Always With The Belt

All my spankings were bare butt with the belt laying across my bed
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I'm sorry!

many pain

I got spanked like that too

Sounds like you were a wild child young lady and needed quite a few spankings growing up.

That's how I got it, lying lie face down on my bed..

Never had while laying across the bed, but I can't count the number of times that I was spanked with a belt leaning over the back of the couch. And there were several times when I was made to lean over and across a table with another person holding my hands. And like you,,, I was also always spanked on the bare butt. Most of the time I had to be completely nude.

If you are talking about recently? Would be my Mistress/SO.

Very effective.

How old were you when the spankings stopped?

When I get the belt, I have to bend over a table or chair for it.

Well that what happen to naught girls

Did it make you wet?

By whom? If you don't mind talking about it

I was spanked the exact same way by my mom. Over the side of the bed, bare butt, with a leather belt.

Same here...the worst was if the buckle snapped around and hit me.

for which reason which mistakes

oh my god it must be very painfull

A belt really stings. I think it's best given on a bare bottom so the spanker can see the skin and stop before any damage is done. It should hurt a lot but never harm.

I know more about the belt than I'd like to know. I got it enough to know it can really sting, but not as much over pants as on bare skin. If it's not given carefully, it can leave marks. I prefer a lexan paddle for similar sting but no bruising, just an overall redness that fades. I doubt I would ever use a belt.

Thats a very effective way to do it, firmer strokes with the belt. How did they have you on the bed? bare bottom?

That's not how I would do it to you...add me sweetie..

after the spanking with a leather belt how was your feeling? did you like the colour of you *** as a result of the belt being used on it?

I was spanked bare bottom with either the hand or wooden spoon up till about age 9.

yes the belt hurt bad i glad i didn't get often. most of my spankings was with a tawse bare bottom over moms knee.

I got it (and still get it) bent over a table or the arm of the couch - always bare of course.

Same here!

when my mom was going to use the belt on me i was called or taken to hers and dads bedroom. i was told to take off my clothes down to my underwear. i was made to lay across the bed. once i am laying across the bed mom has me arch up takes both sides of my underwear pulls them down and removes them. laying across the bed naked the 3 part belting is going to start. mom doubles the belt and starts with my bare thighs when my bare thighs are bright red she moves on. next my bare bottom gets the same and then my bare back.
i didn't get the belt often but when i did OUCH.

Me too by my mom. Laying on my belly or bent over the edge of my bed 15-25 strokes. I still feel the burn lol

I was spanked many any times bar bottom with my dads belt. I was usually bent over my desk or bed

was it really painfull

who made this your dad

did you have many time this treatment did you have many pain how much time feeling pmain after you have mark black or red

my mother strike me many times and same time bare butt but always with hands; my wife pakistani daughter of a pakistan pastoor received 2 spanking her life from father with the hands and on the pants first she was 8 years,2 good smack on bum because she said bastard another child, and her father speak to her and explain oblige her excuse to boy; she pain good 45 minutes ; second time 9 years she fight and beat her cousin maria who said her stupid father came explain good way to both ask they kiss her self then give small spanking to maria,and hard to betty, he asked her cming on his knees and give her 4 strongs smacks on bum, her paint very fine so she feel pain Her dad have great hands, she cry go to bathroom to put cold water on sore bum,where are small marks she feel pain 2 hours; but her father have explain he hate made this but it was last solution

and are you a better person for it?

many times many pain

ouch.. Belt on bare really hurts-i remembered know, cauae i just got it :(<br /><br />
are you still spanked?

When I get spanked and right now were I live my caregivers husband is coming home soon and I have not been listening and doing the right stuff so my caregiver just said to me that her husband is coming home soon and he is going to deal with me. I know that when he gets home witch I'm dreading as when he comes in my caregiver will explain what I have not been doing right and what I trouble I have been getting into and if it is really bad witch my caregiver has been having to put me in my punishing spot a lot today so since that is what her husband is going to hear along with what ever else she is going to tell him he will put down what ever he brings in from the car and he will go and get changed and then he will come to me and tell me to come to the punishing spot and he will already have the belt that he is going to use on me folded in half and he will take down my pants and put me over is knee and I will get a really good hard spanking with the belt. Oh got to go now as I hear the car.

I got spanked by mom and dad with hand to about 10 then a woodpaddle at age 13 dad would use his belt for real bad things i did a belt is more of a whipping then spanking I think

My dad whipped my butt with either his belt or, as was more often the case, a razor strap. They hurt SO much since it stung the entire width of my bottom unlike a hairbrush or wooden spoon that only got a small spot at one time. When my Dad spanked me I was in tears even before the first smack hit my bottom...and mine were always bare bottom as well all the way up to age 17

Though not very often, I occasionally was spanked bare with a belt by my mom. I was standing, bent over. Last one was a little over a year ago, I was 18 at the time.

The belt is just stings so sorry to hear that you are getting one....hugs heather