My Worst Whipping

When I was 10 I received the worst strapping on my life and it was the only I received on the bare bottom.
It happened in July 1990. A few weeks before that day my parents made a barbeque in our garden. We invited some friends and our garden neighbours. Till this day everything was fine, but that evening the neighbour was drunken and did something that wasn´t ok. He threw a cup of orange juice over my head. I was angry and showed him my middle finger. Nobody saw this.
Well, but 2 or 3 weeks later he arrived at the garden and began to make me angry. Well one moment I lost my nerve and called him an a**hole. Well he began to yell at me and my dad heared what was going on and was very angry. He told the neighbour to leave our garden. I knew I went too far and knew I would be punished for this. Next dad took my arm, pulled me into the garden house and closed the door. He yelled at me and told me to lay on the couch. Then he pulled my shorts and underpants completely off and took his belt. Then the belt felt down on my bare bottom. Ouch, that really hurt. I was crying and screaming in pain. I don´t remember how many licks I received, I only know it was too heavy for a young child.  After that punishment my bottom was black and blue and I couldn´t sit down for about one week.
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2012

I agree too your neighbour was out of order for the orange juice over the head, silly man. I know kids should be respectful to adults but how can they be when they are intimidated?<br />
Your dad obviously thought you needed a belting, especially for calling neighbour an a*** hole, I know you probably shouldn't have been rude to him and disrespectful (my Pa would've tanned my hide for that) but it wasn't as though you started it.<br />
When children adults always seem to get the upper hand hey.

I agree with moonrocks..


I am sorry BUT I don't agree with either of the above posters.... If this had happened to me I would have told my DAD exactly what happened, then my dad would have told the neighbor to go F himself and never come over to our yard again and if he ever touches me he will be going to jail....NO spanking, no belt, nothing as you did nothing wrong and the neighbor is the one who should be aplologising to you for throwing the OJ on your head because he was a drunk slob.