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It Hurt

My parents were very strict,if we did something wrong no matter what we got spanked.I remember watching my brother get a bare bottom over the knee spanking from my Dad when i was 4,i thought 'Daddy won't do that to me'. How wrong i was almost weekly i went over my dads knee & had my bare bottom spanked with a belt. this happened right up until i was 16. I was'nt a particularly naughty girl when i was growing up but my parents would'nt tolerate much from me & my 2 brothers,it did'nt take much for my dad to bare our butts & give us a very hard spanking with that belt.the worse thing was if we all got punished at the same time,amongst ourselves we would argue who was going first,cos none of us wanted to watch the others being spanked.9 times out of 10 we did'nt get a choice my dad would just grab one of us!! I remember vividly the sound of that belt as it hit my butt,& how much it hurt.If i'm honest i probably deserved every spanking i got it never damaged me & i have a close relationship with my parents now.My Dad still has a belt hanging on the wall to this day ready to spank our butts!!
susseditout susseditout 41-45, F 37 Responses Jun 29, 2011

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I was spanked with the belt to 16 too

Did you ever get a switching? Do you know any parents who prefer the switch?

I was spanked by my mother and also sexually abused by her. I attempted suicide because of it. I was spanked and sexually abused up until I was 13yrs old. It has ruined relationships for me and trust with women. I have even had suicidal thoughts as an adult because of this. I am going to phycoligist now because of all the pain I feel, growing up as a child, and I grew up in supposedly a Christian home. Please, excuse grammer and spelling?

I'm so sorry that happened to you,Please read my stories and message me ok. God bless. Hug hug

sugarplum, thanks for replying. I had bad experience growing up with sexual abuse, and savier spankings from my mother. My father said he wasn't aware of what she did to me. When he found out he became real upset with my mother. My mother did this infront of my annt, who is only 3yrs older than me, and female cousin who is same age as my mother. My mother and dad divorced and myself and younger brothers went to live with him. I did not have a relationship with my mother or her side of family after that. It has ruined relationships for me and trust in women. I have attempted suicide in the past because of this, and have had suicidal thoughts as an adult, because the pain is so real to this day. The only thing that keeps me going is that I do have a daughter who is now grown and she is so encouraging to me, and because of her, my son in law, and grandchildren I am alive. I promised myself and that I would never continue this cycle of abuse with my daughter. I am a pro spanker when there is nothing else available, but I have never ******** my daughter naked from waist down to do this. I have only spanked her 3 times in her whole life, and all before she was 11yrs old, and again never bare bottom. My daughter became real modest at 10yrs old, and I respected her modesty. When she was a teenager, if I had to punish for something, I would ground, or take privialages away from her. I only done that a couple of times. She mostly was a good kid, she loved school, got pretty good grades. She and her husband are both registard nurses now and we are very, very close. She gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. And, I love all of them. I personally do not believe in spanking teenagers, I believe there are other punishments for teenagers. I especially do not believe in bare bottom spankings. That is a modest violation, embarrassing and humiliating, and in my opinion sexual abuse. I raised my daughter as a single dad, and yes, I changed diapers, clothed and fed her. But, again at about 10 she became very modest, and I did respect that. My paternal grandmother helped me with her during her puberty years. My daughter and I did a very open relationship when it came to subject of body functions, sex and boys. Now, my daughter as a nurse is not as modest any more like she use to be. As matter of fact I had spinal cord surgery and she helped me with personal things when I came home from the hospital. I had a tumor on my spine that has left me with some peralysis. She helped me and there was no problem with it. I just wish that parents would reconsider this stripping naked for spankings, especially for teenagers. I know for me even when I was teenage boy, was very modesty. The last thing I ever wanted as a teen is for a woman to see me naked. After age of 13 through my teenager years, no woman even my grandmother and she is a nurse too by the way, never seen me naked. I am a Christian, and I came to know Jesus Christ as my savior at the age of 14, and I am an active member of local Baptist church. The Lord also has change, my life through prayer and a very, very supportive family. Thank you sugarplum, did you have a bad child hood growing up as well? I hope we can communicate more. I do belong to a local support group that talk about past abuse, and it does help. Anyway, please excuse grammer and spelling? thanks

Hi. I had a very tough childhood. please read my stories and then message me ok. God bless. Hug hug

made me hard

Skin-against-skin contact ALWAYS hurts. No two ways about it.

