My Sister Maggie.

As you know if you have read one of my expereinces my parents disciplined my sisters and I with spankings when we committed a major infraction. My oldest sister by 3 years name is Maggie and my younger sister Rachel is one year younger then I. Maggie and I now are 23 and 21 and Rachel is 20. This spanking happened to Maggie her Senior year when she was 17. My parents divorced when we younger both worked nights. My mother worked for USPS and my father is a Firefighter. Anyway we would rotate who we stayed with on weekends. This weekend we stayed with dad and on most Fridays we were over he had to work. Dad is pretty laid back and would let us have friends over even if he wasn't there. His rules though were no drinking or smoking. You can kinda guess what happened. My sister had a few friends over as did I ,but i myself was smart enough to not break dads rules. My sister though thought she was smart enough and she and her friends drank and smoke and even smoked weed on the back porch using the old fabric softner with the toilet paper roll trick so you couldn't smell the smoke. When her friends left i helped her clean up all the cans(some friends leaving cans everywhere) and making sure ashes and butts were gone and even went so far as spraying the house so you couldn't smell smoke. Then we noticed someone had left a burn mark on the sofa and Maggie and i both knew there was no way getting around or hiding it. So she said she would tell dad what happened and hope he wouldn't be mad. I remember that Saturday morning like it was yesterday and remember my sister wearing her yellow Umbros and could see her purple panties through it. Dad got home and was furious and she just started up the steps without being told. I didn't want to stick around so i went downstairs to the basement. Half hour later i went up when dad was asleep. My sister was in her room and i could tell she had been crying. She had told me he had her lay across the bed with her shorts down and spanked her for a few minutes then proceeded to whack her with the ping pong paddle for a bit but lost track of how many swats. My dad only ever bared my sister rachels bottom but this was one of the wrost spankings anyone of us received from him.
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Why did your younger sister have to have her bottom bare for her spankings but you older girls didn't?<br />

Oh OK I didn't understand what you said - thanks.

Haha I used to put washcloths in my pants when I knew I was In trouble. That didn't fool him once. The day I did that was the day my father went bare assed for good. That **** hurts. I feel for her at 17!!!

yes but translation in french same time no good

it was for exceptionnel case now in europa beat is prohibited but same time now too laxism chlidren to free no limits but i think it is better to try to speak with children

did father beat you also many time painfull

yes there is difference in spanking and beating, you are right Beth !!!!!!!

There is nothing wrong with a spanking that is deserved. The reason you see so many bratty kids in public is there is no fear of being punished.

Oh so good I got the cane when younger on my bare backside did me no harm and taught me respect for others .

it was really painfull

Interesting - thanks for the story.<br />

oh damn at that age ! sad :(