Dad's Belt

whenever i received a smacked bottom from my dad it was always with the belt. my mum gave me and my sibblings the majority of our smacked bottoms. so for general nautigness and disobidence it was mum who dished out the most of our spankings, but if we had been really bad we could expect to be told "wait untill you father gets home" (they were the dreaded words).
One occassion i remember vividly happened when i was about 8 i think i had gotten in trouble at school with another girl for being late back from playtimes 3 days in a row on the 3rd day. On the 3rd day the teacher phoned our homes. Anything where we had gotten in trouble at school and mum and dad deemed this really serious and i know i was in big trouble when i got home. when i did get home my mother never hit me she just told me i was in for the belt when dad came home later that evening and gave me a big lecture on the importance of not being late. she took me upstairs striped me naked and bathed me (this was also part of the punishment cos at 8 i was bathing myself and found it embrassing to be bathed by my mother) she then put me in my pyjammas and sent me back downstairs to wait in the cornor with my hands on my head for the next about hour and half till dad arrived home. when eventually came home mum explained everything that happened and dad was very angry. He called me from the cornor to stand in front of him where he pulled my pyjamma bottoms down so i was was stood in front of him naked from the waist down while he gave me a big telling off. my mother was in the room and so where my siblings playing and watching tv. although im sure really they were watching me and enjoying it. After the lecture my father took off his belt and placed me across the arm of the sofa. i was belted untill i was a crying and sorry girl i was then placed in the cornor still bare and red raw for 1 hour andthen sent to bed with no supper! i was never late for school or back from playtimes again.
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Having to wait for an hour and a half for your father to come home and spank you must have been miserable for you.

If I had been you, I would have wanted to be first to greet Daddy when he came home from work so I could jump into his arms and soften his heart before he had a chance to hear Mommy's side of the story. Perhaps your mother gave you corner time to prevent you from trying something like that?

Oh my, it must be hard to wait for the belt.

It is a remarkable teacher the belt. Teaches women all over the globe. Tried to add you, no joy.

Your parents were relativel strict, but for all the right reasons. It is somehow reassuring in this day and age (considering you are a young woman) that there are still traditional parents who believe in time-tested discipline for their children, such as spanking, being sent to the corner, and being sent to bed without supper.

Yikes owwwwwww but I guess it worked. Sorry you had to learn that way though. Can you add me as a friend?

Seems that you learnt your lesson.

is this true

Y'ALL need to understand what spankings are supposed to feel such thing as cold air seeping through slaps. On the contrary...greatest feeling on when we softly rub a baby'sbottom in a circular motion...we do it through out life, alone and in private to discuss the events of the day...not anything leading up to or taking from...just a warm hello, hello, on one's bottom...taht's all as what you are doing is a gross misinterpretaion of the thing.*****

THIS IS GOD. Y'ALL SIMMER DOWN, AS THIS **** ENDS, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A1*****AND OUT.

I live in a small land called Norway. We are one of (If not the) richest countrys in the world. And frankly, we get pillows under our arms most of the time.

If your parents spank you (lay a hand on you) they will be charged with unnessacery violence (or somthing, i`m 13)
They will be punished, by court.

I remember this one inncident where i had pushed my baby brother down from the table. ( i was 2-3 years old, and didn`t know what i was doing. No hate) My mom smacked my *** one time, not very hard. I told my kindergarden teatcher about this, and my mom was like super close to getting sentenced.

If a parent in this country ask you to undress, you can charge them with sexual asult. And most of the kids in our country will do that. So that is too illigal. You can`t ask a child to get undressed, no matter if your their guardian. If a child in Norway gets in to loads of trouble which in the US equals a good belt spanking. The only thing a parent can do is yell ( but they can also be charged with mentall abuse) or take away privileges.
I`m happy about that. i`v never in my life gotten a spanking. And that have made me have respect and love towards my parents

that sounds more detrimental than spanking

good story please add me as a friend

Sorry,could never agree with bare bottom belting esp on an 8 yr old...a little to strict

For an 8 year old this was quite harsh. I dont think your Pa should've belted you with your siblings and mother in the room, it should have been private and between the two of you. We were never spanked in front one another, unless we had all done something wrong and getting punished. Maybe some parents chose that option of doing it in front of family to show examples, but dont suppose it did alot of good, as I hear tales of siblings finding it all very amusing!<br />
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I dont condone not having any supper though, in my eyes its not as bad as the beating. It would be different if the child was without foods for hours, days on end as punishment but overnight would do no harm, and sometimes in my expereinces siblings would sneak whoever got spanked abit of food or sometimes Ma or Pa himself would relent later on and bring a biscuit, glass of milk and another cuddle. <br />
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Did you not get any love after the spanking atall, I know parents spank when angry and upset but I think its important for the child to know they are loved.

I can see "no dessert" as punishment. But little children shouldn't go hungry, even for a single meal. They are growing and need their nutrition.