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Always With The Belt

All my spankings were bare butt with the belt laying across my bed
lindsey24 lindsey24 22-25, F 46 Responses May 20, 2012

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do you still like getting spanked ?

Good always should be on skin

Sounds like you were a wild child young lady and needed quite a few spankings growing up.

When did you get your last spanking?

That's how I got it, lying lie face down on my bed..

Never had while laying across the bed, but I can't count the number of times that I was spanked with a belt leaning over the back of the couch. And there were several times when I was made to lean over and across a table with another person holding my hands. And like you,,, I was also always spanked on the bare butt. Most of the time I had to be completely nude.

Who spanked you and when did you get your last spanking?

If you are talking about recently? Would be my Mistress/SO.

Most of my belt spankings were like that too.

Very effective.

How old were you when the spankings stopped?

When I get the belt, I have to bend over a table or chair for it.

No other implements were used on you it was always the belt and otk?

Well that what happen to naught girls

Well I got spanked with the belt standing up bare bum

Did it make you wet?

By whom? If you don't mind talking about it

I was spanked the exact same way by my mom. Over the side of the bed, bare butt, with a leather belt.

Same here...the worst was if the buckle snapped around and hit me.

for which reason which mistakes

oh my god it must be very painfull

Were you ever spanked by hand and do you think you would learn your lesson if you were still spanked by hand were you told that from know on the belt would be used or was it just one day the belt was used or was the belt always used.?

A belt really stings. I think it's best given on a bare bottom so the spanker can see the skin and stop before any damage is done. It should hurt a lot but never harm.

Well I was not one that believed in the belt either but someone told me here that they were being spanked by hand and they were still getting into trouble but once the belt was used on them the trouble slowed down . They still got into trouble but not has much as before.

I know more about the belt than I'd like to know. I got it enough to know it can really sting, but not as much over pants as on bare skin. If it's not given carefully, it can leave marks. I prefer a lexan paddle for similar sting but no bruising, just an overall redness that fades. I doubt I would ever use a belt.

Well do not have to use the belt there are other punishments and implements to use.

Thats a very effective way to do it, firmer strokes with the belt. How did they have you on the bed? bare bottom?

That's not how I would do it to you...add me sweetie..

after the spanking with a leather belt how was your feeling? did you like the colour of you *** as a result of the belt being used on it?

I was spanked bare bottom with either the hand or wooden spoon up till about age 9.

yes the belt hurt bad i glad i didn't get often. most of my spankings was with a tawse bare bottom over moms knee.

I got it (and still get it) bent over a table or the arm of the couch - always bare of course.

Same here!

when my mom was going to use the belt on me i was called or taken to hers and dads bedroom. i was told to take off my clothes down to my underwear. i was made to lay across the bed. once i am laying across the bed mom has me arch up takes both sides of my underwear pulls them down and removes them. laying across the bed naked the 3 part belting is going to start. mom doubles the belt and starts with my bare thighs when my bare thighs are bright red she moves on. next my bare bottom gets the same and then my bare back.
i didn't get the belt often but when i did OUCH.

Me too by my mom. Laying on my belly or bent over the edge of my bed 15-25 strokes. I still feel the burn lol