Is This Fair

In my family spanking were received until puberty, my cousin started puberty at 13 and stopped getting spankings, on the other hand i was a late bloomer and smaller and received bare bottom spanking for the same offense my cousin would get sent to his room for. My spanking were always humiliating and done by my aunt. she would take of my pants and underwear and spank me, she did not care who was around either. I got spanked at the age of 16.
what made matter worse was once i got spanked with her youngest son who was 9 and i was 15, both of us were bare bottom, i was so ashamed. what made matters worse i was only a little bit bigger than her 9 year old.
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5 Responses Oct 10, 2011

my mom started spanking me bare bottom at 6 time she was done i was crying like a 2yr old. she stopped spanking me at 16 but still cried like a 2yr old when she spanked me.

Until a kid is 18, s/he is still legally a child, pubic hair or not. If having to take a spankin' bare-assed involves having his "private parts" swinging in the breeze, he'll think twice.

Im 19 and i dont get spanked for coming home late or things like that, but i do get it when i mouth off or cuss at my mom.. shes doesnt hesistate to teach my sorry butt a lesson when im being rude in front of her friends or simply even at the house. She yanks off her belt and lashes away, i try to run sometimes but she always manages to catch up, she wont stop until im apologizing and promise to be respectful.

If Hair below is Rule of House consider your Butt lucky? Some have had their Bottoms warmed long after Puberty? Spankings aren't about age? Their for Discipline / Correction.

I was spanked into my teens too.Since I was bent over to get my butt wiped, it was nothing to spank it if I had mishavef that day!.

Use spell check? I think you meant Butt Whipped Not wiped. You hopefully wipe your own Butt after you poop. ;)