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Every time I got spanked at home by my mom, it was always on the bare bottom. And with just a few exceptions it was always with a belt. My mother even carried a belt in her purse every where we went. These whippings continued until I left for college when I was almost 19 years old. She would look at the grades and school work I brought home, and anytime I missed more than one answer, I got the belt. My mother was a perfectionist and equally demanded perfection. It would embarras me to have friends over. She would whip me no matter who was at our house. I would get seven licks for every wrong answer minus the one I was allowed. If I was getting whipped for bad behavior, she didn't count licks. She would measure it in minutes. She would tell me she was going to whip me for 2, 3, or 4 minutes. OMG, that was brutal!!! Even though I always carried a 3.9, 4.0 gpa, I managed to get in trouble a lot at school out of boredom. As strict as my mom was, she didn't always punish me for getting into trouble at school. She seemed to understand that it only occurred in classes that didn't challenge me enough. She would personally talk to my teachers, and just have them pile more work on me. If I complained about having the extra work, or continued to get in trouble in the class, she was not so nice. A few four minute belt whippings were enough to make me stop the bs. I litterly thought I was going to die before the clock counted 240 seconds. I still to this day don't know how many licks I got during the time because it hurt so bad. I could never keep count in that kind of pain. For days after that, it would really hurt to sit down. I absolutely hated it at the time, but now I realize what all I learned from it. I feel like it instilled in me a work ethic that doesn't accept second best, and to always be responsible for my own actions.
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I can relate to your story. I was raised by my aunt who was also a junior high school principal. She was very strict and grades and performance in school was a big deal. Whenever report cards or progress reports came out it was pretty much the inevitable that a bare bottom belt whipping was coming. I was an okay student but she punished for anything less than a b+. And if there were ever any behavioral problems I really got it. The worst ever was when a teacher heard me swearing in gym class. The note got sent home. My aunt read it, took off her belt and gave me 30 hard ones on the bare butt.

Really interesting and well-written wow that was really strict. What position did you have to take the belt in Sandy? Did you take down your panties yourself or were they taken down for you?

I definitely feel she went overboard my mother one time beat me like that too over something that I did not do she beat me with a belt until the belt broke and it was a genuine leather belt as a result I did not have a close relationship with her when I became and adult she apologized before she passed from ovarian cancer but I had to put distance between us because she always had this need to control everything.

I agree with the others, a bit excessive. Until I was about six years old, my parents punished me by pulling down my pants and just tapping me on the bare bottom with a belt. After age six, my father put me over his knee and spanked me (much harder) with his hand.

I agree this is over the top too. Problem is, when it's that far over the line, it crosses from where you can one day say "it's okay, it made me better" to the point of where you cannot ever have a relationship with her.

I mostly got the slipper but I did get the belt a few times. I just got a certain number of whacks, usually 3 or 4, sometimes 6 and very occasionally more almost always bare.<br />
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Beating anyone with a belt for four minutes is way over the top for a reasonable punishment.

Yea, it was very extreme. I don't have children of my own. If I did, there is NO way I would make them as nervous and scared as I was all the time. My mother always said that was the way she was punished. She was so smart and wierd, she didn't show much emotion. My mother is a doctor, and now a professor at a top university.