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I Just Now Got Spanked ... );

Right now I'm layin on my tummy on my bed crying. I just got my butt whipped. I was told to do the dishes 3 times. Finally I did them. Then I was back talkin alot. My mom told me to straighten up am I did. My parent left and told me not to leave the house while they went to the store. I soon got bored and went to my neighbors. Little did I know that my neighbors mom was on the phone with my mom!!! I went straight back home and knew I was in for it when they got home. She sent me to my room and said stay there till bedtime. I thought maybe I wasn't gettin spanked. I kinda felt relieved. Then it was bed time. My mom came up with a belt and I started freakin out. She said take ur pants and underwear off. I did as I was told . She bent me over her knee and started beating my butt. I cried like a baby and I'm still crying); it hurts soooo bad);
Lex222 Lex222 18-21, F 41 Responses May 22, 2012

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Im a horrible person. I sometimes need the belt too, but then again that's who I am online. ;)

I don't understand ? Lol

Well, it seemed like punishment was deserved. Mom maid a point. I am sure you felt the message for a while.

Yeah I did

Could be worse - i discipline young woman, sometimes completely bare, in front of others..

Oh wow

I get spanked like that too :(

I just joind here. i get belt bare butt too,. its humiliating

come talk to me because of your settings I can not contact you . thanks

Welcome to EP sorry you get the belt. I got spanked to 16. Add me please.

More daughters in their late teens and early 20s get spanked, paddled, or whipped by their moms than many people realize. Many times, it only happens to a particular daughter once or twice. These spankings are effective because the embarrassment is usually worse than the pain. It is also more memorable.

Many times, whatever prompted the disciplinary session has been building for quite some time. The mom may have dropped little hints and warnings that the daughter ignored. Then, one day, something comes along. Whatever it is, the mother decides it's time to straighten out that daughter. When this happens, most moms will spank. It is one of the few proven remedies that moms with older daughter have at their disposal.

It is also worth pointing out that few older daughters actually resent being privately disciplined by their moms. Most almost grown daughters admit they deserve a spanking every now and then. Those that think otherwise, tend to move out. Furthermore, the more rational tend to realize that accepting their mom's disciplining is a tradeoff. Just as an older daughter is not legally bound to drop her pants and bend over because her mom says so, neither is her mom responsible to provide the emancipated daughter with food, clothing, and shelter. Legally, the mom can kick an older daughter out of the house and change the locks!

Rather obviously, instead of fighting over the letter of the law, it makes more sense for mothers and daughters to cooperate. The fact is that most mothers and daughters tend to benefit from these informal and extralegal moral and ethical arrangements. Besides, in this economy, a girl living with her mom's rules and consequences is usually easier than trying to find a job and pays a livable wage!

Well not not just moms spanking there adults no matter how old the dad are doing it to I read one story were the mom never really spanked the daughter she got her husband to do it all the time and the last time the daughter was 24.

There is something to be said for fathers spanking older daughters. Sometimes they can get through when moms can't.

The story of the 24-year-old is believable. Nor is the practice confined to just single young women living with their parents.

During an informal discussion on disciplining young women several decades ago, an elderly woman admitted that she had been spanked by her father after she was old enough to have gotten married and given birth to her first child. She admitted that, even at the time her father told her to get over his knee in front of her mother, she knew she deserved to be spanked. The point of her story was that daughters never get too old to be spanked by their fathers.

In a separate conversation, the mother of a teenage daughter said that a few years earlier, she got into an argument with her father while visiting her parents. She said her big mistake was yelling at her father as if he were her husband! Before she knew what was going on, she found herself across her father's knee. Half blushingly she admitted that the experience made her feel like a teenager all over again! Nevertheless, she concluded, although getting spanked at her age was thoroughly embarrassing, it was still just as effective as it had been when she was growing up.

You should obey and avoid such unpleasantness.

I tryy

But this was May, I am sure you have behaved well since, yes?

Kinda lol not really

ouch sorry that happened i just got it yesterday hate it

Why ? What happend ?

my cousins brother made a mess of our room and we got blamed :(

Aww that's soo sad );

It sounds like you got what you deserved. Disobedience and baditude are often cured with a sore bottom. I do hope you were forgiven afterward though.

Yes I was

You need to do as you are told, young lady!

I try

I hope you remember that sore butt?


My Principal at school did it for my mischief .However ,my hottie & balls got very tense & excited to erection .I pre-cummed and dripped on her dress.
Be careful with your sons.

i am sorry about that, its not nice. what are you planing to do now?

Bout what ?

about spanked

I'm not planning to do anything. ?

do you like to be spanked?


i have been spanked 2, will you like to read my story?


is it better to write here or to your mail?


i send it...

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It seems this group is devided between those who believe that you deserve to be whipped and those that think it is abuse. I think your mother has shown great love to a disobedient child. You should get down on your knees, kiss her feet and thank her for taking the time to discipline you in a proper way.

Your joking right!!? There is no way i would or really anyone would kiss their moms feet for spanking them!! Ever! I mean like seriuusly!? Wiuld u do that?

Well, I am sorry to hear that... hopefully you would be more obedience next time...


would love to have seen her in action :)

I think you secretly like the spankings. You knew what the result would be for poor behaviour and you did it anyway. Be honest.

terrible for small mistake

Idk I was being a brat towards my mom and was pretty much askin for it.

how much time feel you the pain after

2-3 days

Sorry you get the belt. I do to but I have to bend over my bed and get my bare butt whooped. I hate it.

Age of author doesn't make her hitting justified. Dannubhoy66 be real.

