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My Story.

I was with my boyfriend and he was licking me out. And he took my thong off. Then he started licking me from my vagina to my mouth and we started getting off. He put his fingers in to my vagina and started fingering me really hard. He became really rough. Then he shoved his fingers down my throat and dragged me on the floor. He then sat on me and grabbed his belt. Then he put it inbetween my legs and started rubbing my vagina with it. He then spanked me many times with his hand and shoved his fingers up my *** whole. Then he got the belt and spanked me 69 times. He then rubbed my vagina hard and fast and tied me to his bed. Ahe got his belt and spanked me all over and jizzed in my face. He then got the belt and rubbed it all over my body and I had many friction burns. Then the next day he put the belt in my mouth so I couldn't talk and took me to his lounge where he threw me on the floor got another belt and repeated it.
sexygirl97 sexygirl97 13-15, F 7 Responses Mar 21, 2012

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holy ****

Maybe she liked it

it's not rape for god's sake !!! Look in the dictionary or on the internet to see how a rape looks like .... that was just BDSM .....gosh

hunnie you need to talk to some one about this i know its touch becuse u feel like it is ur falt for something you did but it is never your fult and trust me you are not the only one hes nto your boy friend he doesnt love you if he loved you he wouldnt treat you like that there is a line between wrough sex and abuse and if you dont report what he did then he will do it to other girls perhaps a girl that is yoiunger than you becuse he is aroused by your screams in pain this is not a safe thing you need to take caution with this man

I think this is BS... but you can never really be sure.

does he know the difference between "playing" and "rape" ? for his b-day, give him a dictionary

If this is a true story, why didn't you call the police? I feel really bad for you and think you need to discuss this with your parents. If you can't go to the school counselor and ask what to do. No guy has the right to abuse you this way--it's called rape at the very and felony assault at the least. Please get help, you don't deserve to be treated this way. I know it's embarrassing to tell someone older. Talk to me more and maybe I can help you get the help you need.