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I was always spanked on my bare bottom wih a belt when my Dad spanked me,it did'nt matter what i had done,how many times i said sorry or begged not to be spanked i always went over his knee had my pants pulled down & had my bare bottom strapped well & good with that belt,how i hated it.He always used the belt he was wearing so you had that prolonged wait while he slowly undid it & took it off.He then doubled it over & Whack,your butt soon warmed up after a couple of whacks with it.I was spanked like that from the age of around 4 til i was 16 or 17,i did deserve all the spankings i got though.
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Spanking is abuse. There should just be like..a one off smack or something, not spanks. Spanks are wrong, it's abuse. And trust me, abuse is NEVER the victim's fault.

very hot !

I was 17 when mom gave me my last naked butt whipping with a belt as my 22 year old sis held me down on the sofa, mom gave me 15 licks of her belt across my back and *** for staying out all night, then 2 hours of corner time still nude as my sis and her friends laughed at my red ***

omg you made my ***** wet again

really tell me more

mmm... I'd love to have seen you spanked as a 16 year old... pretty naked cheeks turning red... do you like to be spanked and then ******?

i too was whipped with a belt, by my mom she would hold me by my left arm as she whipped me, usually 10 to 20 whacks across my ***, back and legs as i did my dance and crying, as my sisters watched and laughed while I was totally nude, the worst was the hours of corner time after the humiliation standing in the corner naked, crying *** on fire as my sis and her friends giggled at me

Ooooohhh... i got it that way sometimes too where mom would hold my left hand, tie my right up to my neck with her scarf, and whipped me with the belt while i danced trying to get away. Since she was holding my left wrist, I ended up dancing around in circles. I usually got 40 to 50 smacks like that, but it could be way way more if I tried falling to my knees. This always took place in the basement and while it was in private, the sounds of the smacks, sobs, and screams could be heard through the whole house from the sound thru the furnace and vents.

ouch 40 to 50 wow i usually got 20 and couldn't take anymore, the belt stung like fire on my ***

Based on that - did you marry a man who uses a belt and believes in discipline? Also - do you discipline your children in the same fashion?

i was spanked with a belt and some times a thin rod till I was 18 all was naked and in the kitchen bent over the table Then I had to stand in the corner till my *** turned white again The rest of the family and their friends would watch me

I feel like 4 is a little too young to start using a belt. :/

Does someone know how to spank and 18 year old with a belt I'm from San Antonio and this girl just won't let me deal with her she just gets away with everything

I'm a father of an 18 year old daughter and I need to spank her but I don't know what to use either a leather belt, strap, hairbrush, paddle and how many licks I give her she's need to get an a** whopping I'm thinking about pulling down her pants and spanking her in her panties or do you think I should pull down her pants and panties and spank her bare bottom ?? I'm also thinking about giving her 100 licks maybe more

sir 100 licks is way over board
i think 50 is enough for any mistake
and use cane or belt

Ok thank you do you think I should pull down her pants and whip her in her panties or pull her pants and panties down and whip her bare bottom with the belt??

Use your hand. There's no need to go hard. Keep both pants and panties on. You daughter's a legal adult, btw. She doesn't need spanking any more. There never should have been spanking anyway. It teaches other resentment, violence, etc. Ever heard of grounding? That's a much better way.

sir its up to u
if i were u i would done with panties cuz shes 18
my sis is also 18 she gets spanked but not bare

Ok thanks

Is this a serious question?

This is directed twds sdelion18 about asking strangers on a website about spanking an 18 year old. ??? Legit for real question? My question to you, why???

Ok well maybe I should try that

I think it should be bare bottom, it gets the point across much stronger than over jeans or panties. Bare bottom spanking with a belt says you mean business.

50 with a belt or strap will do the job. Bare butt though, panties MUST come down.

I agree. Bottom really does have to be bare everytime.

Agreed Josephine that the butt needs to be bare every time.

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too much in europa it is prohibited

Stepdad used the strap or his belt always on my bare bum or naked usually across bed mum kept a cane which she used frequently too. Got tanned til approx 17. no harm i guess but certainly severe tannings.

Yes so did my sister but didn't do us any harm i guess

i was spanked at school when i was in middle school with a paddle after 4 licks my butt was warmed up good but to this day i have never forgot that day

thats a good story.i know how it feels

i was spanked by dad with belt all the time naked i got it up thru college an like you i deserve my spankings mom spank me naked with hairbrush over her knees embrassing

was it really painfull how much time did you beat many time

why did he beat you so much too much pain how much time did you suffered the pain to poor bottom 2 or days more did you have blister black mark to bum

How I hated the spanking bench

Yall seem pretty honest, I'm 11 and last night my daddy took my phone for yelling at my sister, after he took my pho I yelled at him and smacked him. he usually wets my butt and spanks me bare butt, but this time he did it with my cloths on and only 3 hits. He stopped himself and said "no. I know that you know you have done wrong, so I'm going to give you 3 days to think a good punishment" so can yall help me? What would you do to your child?<br />
Oh a I cursed at him.

Wow I'm 11. I would try telling your dad do you have to beat the **** out my arse to correct me?

