Still Cant Sit.

Yesterday I got home late and mouthed off to my mama and she sent my friend home and whooped me. Im 17 now and she said next year when I dont do what I am suppose to I can get kicked out of college or fired from a job. When my mama whoops me she makes me pull my pants down and bend over my bed. She used a thick belt not her usual one. This belt is wide and get my whole butt with one swat. She didnt stop whoopin until my butt was beat red and on fire.
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Your mom has every right to strap your bare bottom for acting up as long as she doesn't cross that line between discipline and abuse.
I think you would respond better if she got a nice wooden hair brush for your bare bottom

nothing wrong with mamm whipping your naked butt
my dad use the belt on me many times an talk about not sitting for sure

I think it's mean

but you learn your lesson an did not repeat things bad

There is nothing wrong with it. When my husband spanks me I'm usually on fire by the second hit.. and he keeps on and on. Its.not abusive

Your husband whoops you. Thats kind of mean sounding to me. My daddy would never hit my mama.

I have a domestic discipline marriage. He is the head of my household. He works to pay bills and he has the right to keep me in line

Oh I never heard of that before.

Really? Its a choice. If I stop I could divorce him. I just love him. I got spanked this.morning actually. Belt and corner time



Seems weird to me.

Its not. I respect him for it

no i dont think its abusive if yo uneed a lesson to be taught you must feel the pain an suffering that goes with it or you dont learn same

yes that is true in domestic marriage discipline is the only way to go that is how it is here i work pay bills an she keeps house an works she gets out of ine she gets thrashed good for it

David you hit your wife? If I hit a girl my butt will get whooped.

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My mama is abusive Boxer?

Wow most people tell me I am lucky my mama dont whoop me more and harder than she does. My parents say there is nothing wrong with a naughty kid to have a red butt for a few hours.

They dont do all that to me.

Good...there's discipline, and then abuse. If it doesn't cross the line I'm glad.

My butt is red for hours after a whoopin.

Well I would expect that, but if there are bruises, abrasions, welts, etc. That's a real problem, BC most people don't realize the implications associated with physical discipline.

My mama spanks bare so she can see when my butt has had enough. But ive had welts before. Like for taking off and we will on a lake. I know better that's when I get a welted rear end.

I'm sorry. You didn't deserve it. Corporal Punishment is very traumatizing enough without the removal of clothing. Though a parental right to discipline there can be issues, specifically when there are injuries (Cuts/Marks/Bruises). Respect your mother and don't be fresh, but there is nothing that justifies putting your child at risk.

Kids just do that sometimes.

Yeah, it sounds like you deserved it, all right, but I would recommend that your mom invest in a good razor strop.

No way she doesnt need a razor strop.

I think she does. I know you'd be getting it a lot less frequently than you probably have in the past. The strop is more severe than most belts.

I think she does need a razor strop too. You seem to think you didn't deserve to be strapped for being rude and talking back. Maybe a razor strop would convince you otherwise

My mama has a thick belt she calls the strap. Ive got it a few times. I didnt sit for 2 days after she used it.

You're right. I was hit with the razor strop by my father and he very seldom had to use it on me. After my first beating I always tried to behave to avoid it. After I was married my father gave the razor strop to my husband and told him to use it on me if I got out of line. My husband has not used it but when I do get out of line or don't listen to him, he says he's going to think about using it. That's enough for me to start behaving.

Only 2 days? Must not have been much of a strapping then. I remember not being able to sit comfortable for a week.

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Yes she did and does all the time. Shes cool when I am good just strict when i act up.

That's true for most parents. I'm an adult, and even I get yelled at when I **** my mom off. :P

yeah I'm sure.

Oh, I got away with a TON, namely because my dad didn't think we should treat Mom with respect, and he'd undermine her tries.

if you disrespect my mana your butt is getting beat bad.

Yeah... my mom never used implements. Moist I got was a swat to the back of the head or three of her palm on my fully clothed butt. My dad thought she was too tough on us.

Youre lucky. The strap is the worse.

sounds like we def. lucked out. My mom either stays quiet or EXPLODES. I got EXPLODED at a lot... not much fun, either. I tend to take after her... I did manage to not explode at the student who told my partner and I "F all you all interns, too."

I suspect your mamma wouldn't have the patience for my job.

my mama is a physical therapist

Interesting... :) PT's are generally cool. (I have a physical disability....) I'm going to be a Spec Ed. teacher, hoping to get a job working with kids with severe behavior disabilities.

My mama is cool until I do something wrong then she whoops me.

Easy...keep yourself out of trouble. (If I didn't know you were capable of it, I wouldn't be encouraging it.) And sorry to say, but she is right about getting yourself fired or kicked out of college. I promise you.

I know she's right. I need to just behave.

Not always easy, though. Believe ,me. I still have to watch my mouth, especially with certain professors and certain teachers whose classes I've worked in ( I disagree with how I feel they treat us or their students)

yeah I'm sure.

I had a professor schedule me to start taking an online exam at 06:00! She gave me no notice. I get extra time, but figured I'd take it 08-12 instead of 08-10:00. So, by the time I logged in to start, I'd lost half my time.

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i hope she said she loved you after

I didnt deserve it. Thanks Lex.

You deserve it I got 50 of the cane for that bare ***

Don't expect any sympathy from me... I am sure you deserved it.

Aww I'm sorry . ); that sounds terrible . I get pretty much the same. Hopefully you don't get anymore whippings