My First Crushs Dad Whipped Us Both

My dad, and my first crushes dad were best friends. One summer day I stayed at their house while my folks wete at work. Her momwas babysitting. We were around seven yrs old. We both had been disobedient all day so aound noon we were sent to my friends room tp await her dad coming home. He was gonna spank us. I never saw her get spanked, so I didnt know how he did it. I asked and she said usually it was by hand, bare butt, otk. And sometimes he used a belt. We nervously waited. As we heard his truck pull up around 3, the fear of knowing she was gonna see my bare butt, and possibly my front made me shaky, plus the not lnowing how hard he spanked made me shake. He came in, we could hear her mom telling him how we acted. Next foot steps coming to thedoor. It opened. We wete instructed to stand and bare our butts. He bent her over the side of the bed and spanked by hand at least tentimes. She stood ip bawling.i could see her look at my penis. Embarrassed. Next she had to watch me get it the same as her. I knew she could see my bare butt turning red. Next hi wae sent her to get the belt from his room. I was still bent over. She came in with a thick leather belt. He bent her over next to me. He belted her 15 times. Her screams made me more scared. Next me. I screamed as loud as her. We were left there bare butt, until my dad got there. My dad gave us both 10 each by hand. We never acted up again. Still to this day I remember seeing her cute butt, which I had seen before when our families camped together, all red. My heart broke for her
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31-35, M
May 14, 2012