This Weekend

my girlfriend is gonna spank me bare butt with the belt for lieing to her and we both agree to it does anyone have any advice
harney32 harney32
22-25, M
4 Responses May 10, 2012

Has she spanked you before?

theres no witness this time and she is pissed so its not gonna end till she wants it too

You should have somebody witness it. Go on Craigslist - there's plenty of voyeurs that would love to watch. It will make it more embarassing and real for you and you won't be tempted to end it sooner than it should be ended. It needs to hurt & it needs to go past the point where YOU want it to end if it is going to do any good at all.

thanks thats a good advice lol i no i deserve it and i will tell her about if i move i get extra ones and what implements would b better and spanking positions to do and how she should should spank me