Caught Stealing

when I was 15, almost 16 I got caught by a man i used to mow lawns for, stealing home made beer from his garage. He told me he was going to tell my Mom and the other people I did lawns for that I was a thief. I was really scared by that and cried and begged him not to. He said I needed to be punished and he was going to tell my Mom. I begged him more and in the end he agreed he'd belt my butt to punish me for it. He did it in his kitchen, on my bare butt with his pants belt until i cried again. It was all a stupid waste of time anyway though cause my Mom saw the marks and found out anyway and I had to do his lawns for free for 3 months.
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2012

A great story, Thank you for shring. Much was taught across Mom's lap.

This may sound harsh but you are better off getting a bare *** belting than continuing this behavior, getting arrested for shoplifting and having a record that follows you the rest of your life. By the way how was the beer? I love beer but I never had homemade beer!

If I had stolen something, I would have a licking on my bare bottom with my dad's belt. An apology to the person who I had stolen from would be take place immediately after the punishment. My mom would assure the person that her daughter had been punished and that behavior would never happen again.

I wouldve rather him tell my mom, its more embarrasing to show my bare *** to a neighbor, my mom has seen it hundreds of times

I think I might have handled it diffenly. I would already have gotten to know you cuz you cut my lawn. I would have just babied you and made you feel right at home and I would have shared the beer with you and made you wear a diaper as we drank it lol