Please talk to your school counselor.Spanking is wrong at any age. If an adult did that to another adult it would be ASSAULT!!! To do it on the bare is demeaning, humiliating, and disgusting. I admit i spanked my 5 yr old daughter once, I did it over her jeans, and with my hand. I did it privately. She didn't cry. I felt so guilty that i intentionally broke my wrist. She saw me do this. She then cried. I asked her why sh then cried, She said it upset her to see me hurt myself. That was almost 8 yrs ago. She has hardly misbehaved since. I have never and never will spank my son. When my kids misbehave i talk to them, ground them, or take away something they like for a period of time. Parents who hit their kids and say it's discipline, punishment, or good parenting are rationalizing violence. A parent is supposed to use his/her hands for patting their kid on the back, wiping the kid's tears, hugging. A parent shouldn't be the cause of those tears. Learning is painful enough without inflicting physical pain.

what a bunch of Bull!

That's retarded!!

Spanking is disipline . You shouldn't scar your kids for life . That's stupid . She didn't even cry ?? You were being dumb About it . You shouldn't hurt yourself when your child does something wrong .?..

Is this a perverse thing for you, or do you like to be missbehave?

What does perverse mean. ?

Perverse: The actions of someone who acts upon things that are unacceptable. Meaning do you you think you like getting spanked, and enjoy the actions afterwards?


Guess it gonna take alot of spankings from mom to teach a naughty girl like u . U still getting spanked i bet :) spnkbooty

Yeahh I am lol

No he don't . Only my mom

Lol thats cute :)

What is ?

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Poor thing I got the hairbrush, never the belt but I know how you felt.

Clearly, you deserved it.. but your mom ought to get a razor strop and have you flat on the bed.......


Because if you got it that way, you probably wouldn't have to get it nearly as often as you do.

I dont really get what's the difference between a belt and a strap is . They feel the same pretty much . So I don't get how's its help ?

The razor strop is shorter, wider, thicker, and heavier than a regular belt, and thus hurts a lot more, making it a lot more effective in modifying behavior.

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why the hell are you still living there?

Unless they've raised a daughter, a lot of people don't realize how may girls in their late teens and early 20s get it at least once or twice. It's usually a private affair between mother and daughter. What you're describing is quite typical for daughters your age. most of the time, it's for doing something the teen knew better than to do. More than likely, your mother waited to punish you so she could calm down and think about whether or not she should do it. At the same time, while it's really, really embarrassing for a teen to be told to get her bare bottom over her mom's knee, it's also quite effective. That's why moms still do it.

How often do you get it? Over the knee isn't exactly ideal for a belt, I'm surprised they do it that way.

They only do that sometimes . Most times bending over my bed

you are adult why the parentsspank you they could give you a good slap in face and speak with you

ah ok but with belt on bare bum they could beat with your clothes or obliged you made same work

They don't beat me . It's not abuse . It's spanking .

you adult crazy beat you like this why not speaking and give a slap


You sound like a very naughty girl, Lex. I think you got what you deserved!<br />
Gary.<br />

Sorry you got a whoopin. I get them too but bent over my bed. I cry too.

I'm sorry ); MSG me ?

how do I?

Go to my profile and press communicate then press send message .

Sorry you had to get this belt whipping, but thanks for Friending me and please do contact me for advice about spanking, e.g. how to make the pain less etc.

what you age when that happenede and how much time suffered the pain

Well why did you not listen to your mom in the first place you know if you not listen you will get spanked and as for the back why do that.

Idk i was in a bad mood

Okay it happens you get in a mad mood so when you get in a bad mood you just do what you are told and stay in your room. Why look for trouble.

It's easy lol

well do you want a sore bum? I thought the idea was not to get a sore bum

It is but idk I get mad easily

okay but you have to control that if you do not want to keep on getting spanked that at home in the really world you might get fired

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how much time did you feel the pain after this too strong spanking did you put cream on your bottom how much time before sitting 2 days

I had a wet bed this morning and my caregivers that I have heard me climb over the rails of my hospital bed as I have a hospital bed as I have ADHD and so if I get out of control I get restrained to my bed but if I do not need to be restrained the bars on my bed have to be up anyway at night and I had a wet bed and I did not want my caregivers to know so I climb over the bars of my bed and started to take my sheets off and my caregiver heard this and he took me by my arm and he took me to my place were I get punished and he said to me "now you know that you are not to climb over the bars on your bed right" ? I nodded yes and then he said to me " do you know in the house were we are right now"? I looked and said yes. He then said to me "now what I want you to do is hold both my arms" so I did and he lowered my jammies down and he put me over is knee and I got the belt hard and about 10 hit and then he stood me up and put my bottoms back up and sat me down on a chair in the punishing corner and he said to me "I have set the timer for 10 minutes and if you get up I will keep coming back and you will be getting spanked more until you sit and until the timer goes off" It took me a couple of times till I was able to get what he said so I got a couple of more spanks.

Really you had or have a punishing room that's all that room is for is punishment. And what was in that room?

Just tell your parents you want to move to Sweden. It's illegal to spank kids there. If parents still do they can face prison sentences ;)

well youmg lady u got what u deserved cause of your was just spanking u out of love I know u don,t see it that way!U r never too old for a good spanking!

well you was naughty so you got spanked. if i was there i would ***** you and spank you its the best thing to do, ***** naked bc you also have the shame of being naked as well as being spanked

Is that what u do to ur kids..?

This happened to me once a time for the same reason, i got spanked badly );

I'm sorry);

How long was it before you could sit comfortablly? I would bet at least two days.

It was about 2 days . I stayed in my room mostly after that.