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It Hurts, But I Deserve It

I am 17 nearly 18 and i get spanked still.

It hurt the hell sometimes if I get the belt or the cane on my bare, but afterwards I feel better because I have atoned for and all is forgiven.

Other young people get house arrest or are forbidden to watch TV.

Others are taking to drugs.

I would like to receive and clear limits to me it's better if I get a penalty for my sins, and then all is well again.

If I act like a ten year old I get spanked like a ten year old.

It is only bad if others noticed or even hear, that I get the cane and the belt on my bare butt.

But that´s another story.

carolinestevens carolinestevens 18-21, F 74 Responses Aug 25, 2011

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I am shocked! And upset! My comment was sincere and she is to old to be getting spanked by her parents ! My comment was aimed more twoards trying to weak her up! If it the spanking is by her parents. That is Abuse and it is not "ok"!

Who the **** spanks you? Im so confused!!!! THE HELL? Is it while you have sex? Or your parents do it that is brutal and it makes me sick

At times, a spanking is the only thing that sorts me out. All punishment works by giving pain. Punishment is a necessary and quite normal part of life. This pain can be caused by exclusion, privation or infliction (like prisoners who are deprived of their liberty). Although it is sometimes useful to be punished in other ways, physical, corporal punishment, where pain is applied directly to my body, (my exposed bum, on most occasions) is more logical somehow, and more effective. I would say I respect it more. Though I may try to bargain my way out sometimes, I never stop someone spanking me if they think I deserve it. The cane is good for the brain.

You have a wonderful attitude! A good spanking is much better than hollering yelling and bitterness that just seems to go on for ever. My daughter is like you are, She would much rather have a spanking and then know the issue is over. I always gave her the option of being grounded, coupled with a lecture and some privileges taken away, or a spanking. If She opted for the spanking there was very little lecturing then the spanking and the issue was over and not mentioned again unless the offense was repeated. She always opts for the spanking, and says after the spanking like you She feels much better that the issue is over.

Caroline, I guess if you're 17 and still act like a 10 year old, then yeah, you should be punished. I disagree with caning kids though. Spanking is fine, but using an instrument to punish is unnecessary. If you are an adult and like to get spanked, well, that's quite different.

The punishment should it the crime. A bare bum strapping should be only for serious offenses. You are right though, punishment while painful at the time makes us feel better when it is over. We all need to pay for our misdeeds.

Well if you feel better afterwards I guess it is alright. But who would tell others that you have been spanked?

Dear caroline,
Your right if you did something whrong you deserve a good spanking.
And as you correctly say it hurts but getting spanked for your sins makes it better afterwords,because you now you deserved it.
Thats whats whrong dese days most off the teens get away with everything,thank god there are still parents who now how to discipline their children,big hug plasticgirl.

Good girl.

did you speak this situation to a psychologue

It is not that bad, and sometimes it might be necessary.<br />
<br />
It has not harmed me to get a belting or a caning on my bare butt from time to time, but girls over 13 should be punished only in private.

it is not normal you live' çin democracy you must go to social service justice

It might be strange but I have atoned for, and I don´t feel guilty any more.

Hi Caroline, <br />
I agree with you. It is better to get a good spanking when you have done something wrong, it hurts and is humiliating and your bottom is sore for quite a few days. All this is better than endless arguments and recriminations. As you say if you behave like a ten year old you should be punished like one, accept it and improve in the future. The clear limits reinforced by a sore bottom when necessary works well! <br />

you must speak this to a psy

So are you often spanked with two different implements and is that two different positions to or the same.I have some tips for you if you want to cool off your bum

