We Came Home 2 Hours Late

            I was 15 at the time and my sister was 17. One Saturday evening, we went out with some friends. Long story short, we lost track of time and we came home around midnight, 2 hours late. Parents were still up, and after a lecture I haven’t payed much attention, we were announced we’ll have a “discussion” about that in the morning.
            The next day, after breakfast, my sister and I were called in the living room. Mom and dad were there and dad was having his belt in his hand. Dad told my sister to pull down her pants and panties and to lie down on the couch, face down. She did and dad started to belt her bum. After a few strokes she started crying and begging. She was a cry baby, probably because she used to get it way less than me. Soon dad told her to get up and she did, holding her red bum with her hands and crying her eyes out. My heart started to beat faster, as I was being next. I pulled down my pants and panties and layed on the couch, without being asked. (I hoped dad would go easier on me, if he saw me obedient). I was soo wrong, the belt started to land on my bum. I managed to lay quietly for 10-15 strokes, before starting crying. I was feeling my bum on fire. Pretty soon, I was crying my eyes out, just like my sister did. I don’t remember when it was over, I just remember hearing “get up”.
            I got up just like my sister did, holding my bum and crying.
            It was one of the few spankings I got together with my sister.
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My wife is from Arad and has shared similar stories

my god

I got the belt at home from dad ! But I deserved it ! And so did you to !

thats a good story

Thanks for the story.<br />

When we came home late it very much depended on why. But it wasn't usually as drastic. We were sent to bed with the assurance that this matter will be talked about the following day. Coming home from school we had to put on our pajamas and come back to the dining room, where everybody was congregated to do homework. It wasn't until dinner time, when mother would come in with a paddle and we would get paddled. That was usually all of it.

And I agree wth this approach. The anticipation the thought of what will happen is worse than the actual punishment. Punishment should not be brutal

T/Values, I agree.

Your father was consistent and fair. You both got the same punishment and you both knew why. They were the rules of the house and you shoudl not have been late. I have spanked both step-daughters in the same way. If something is deserved it has to be painful in order for it to have a punishment effect

does it work? or do they keep doing the same crime.

No they rarely repeat the same crime; and CP should be reserved for the more serious offences. However, it is not there only to avoid a repetition. There must be a consequence and punitive punishment for wrong doing. This is the prime reason for punishing

Good question!

why did you father strike you so much painfull it must be too much pain how much time did you suffered the pain one or 2 days

Teenage daughters are usually better off if they are cooperative when it comes to their panties and if start crying early in the session.

Yes, these things happen. I mostly received the cane.

True Midwest.!

I alwaus hated seeing a butt whipping knowing I was next. Anticipation was almost worse than the pain of my whippin. ALMOST.

Excellent. Naughty girls must be spanked, and if the father gets a thrill, that's a bonus.

I think it's also comforting if you are caned together with a fellow sufferer. <br />
But it would be better to be beaten at the same time.

Never happened. In the headmaster's office we entered one by one. I got it on the hands with others, in the classroom though

I can imagine your feelings, when you heard your sister as she was crying and begging while she got heavily belted already knowing that you will be the next to receive a similar trashing with the belt.

There were times when I enjoyed seeing her getting it, but then it wasn't one of those times

Ouch! I can sympathise! and I always thought going second or third was worse too!

I've always hated being spanked for missing curfew. All the way home I know my panties are coming down for it! Even worse the few times they've made me "wait until morning" for my spanking like you got - and ALWAYS worse when I have to watch sis get it when I'm next!<br />
<br />

The thought I was being next was much worse than the fact I was seeing my sister getting it

So do you like a spanking these days?

i had gotten the belt like that many times from dad when i was your age also come home late or smell like beer an many times my sister would wake up with me crying in living rom an see from the strais i was naked an being spnak wiht dads belt which she had had

So you were belted for being late, but who was wrong? You and your sister for being 'late'. Or your father for giving two teenage girls an unreasonable time to be home? After all, you got home at Midnight and were unharmed. Odd that we can accept trains and planes that have timetables being hours late, yet daughters, who generally have little concept of time, must be beaten for the least detention.

thank you thats a good story.poor u

Po, your are 100% correct and I can confirm that it is far higher than1%. In my country it is still over 60%.