Ok so you would take a naked bEaten child outside and make him/her walk through front door?! Your a sick pedo and you clearly like staring and naked kids? 999

My parents always used the leather belt on me when I misbehaved or didn't listened to them. The solid belt and the strap were always ready in the kitchen closet. We all knew about them so we were very careful what we could do wrong. <br />
When it happened I had to lay on the spanking bench and I could receive about 20 very strong swatts on my bottom.<br />
When my dad did it he did with the belt and my mom held me that I couldn't escape but when my mom did it with the strap (made of horse reins and she liked it) my dad held me very strong.<br />
When I tried to escape I was then tied to the bench and there wasn't any problem for my parents to give me what I deserved. Of course there always was an explanation what the spankking was for and I had to answer all questions they asked me about. <br />
When I couldn't answer any question then my mom's strap on me helped me to find correct answer. Believe me, it worked for me!

yes johnslittle boys being thrashed often have a 'stiffy' when about to be thrashed or getting one . I certainly had the belt many, all the time from stepdad

My mother would spank me with dads belt I would be made to undress in the kitchen while someone went up stairs to get dads belt My sister would take a extra long time to get knowing it would add to my discomfort to have to wait naked in front of who ever was in the house.Mom would whip my *** then make me stand still naked in the corner of the kitchen with my hands against the wall until my *** turn white again About age 10 I would get hardons while I was spanked to the amusement of the women folk.Now I good spanking by friends still get me hard

That's what my dad does he has me get undressed in the garage though and he will have my sister go get his leather belt but she took forever but once she got it my dad whipped my a** I got about 55 licks it hurts and I haven't been home for a few days soo my dad is probably gonna give me a good a** whopping when I get home

Im glade im not the only girl who had wetness during or towards the end of a belt whpping

Mom used whatever had in her hand. Sometimes it was a belt, but our butts were always bare!

My stepfather always whipped me completely naked, and at least in front of my stepbrothers, stepsister and mum. I was sixteen when I started living in his house with my mother. Often the whippings even occurred in front of others as well, such as my friends! While whipped naked (leaning on the back of a chair, with wrists and ankles fastened to the chair's legs with adhesive tape) I had to keep a bar of soap in my mouth... and I received each time no less than 100 lashes (often more than 200), with a thick belt! The pain and humiliation were terrible! Sitting on a wooden chair at school in the subsequent days was extremely painful...<br />
My stepfather was a strict believer in corporal punishment, associated with public humiliation from 15, "because this is the only way for the punishment to be effective on old boys" he used to say (however he corporally punished only me, never my stepbrothers and stepsister!). He used to warn me with "you'll be always disciplined in front of witnesses: the more, the better" and "you'll receive all your whippings in your birthday suit, stark naked, without even socks". I hated him with all my mind and all my soul. I have to admit that initially I was rather sassy toward him, but punishments didn't stop even when I became much more polite and well-behaved: there was always a reason to discipline me (even for leaving the toilet seat up or not answering the question "What time is it?" quickly enough). A couple of times that I was whipped in front of my "friends", also three girls were present (you may imagine my overwhelming humiliation). While boys seemed to be a little sympathetic, girls turned out to be real witches: I soon became "whipped ***" for all the school. One time, I was even dragged by a group of bullies to a restroom, where they ******** me naked in front of a dozen boys and girls gathered there on purpose: it was a nightmare. Whippings in front of my classmates were the worst, but there were several others in front of my stepfather's friends and relatives, as well as some neighbors (besides the "regular" witnesses, i.e. my stepbrothers, stepsister and mother). I endured this ordeal mainly for my mother, since we hadn't any other place to go. But at 19 (yes, I was punished even when I was 18) I left that house and went to another city, where nobody knew me. Only now that he is passed away I have forgiven my stepfather (perhaps also because I have recently learned that he grew up in a rural town, where he received my same treatment almost every day, with public nudity, etc.).<br />
At least, I'm "happy" to find here that I wasn't the only boy in the world who suffered the humiliation of naked whipping with witnesses!

Sorry. Your's sounds like child abuse. Your step father simply didn't like you and he expressed it in form of unnecessary violence towards you. I do hope you get to realize that what he did to you was not right and I hope you decide never to do the same thing to anyone even your Children. But I would recommend you go for some kind of counselling and if you ever get a girlfriend or wife, please let her know what you went through coz it was an injustice that may have left a bad mark on the way you treat people. Such treatment can also make it hard for you to trust or like people, especially men in authority

Thank you very much for your sympathy, pwanirecords... don't worry, no consequences on my mind: I'll NEVER beat or humiliate my children (nor anybody else), in any way. Life is good, in spite of bad persons

The absolute I ever felt was in the cellar, bent over a sawhorse, and dad used a piece of electric cord. It's hard to describe, but it was a searing pain I can still feel it.

I used to get the switch on my bare bottom. I was spanked until I cried, and then i would get more while I cried. With all due respect, a peachtree switch, or more than one of them together, hurt more than a belt or a razor strop. My dad was a softie- Mother used to administer the dreaded switch.<br />
My last switching was when I was 15. And I still cried like crazy.

I was only switched once &amp; that was by my aunt,i remember it stinging forever it did hurt more than the belt.I only experienced the razor strop about 3 times but god that hurt as well.

When my daughter misbehaves she's gets a leather belt on her bare bottom. She is 16 and hates it but she learns real fast and is put back in her place.

I didnt mean to hit like. Im 16 too and I am spanked the same way. I am in my room waiting for a whoopin now.

It's ok! But what did you do to get a whipping?

I get spanked on my bare bottom with a leather belt and I'm 18

My 18 year old daughter gets spanked with the leather belt bare bottom bend over the bed sometimes standing until she cried and then she still got some more while she cried she still gets spanked today but its always in her panties her father is the one who pulls down her pants sometimes her panties depending on what she did and she gets no more that 100 licks

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Yep that belt hurt.

I had too dad's belt until 16, on my bare bottom and upper thighs, but he make me lay over the bed. I remember very well the feelings that you describe, because she spank me with her own belt, the one she weared at the moment. It hurted a lot, but I deserved all.