Trouble In School

It was march , me and my friends were playing basketball on the court at our school . After an hour of playing , a group of softmore's (we were all fresmen) came and told us to **** off and that they are gonna play now  . We told them no , tossed a couple of swear words at them and soon a fight started . The fight lasted about 5 minutes ( until our gym teacher called our parents ) . When me and my dad arrived home , he told me to go to my room and wait . After a few minutes he came in with his old leather belt , he told me to get my hands on my knees , and so I did . My dad lowered my shorts and started beating me with the belt on my bare a*s , the belt had small metal pieces which hurt like hell when they hit my bottom . He spanked my for a long time , my butt was red and it stung like hell  , the whole time I was trying not to cry . After the spanking i couldn't sit for 2 days , and I was grounded for 2 weeks ...

luke992 luke992
18-21, M
2 Responses May 25, 2012

Yea, not fair? How often did dad spank you and were most of your spankings barte bottom? Did mom do any spankinbgs and did your siblings ever see you get spanked? What happened to the others involved in the fight if you know?

That doesn't sound fair. The other kids started the fight.