If people are objecting to someone of legal age reporting spankings they got many years ago, why don't the writers specify they are talking about sometime when they were growing up? There seems to be an increase of people saying "I Got Spanked Today" or some such and the writer is married with kids or otherwise beyond parental control.

Where does SPANKING end and BEATING begin? When my father spanked any of us - there were four of us, two each - he used his hand and that was bad enough. He was a strong man and never found it necessary to pull down our pants.

I have a question? You said you were spanked bare bottom until you were at least 16, what if you were on your period? How did that work, especially in front of other children. Sounds like your dad has a problem.

Belts are cruel, and potentially disabling as well. If your parents want to punish you and they believe in spankings, there are less painful ways to do it. My father's hand was hard enough to make an impression - especially so when he was drinking and walked by the back bedroom amd saw me naked from the waist down (I was six and changing clothes at the time]. He objected to it and SLAM! POW!!

i got it a lot but my dad never spanked me or my sister it was only done by mum and she was very good at inflicting pain on or bums

But do you prefer parents' spankings or spankngs from others?


I only got spanked bare with the belt once in my life. it was the worst pain ever.

Hanna, are you just usually spanked bare but hand? Or over clothing with belt? I can help with advice on minimising the pain etc so get in contact if you wish

I got spanked until I was 15 almost 16. What ages did you and your brothers stop getting spanked? Were the brothers spanked bare bottom in front of you too? How far down did you three have to drop your pants and underware?

Excellent upbringing! I totally approve and we were the same. But do I understand right, he still spanks you as a mature lady?

you argee this is excellent parenting!!! my God, if an adult did this to another adult, it would be assault, but to do it to a child it's parenting. that's abuse. spanking is not the answer. grounding, time outs, teaching by example works.

I agree with you on using other methods of discipline first, but there are certain children who are very strong willed, and will defy their parents in every way they can. Grounding, timeouts, teaching by example, won't change their behavior or have much or any effect on them at all. Then you may have to some to tough love on them, an attitude adjustment of sorts.
you should only use spanking (physical correction) as a last resort, when all other methods have failed. I don't mean beating and leaving marks or bruises on their bottoms either, but just enough to let them know, you mean business, they are out of line, that as a parent, you are going to be the one in control, not them, and that their behavior is not acceptable and you will no longer tolerate it.

Do you still get spanked and you're in your 40's? If so, then I'm sorry, but your Dad sounds like he has major problems, I would cut him out of your life until he would stop using the belt. Is your Mom alive? If so, why doesn't she stop him. God bless.

I think that your dad is very sick. Why don't you get entirely away from him. That's horrible. My husband is criminal defense and that is why people become violent because of abuse.

I got untill i was14, But when you say Your dad still has a belt hanging on the wall ready to spank you now and you're in your early 40's That is a little Weird to Me!

I agree you're 40..that's very weird to me lol

Wow that's harsh at 4 years old getting the belt I believe in discipline but some is to much. I mean he used the belt at 4 what did he use at 15. and was it always the same amount of swats or did you get more swats as you got older.

I have to get the belt and put it back.

The belt on the wall should be a deterant, if not a hard may need a tender behind!

many time you are beaten? and many pain how much time did you suffered the pain ? how much time before sitting how much time did you have mark bleu or red

why did you father made so much pain spanking too much pain and now you are 45 and always afraid from him

why they beat you so much made too much pain after each dspanking how much time suffered you the pain could sit or wait one or 2 days

I remember those days. Mom used an egg turner or spoon with holes.

