When My Dad Was Going To Beat My ***.

When my Dad was going to beat my ***. Dad would make me pull down my pants and while I was standing there with my pants down, sniffling to beat hell, he would go through the whole speech about how and why whatever I did was wrong. When he was done, he would take me by my hand and proceed to beat my *** raw with his work belt. It was impossible to stand still when dad beat my ***. The result was dad holding my hand with one of his hands and then whipping my *** with his belt in the other while I ran around in circles with my pants down around my ankles and usually my free hand attempting as best I could to protect my bare ***. If my legs would give out or I would trip because my pants were around my ankles, he would pull me up and continue beating my *** without missing a stroke.

The whole time, he would be telling me how I better never do it again and how he had told me a million times that whatever I had done was wrong. This seemed like it went on forever and sometimes it really did! When he was done, I was made to stand there with my pants down and tell him what I had done wrong and how I would never, ever do it again. By this time, I could barely walk, holding my beet red *** with both hands, and gasping between sobs, but if he couldn't understand what I said, I would get it some more. If I was lucky, when he was done! I would get to pull my pants up and run into my bedroom. I usually had welts or stripes all over my *** and usually down to my knees where he had missed my *** altogether.
Lomaz Lomaz
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So sorry to hear that, Lomaz.. I was whipped countless time too, when I was younger. Some times on the bare bottom, other times over my clothes. Both my parents are Asians, very strict on grades. If I didn't get straight A's I could expect an *** beating when I get home, lol.

LOL, sorry to laugh, I know how much a bare bottomed belt spanking stings, but I usually get it over the lap so I didn't have to dance around crying like U did. As a girl I admit it can be fun 2 see a boy get his buns burned and the few times I saw boy cousins get it standing up or dancing around it was fun to see their boy parts bouncing!<br />
You ever get it like that in front of witnesses? Unfortunately, the boys also have seen me bawling and kicking with no panties on :-(<br />
<br />

Only my sister and mother were everthere to see me like that. My father was a drunk and sadist. He loved to spank. All 3 of us. So though I know what you find funny. Yes the spanky dance is always fun to watch. But for us it was always much more than just a spanking. *s

I would have beat you with a ly swatter after a hand spanking your butt would be very sore !!!!

Lomaz, Sorry your Dad was so mean. Mine is just super strict but loving otherwise. I hate being spanked, especially in front of people but I only get it when I deserve it. Is your sister younger or older? And it sounds like your mother got punished also? How did that happen?