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Dont Lie To The Teacher And Then Change The Story....

So as y'all know my uncle was the VP at my grade school and I was spanked by him. Well im tell a school spanking but it didnt happen at school. It happened when I got home. My uncle got to my house before me. But I had lied to my teacher about getting a note signed and that didnt go over like I planned. I told the teacher my uncle had signed the note when it was me who did. Well she told him after school let out. With was not good.. He was at my house when I got off the bus. So I was told if you.lie about it. Your going to get more. So I then told him ok I wont lie. Wrong thing to say I got poped 6 times by my uncle and he said you know to say YES SIR. I started to cry and he asked did you tell your teacher I signed your note? I said no uncle joe.. And he ask are you lying? No sir. Ok well lets call mrs nelson then. I busted.. I told the truth and then he said well first I was going to just spank you for lying to mrs. Nelson, and sign the note but you lied to me too so you will be spanked for all 3 I dont want the spanking uncle joe im sorry. I didnt mean to lie.. Oh really. You have till the count of ¥
3 to get over here. 1,2. Uncle joe no I dont need a spanking. 3. He picks me up and takes me to my room. He tells me you have to learn not to lie. I going to give you 5 with the belt for each lie you told thats 2 lies so 10 with the belt and then a good hand for not letting anyone see the note. Thats my daddys job not yours. So I sit down and start to cry. My dad walks in and tells me " you dont want me to spank you cause it will all be with the belt now stop or your let butt wont to sit. Do I make my self clear?" Yes daddy. Okay then get up and get ready. But daddy I dont want a spanking. 1,2,. Dont make me say 3 CC. But daddy. Ok it will be me will be bare. He pulls me up and says it will be 4 . Because you want to fight. I cry and pull my pants down and vbend over. It was not the belt because daddy hated to use a belt on me. He spanked me least 10 minutes. About 200.swats. And hurt. And daddy was rigjt I xouldnt sit fir the rest of the day. And it hurt to sit the next day.
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Very interesting experience. So did I understand right, daddy spanked you, while uncle Joe watched?

My caregivers spank me with the belt and on my bare bottom and it hurts. I get put on the time out mat also and then taken to the spanking room. If really bad I get paddle.

Im sorry

200 lashes you are wound it is impossible iot is like in iran opr saoudia or bangladesh

It hurt the rest of the day are you sore the rest of the week and what did you butt look like it was probably like a cherry. I am sorry you got spanked like that .

Why? Im not. I am really glad.that my family spanked me.. It made the respectful person to people.. When they deserve it.. I should not had lied and tiok my punishment by my uncle it would had been easlier.

okay that why you agreed to the spanking but that was a lot of spanking no 200 swats please come talk to me because of your age you have to contact me first thanks

No I didnt agree to it. I just wasnt going to fight with my dad. I always hg elt it was my dads place to spank me at home no one else.

well maybe I missed read it but I said I was sorry you got spanked and you said you deserved the spanking.

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I started school later I was in the 5th grade. so 10 or 11. But my dad and he never used a belt. My uncle always used a belt. But if I would had.listened and took my punishment from my uncle it would had been 10swats with his belt and then a hand.spanking. But I didnt I backtalked till my dad spankef me with his hand.

how old are you when that happened i am not for so terrible spanking but to lie is bad for this i understand father my mother said to me you could lie to me to dad to theacher did not forget god see you always

it was a very strong punishement

I had lied 2 times and fought about my lest my daddy did NOT use belts. My daddy always told me his hand could do the job. And it did. I had a few spankings that made it to wear I coupdnt sit that night and sat on my knees the next day.

but really painfull a long time

really 200 lashes at 9 years your sure because 200 lashes woith belt you must be wound and bloody

No my dad Never used a belt on me. He always said he could get it across with his hand.. And he did.

Sorry y'all I dont have a computer so im using my phone. And its hard to edit and go back to fix things..