A girl that I see regularly for discipline (I call them all "girls"; she's 43) feels much better after she "pays" for things she feels she has done wrong by taking a spanking. And of all the implements, she both wants and fears the belt the most of all. The belt I use is really a strap, but it's not like a thick razor strop--it's just a very old leather belt that the buckle has long since fallen off of. She prefers that after she is spanked with my hand, and whatever other implements I choose, that I finish with a strapping with that belt--even if she already got the belt earlier. She claims it brings out the sting of every other implement. Never having been spanked, I can't confirm this, but I have no reason top doubt her. <br />
And Caroline, I'm also curious about the belt in another way: this gilr says that the belt hurts like NO other. Even a paddling doesn't make her wiggle and whine and cry like a belt does. And right after the belt, she likes corner time but does NOT want me to stay in the room with her. She comes out a few minutes later and is quite affectionalte and ready to talk about the spanking or whatever I ask, but she seems to need those few minutes alone. Do you feel this way as well?

The belt really hurts a lot, but the flexible cane stings even worse. In addition a severe caning leaves heavy double welts on my bottom.

Afterwards I also need some time for me.

Mr PeterJameson you are thinking from the point of view of a “punisher” and I have commented from a personal experience and as a point of view of person who is getting the punishment.<br />
<br />
If you started liking the punishment then it would do no good to your ractification. <br />
<br />
Well punishments which consists mainly of fear , for instance, like she was canned so hard that she had to go to the hospital, then this kind a punishment comes under category of fierce punishment or fear and also abusive.thats why we don’t use this kind of punishment in regular domestic life.<br />
<br />
Therefore, it consists mainly of humiliation kind a punishment, so the mistake is not repeated by the person getting punishment. <br />
<br />
For more clear idea, A highly antisocial material or criminal fears of a death penalty or death sentence that’s why don’t wants to be caught by cops. <br />
And a celebrity feels humiliated when has to go behind the bars, as it destroys the image of celebrity.<br />
<br />
"Regular people don’t eat medicine because it tastes good, and also regular people don’t take punishments because they enjoys it." <br />
<br />
If you ask my personal opinion, why would I punish my kids?<br />
I am no NGO, no social or behaviour expert or person with debating qualities, I am just simple regular housewife and a mother to my kids, if any of my kid goes beyond the limit or makes mistake which according to me awards them with punishments. Then I would like to feel them little bit embarrassed by the punishment and little bit afraid of it so that they won’t make that mistake again.

Hello Caroline <br />
I can understand that, as I myself was used to be in same situation for lot many times. Punishments consists of mainly two thing, humiliation and fear. If punishments consists none of them, then it no use for applying that punishment. People mostly uses humiliating punishments in house cause they are less fierce than those punishments which consists of mainly fear.

Hi dayzee dayzee, <br />
I know I often deserve to be caned, but it´s so degrading to ***** naked and show my bare boobs and my pubic hair at my age.

totally convincing!!!!<br />
spanking and canes are deserved, whenever goes beyond limit.

Am I ever spanked for committing a sexual misbehavior?<br />
<br />
Only for wearing of clothing being sexually provocative, like not wearing panties and wear instead skin-colored tights which is covered by a translucent white skirt. The boys had the impression that I was naked.They could even imagine my dark pubic hair, and they got a good impression of my naked bottom.<br />
<br />
My dad said if I am not ashamed to show myself in public in such a way, I also deserve to get caned stark-naked.<br />
<br />
I still have to remove all my clothes in front of him when he canes me in these cases.

I like your philosophy. Spanking helps get over rifts quicker.

Nothing wrong with getting aroused - it helps you to take the pain.

He is a very loving father.

Sometimes a good spanking is a good reminder to behave. Even at your age. I think the embarrassment would be motivation enough. Seems like it works for you. It would be for me!

mmm your a sexy girl but you must be naughty if daddy still spanks you. Please can you add me

same age,same belt,not canned yet,maybe if mom found it anywhere she wont doubt get to make my spanking worse,<br />
she used a slipper then a wooden spoon,she ask me while spanking to go bring another implement

I know the drill.

when i was grwong up it was hairbrush or strap for anything i did wrong<br />
my parents never belive in grounding they were catholic an spare the rod attitude