A spoon with holes. Never sen or heard of that. Until what age did you get spanked Bill and did mom always spank bare bottom?

Yes growing up in the 70s the strap wes never far away, Dad used that on our bared bottom. Hurt like hell. Mun used the wooden spoon/hair brush/swich anything she could get her hands on.

What age did spankings stop for you Dreams027 and did mom spank bare bottom too as well as dad? Did you prefer strap or wooden spoon.

I am not sure I agree with the spanking in this case, but one thing we all can agree on- a real spanking really hurts!

Yeah? I hate the way the other kind tickle they just waste everyones time. Now take your head outta you Behind & Wake up? This is about Spankings not Hug me till it bugs the hell outta me? I think your looking for the kiddie section???

your replies are disgusting! You are a dirty old man! Fancy saying i need a spanking at your age. Grow up idiot!

I know the to expect the belt to hurt it does. Dual spankers would be mean. 1 spanking is enough on my butt.

my parents both whoop my butt with a belt. mamas belt hangs in her closet. it hurts.

I wouldn't mind if I got Spanked by both @ the same time one one each side just Laying in Spankings. My Butt could use a Decent old school Spanking. I'm just saying being Honest.

I would mind a bunch if they whooped me at the same time. Thats just mean.

Anytime the Belt is used Expect it 2 HURT. MALE OR female Spankers.

Spankings are meant to Hurt? Punishments Corrects things done Wrong. Dual Spankers tell good lesson ? DO NOT REPEAT OFFENCE.

Ready they have to get the belt to be spanked with and after words but it back. and I they spanked bare bum and do they have to get the belt with there pants down or that is done once the bring you the belt it sounds odd but I have been told that happens in some case's.

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Wish I knew your Dad? My A S S could use a Decent Spanking.

mama whoops way more then dad.

I'm not against Her giving my Hide a Tanning? Knowledge with the Belt? Spanker & Spankings accepted.

You do not want my mama to whoop you. you wll not sit for the rest of the day. She will leave red strips all over your azz..

Spankings should be Reserved as Punishment for things done Wrong. I agree being Spanked each week is probably a good idea? Say Friday or Saturdays then the slates clean till next week/Earned Punishments I agree with. Spankings just to Bust someones Bare Butt is Abuse. The belt always HURTS.

Spankings should be Reserved as Punishment for things done Wrong. I agree being Spanked each week is probably a good idea? Say Friday or Saturdays then the slates clean till next week/Earned Punishments I agree with. Spankings just to Bust someones Bare Butt is Abuse. The belt always HURTS.

My mother used to give me the switch. I would pull my pants down and lie flat on the tummy<br />
over the bed<br />
I'd get spanked with a peachtree switch. She would hit me until I cried, and then she would give me a few more while I cried. My dad spanked me with a thin belt over jeans or pants. It did not hurt.<br />
But my mother's swithcings were worse than what Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn used to get.<br />
My first switching was when I was 4 or 5, and the last one was at age 15. They were infrequent from ages 12 to 15, but they still happened. I was spanked too many times to<br />
remember them all, but one of the very worst switchings I got was from when I got caught smoking in school and then sent home. Freshman year high school. My mother beat my bare butt so hard and so long that I never wanted to be anywhere near a cigarette again.

Getting the switch for smoking was probably a great thing - you never wanted a cigarette again - so it worked the way your mom planned it. I have a cute illustration of a young boy getting the swtich from his mom - I was reminded of it when you told me that your first switching was around age 4-5.
At that age I remember my mom using a fly swatter or a thin paint stirring stick that we called "the ruler". A year or two later she also started using the wooden spoon. But the hairbrush was the WORST!

Yea I got paddled for smoking when I was a freshman and then again a worse one when I was a sophomore. Stevek98, did you get it with a switch your freshman year and did mom make you drop the pants and underwear to get it that time. Was it over a bed and hiow much crying and begging and hollering did you do, any spanking dance afterwards?