Forget The Paddle

Usually the rule was I would be paddled my age, and strapped half my age. But when I was twelve one time, that rule went out the door. My cousin Katie, nine at the time, and myself were running through my uncles house one day, just as he was getting home from work. We came around the corner and slammed right into the lamp, which went crashing to the floor. We both froze, and knew our bottoms were gonna get it. I guess he had had a bad day at work, because he took his belt off right there, without yelling or anything, and began whipping my cousin right there infront of everyone. As she was crying, he told me to go upstairs and take off my shorts and bend over the bed. I did as I was told, and listened as my cousins whipping went on for about five minutes. I places the paddle next to me on the bed, and waited. When he finally came in, he said the paddle and my underwear weren't required, double my age with the belt, and an extra ten on my thighs for ruining his night.
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5 Responses Jun 23, 2012

it was really too much painfull did you suffered long time

The ones on my thighs hurt the most, I had back welts for about a week.

Dang. Your punishments sound extreme.

I hope you weren't born at an inconvenient time for him! He may have been in the middle of something - then you may have been beaten nearly to death as an infant!<br />
If you're in your 20's, it's not child abuse. It's assault.

Idk, it was the only time he ever did that, I think he felt guilty, cause after that, he's only used a paddle or on a few occasions a switch. But when I got the switch, I definitely deserved it. Actually last night I took the switch from him, cut me pretty good, but I deserved it. But he's never used the belt again on me. The same can't be said for my cousin tho. She gets it every sunday.

I dont think the belt was warranted for accidently breaking the lamp. I guess he was tired after a days work and didn't like you running about, but he himself could've easily knocked it over sometime and doubt he'd have thought he'd deserve a blistered backside for it!<br />
A bit strong for him to give you extra on the thighs (horrible) cos you ruined his night, he obviously forgot he was a child once!