Thanks for your story. I do not see any problem with the way your guys were spanked. It's common practise and done out of love to teach you to take the responsibility for actions ~ anyway your mother was also present.

You're welcome. Maybe my english is not good enough, but I don't understand what did you mean by my guys ?
Yes, my mother was there too.

Sorry, I'm also not English speaking. By "you guys", I just meant, you and your sister.

Thanks for the story I have been told it's always worse to go second. You had to watch your sister knowing you were next that must've been tough.<br />

I don't know if it's worse. On other ocasions I was first. It didn't matter much

I ALWAYS hated being second. It seemed like watching my sister get spanked HURT me as much as it hurt her only because i KNOW I was HER mom in the previous life.

20 years ago was...the 1990s, probably the apex of feminism - I have my doubts that any 17-year old woman would not have considered having to show her *** to her father as a serious violation of her most basic intimacy. It is true that it may not yet have led to accusations of abuse as it would today (and rightly so), but I think total submission would not have been more in order 20 years ago than today, except in very particular families in very cloistered cults...and even there, I can't imagine the Mennonite girls going to school under my windows dressed very conservatively baring their ***** to their Dad for a spanking...

In the early 90s, Romania had just escaped from the comunist regime. And things were very diferent here compared to western countries. Back then we only had one romanian television channel, foreign channels not at all. So feminism was not at all at its apex here

You really don't have a clue dude. Lots of girls still get spanked bare probably a small percentage of teenagers worldwide but that still millions even if it's 1%.

I've been to Romania, and yes, there are certainly situations there that I can imagine, particularly under the communist regime, to have been somewhat outdated by modern European standards. But things seem to change fast...

There are many countries where women are flogged, whipped, beaten, raped...I wasn't thinking about those. I was thinking of Europe in the 1980s. Yes, there are situations where domination is the rule. There is also support to not accept these kinds of attitudes. There will always,unfortunately, be Natasha Kampusches around, but we want their numbers to be minimal, and women to know to stand up to inacceptable treatment, even under the guise of discipline.

Yes, things changed, but not right away after the comunist regime falled

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I take it you are British? Interesting story, thanks for sharing.

No, I'm not british, I'm from Romania. Why did you think I'm british ?

Because of the use of the term "bum", but I wasn't sure which is why I used a question mark. For some reason I always associate Eastern Europe with using switches or canes, instead of belts. Don't know why, just what crosses my mind.

Canes no, at least not the english type of cane. The belt was probably the most used implement

Apart from the fact that it must have been quite an erotic thrill for a grown male to belt butt naked two teenage women, I'm sure it had no real effect on you once your bums stopped being sore...Punitive spanking is a form of torture that should be outlawed.

The same comment 5 times?! You got my attention allright.
It had an effect, for a month or so, I was quite an angel. And I don't think it was a torture, it wasn't pleasant, I could say it was very painful, but I don't see it as torture

OK, love, I erased 4 - the system had done it, not me. I view punitive spanking as giving people a dangerous bias towards violence as being the solution to all problems - our societies are already violent enough as is. But if you turned into an angel, maybe it was worth it...At 17 you found normal to pull your pants down in front of your father, though?

20 years ago, that wasn't unusual. As for violence, I think our societies are much more violent now than 20 years ago

I personally appreciate your opinion that spankings especially for older girls are both unnecessary and stupid but to deny that it happens proves you haven't got a clue.

It possibly happens. ****** too. And it's often hushed. Which doesn't mean we have to approve!

When you didn't obey your parents rules, to get spanking with belt is never a torture - it is painful and deserved punishment. You knew about it before you did something wrong.

It never is, because it convinces you violence is OK, which it isn't, and you might get seriously hurt (there are at least two cases of murder in similar circumstances) which is not acceptable. Sorry.

You vote for a government every 4 years that kills women, men and children in your name and you dont ***** about it. However is someone gets hit for 5 minutes, what a big deal, right? I mean, they're still alive, so its obviously worse.

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