Caught Smoking With Older Sisters

When I was 14 my father caught me smoking with my 16 and 18 year old sisters Sam and Jill one evening behind the house. He told us we were to change into our PJ's and come down for the living room for punishment we all knew that we were in for a belt spanking. We got into the living room and were told all 3 of us were to bend over the back of the sofa so we did. At this point we were terrified Dad came behind me first and lowered my pajama bottoms then slid his thumbs into the sides of my underwear waist band and pulled them down to my needs at by then I was dying of embarrassment. Dad proceeded to remove Sam & Jill's pajama bottoms and panties just like he did to me. He proceeded to remove his belt and all tree of us began to plead for him to spare us but there was no talking him out of it. "You three know better then to smoke but its clear you need a firm reminder" and with a quick wisp in the air the first crack of the belt came down on my butt then Sam & Jen next. Dad proceeded to give our behinds a thrashing for the next 20 min until each of us had broken down to tears. Dad called mom in from the kitchen and asked her to bring the egg timer. We were told we could get up but not put back on our bottoms place our hands on our head and face the wall. "30 min of corner time if any one of you move or even try to put back on those pants back on before the timer goes off we will repeat your punishment, bet your never going to smoke again!" We continued to sob as we stood there hands on our head waiting for the timer to go off. Finally the timer went off and Dad said it was ok to bring our undies and JP bottoms back up to go to bed and that in the morning we were to each get a reminder hairbrush spanking over moms lap.
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Was that the first time you and your sisters were spanked together bare bottom at the same time? I uses the next da each of you saw everything front and back when you got the second spankngs from mom? Any corner time n day two?

I guess it was no fun to see older sisters with their panties down if you're bottom was on fire too?<br />

My bottom was so on fire I was crying so hard I did not even my notice my sisters...

If they wouldn't have been crying so much could they have seen all of you and did your mom see all of you front and back during that spanking? Had you started puberty at age 14 and how embarrassed where you when dad started taking down the underwear and you were on display to your sisters and mom?

Was that the last spanking you got from dad or mom in front of your sisters or in front of mom bare?

Was that reminder spanker from your mom on your bare butt. Did your sisters and you get it together. What position were you in for the spanking.

In this case she pulled each of our undies down and spanked us one by one over her lap with her hair brush. Mom made us watch each other watch each others spankings.

Ouchg, so I guess you and your sisters then saw each other totally on the second day of the spanking when mom gave it too all three of you. What room were you three in with mom for the spanking. were you only wearing undies then that morning and was your butt still red. Any dancing afterwards?

Ouch! So did you ever smoke again? I bet the reminder spanking from your mom was painful!

Never again, mom was a pro with a hairbrush it took her 3 minutes at most to have us begging for mercy...

What age was your last spanking from mom? How often did mom spank you at ages 12-14? once or twice a year?