My Sister And Me.

My stepsister is nine years older than me, and she was like my best friend until she moved in with her mom five hrs away. But this all happened while she was still living with us. I was around 12 and my sister Valerie, was around 19. She was still spanked because she lived at home, and therefore had to go by my parents rules. Usually we weren't spanked together, but on occasion we would be, although we wouldn't see it, just hear the cracks and cries. So anyways, on a Sunday, after church and dinner, we were outside playing catch with a football, I can't remember what exactly happened, but the end result was Valerie tackling me into the garage door, leaving a big dent, and me hitting her in the nose to get her off of me. So there we stools, her with a bloodied nose, and me with scrapes and a dented door. Mom abc Dad ran out when the heard the crash, and saw me scrapes jocund Valerie all bloody. I was the smart one and said she pushed me, so after making sure Valerie was ok, dad have her some hard spanks on her bottom, and told her to go inside and get cleaned up for her spanking. She whined and cried as she went inside, and I followed to clean up. By the time I had gotten cleaned up, I could already hear her cries coming from upstairs as mom have her a warm up spanking. I was going to watch tv when dad grabbed my arm, and said he saw the whole thing, and dragged me upstairs to have my spanking too. I was told to stand in the corner of my room, while valeries warm up concluded, she was crying pretty good when I heard dad tell her to take off her shorts and underwear. And over the bed she went to start her paddling. And there I stood, all alone in the corner, waiting for mom to come in for,my warmup, but she never did... After valerie counted out her 19th crack of the paddle, dad stopped and called for me to come in. We'll Val was over the bed on her stomach crying her eyes out. Bottom all red as heck, and dad standing there holding his belt, he said I wouldn't be getting a warmup or paddling, but for lying and hurting my sisters nose, I was to lay next to her, and take 25 with the belt, bare. She was getting only ten. So there we both were naked overs the bed, next to each other about to take the strap, he have valerie gets first, and then I got mine. And wow did it hurt, I was crying terribly after. But I certainly learned my lesson.
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BoomBoom: Did your sister see you spanked after that age and she had left the house? Did you continue to get spanked as a 14, 15, and 16 year old by dad and mom? When you got that one with your sister, were your pants and underwqear off or just down and after the spanking did you two get up off the bad and do a spanking dance around the room?

I'm 22 & still spanked, I've seen her spanked and she's seen me, and we were bare.

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too much my wife is a pakistan christian her fazther a pastoor family 8 children, she received from her dad only 2 spanking all life.first she was 8 years she disput on christian school with a boy said to him bastard, father listen this oblige her to excuse and give her 2 good smacks with hands on bum on her light pant she pain to seat in class room less than one hour. 6 month later she disput with her cousin maria, who said to her stupid she slap her fight with her and put her cousin on the floor; father came asked explaination, said both reconciled after he explain what both have made is wrong and that he must spank them . He spank before maria 2 smacks on bum for bad words after he said to beth, my wife "came on dad knees to received your just punishement"Beth obey thinking same spanking like before, but her father give her 4 hard smacks on bum,it was summer her pant very light so she feel the pain; She cry rub her bum; go to bathroom put cold water on sore bum, she have small marks of dad hands , she feel pain 2 hours for lunch dad give her a cushion to seat confortable; she never be spank after

very rare did me an my sis get spank ogheter<br />
my sis had seen my spanking by dad naked wiht his belt over the bed or bending over my desk an i had corner time after<br />
one time my sis was older she broke curfew over hour i was in living room watchin tv she came i an dad was mad lecture her an told her get her pants an panties off over his lap an paddle her so hard she was kicking crying i an iwas there watching it all

No, and I did it on purpose