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Punished Severely

So, my parents are super strict. I hate the way I'm always treated like a little kid. I didn't even get to walk home from school by myself untill I was 13. Now I'm in grade 9. I withdrew from my family when I went to highschool. Then one day, I'm walking home with a friend, and I go into a store with a friend to get stuff for a project for school, and I see my 9 year old sister there, by herself, buying candy, and this wave of anger hit me:
1. They let her out by herself 4 years before they let me
2. I was never allowed candy, and she has so much
3. She has money, and I'm only allowed buying things for school even now
I ran all the way home, leaving my friend, which was ok because she understood. I went into my hose and screamed at my parents so loud. My mom was shocked. She turned to my father an said, discipline her at once, so my father took me upstairs, into his room. I only go in his room when I'm going to get a sound thrashing. I'm still angry though. He sits on the Chair. Chair with a capital C. He Pulled me over his lap and spanks me 10 or so times over my skirt. Then he folded it back and smacks me a few times on my underwear before removing them. By now I was crying, quietly though.
Now my bottom is bare, he hits me harder, and faster, all the while lecturing me on politeness. My butt must be bright red by now. He stops, and lifts me off, telling me to hold out my hand. He hits me 5 times with a ruler on my hand. Then tells me to take off all my clothes. He bends me over his bed and uses a belt to spank me. I start crying really hard now. Then he took me downstairs, still naked. My mom bent me over the kitchen counter and smacked me with a slipper for a while then told me to stay still. When my sis got home, my mom let her wack me too. It was embarrassing.
Holly36 Holly36 13-15, F 13 Responses Jul 15, 2012

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my dad never spanked me it was always mum and she would spank with her hand and then change to a belt when i thought it was over she could get the paddle or cane she always disciplined long and hard

I have a younger brother and sister,they both could get away with anything.My sister being the only girl had my dad wraped around her finger.She could get me in trouble anytime she wanted.

Someday, if your parents live long enough, they'll be really old, and you could be taking care of them. They'd be dependent on you, and you could treat them like total crap. It's not much, but at least something positive to hope for.

Sounds like dad started enjoying himself with the progression. Does he spank your mom that way?

Maybe they just don't like you. I'm still learning that screaming gets me nowhere. My mother usually just tuned me out when I was little and my husband just lets me scream myself into a hysterical mess. And at some point you also have to learn that lifesaver not fair. And you don't sound like an extremely mature 14year old either if you let little **** get to you.

In the state of Minnesota where I am from that would be called child abuse.

Yes your parents rules are clear. Just because someone else may have parents more lenient does not make it right for you.

Holly, sorry 4 what U got! I know the feeling, my younger step sister can do no wrong but I'm spanked - in front of her - often!<br />
Love 2 share more in email,<br />

That was seriously not fair! You didn't deserve that!

That's was abuse, u didn't deserve it. Did your sister get punished?

Why did they have your sister spank you? That is weird, she's like 9.

thats not right

Your parents really are strict. But screaming at them was unnecessary. I would have given my daughter a spanking for such behavior. You need to find another way to channel your emotions