Think Before You Speak

I was 9 years old when I got the hIding of my life. I had a normal upbringing which usually meant when I was naughty I got 3 or 4 smacks across the back of my legs. The worst hiding happened at my kid sisters 7th birthday party. It was in august and it was a nice sunny day we were all in swimming costume and were playing in a paddling pool. We both had some friends round and a good time was being had by all. All was well until I started squabbling with my sister as you do with siblings at that age. Well she pushed me I pushed her back then she kicked me so I shoved her hard with both hands and she went flying backwards landed with a thud and screamed and started crying. Mum came running over just saw me push my sister over. Not knowing the full story my mum grabbed me and gave me several hard smacks accross my bottom and legs, all this in front of my friends. I stood there crying feeling angry and embarressed and without thinking I just blurted out 'You ******* rotton old cow' As soon as I said this I knew I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. There was a stunned silence and mum was speechless for a few seconds then she said 'What did you say ? WHAT DID YOU SAY ?' I tried to mumble sorry but mum just grabbed my wrist and marched toward the house saying ' The party's over for you, you disgusting little boy' She took me into my bedroom when out then came back with one of my dads belts. She then pulled my swimming trunks down Held my arm up my back and got me face down on the bed. She then started spanking me with the belt really laying in to me saying that she had never been so digusted by the filth that had come out my mouth. I got about 20 or 30 good hard whacks and I screamed and cried all the way through. I was then left sobbing on my bed having learned to always think before you speak.
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In addition to the licking that you received with your dad's belt, I would have had my mouth washed out with ivory soap. That only has take place one time and I know that for me, I was careful with my commentary and remarks from then on. That stuff tastes pretty bad

When I was a 6 year old boy I had a sleep over at my friends house his dad was strict he had a leather strap and a cane and a whip and a wooden paddle for bad boys I stayed at my friends house over the summer holidays I we were both in our pe shorts no pants nothing else my friends dad came in the room and put the cane belt leather strap slipper birtch cane on the desk and said to both of us if you two boys do not behave yourselfs I will teach you a lesson boys ok we both said yes sir at the same time I started to **** in my shorts a lot because I was scared I went put the kitchen to get a sweet it was 4am as I was going to my friends room my friends dad was in the hallway he pointed his finger to go to him so I went to him he took me to his room tied my mouth pulled me shorts off bend me over the desk tied my hand and legs to the desk hard so I can not move he went in my friends room got the cane and gave me 60 of the cane hard

I have no regrets, I deserved that hiding and it did teach me very quickly to hold my tongue and watch what I say.

What punishment would you give me I am Andrew 13 in pe kit sir