receive this whippings laying on my bed, or in the sofa's arm, and the sound of the unbuckling Is something you don't forget!!!

I got most of my whippings with the belt! That sound when dad was unbuckling it, and pulling it through the loops knowing I was about to have a very sore bottom!!!

Hi Jenny! Angie from Elmhurst, IL. I think we were in the same boat, but I did not get the belt that often, as I was a 'good' girl :) Well, actually, I really just didn't get caught most times... My mouth is usually what got me in trouble! Shhhut up Angie, or he's gonna take that belt off and, well, you know the rest ;) AND, I can still hear the sound to this day. Ssssslllip... haha!

Great story thanks for sharing