Help Just Got Belt

Hello everybody, i have just got the belt from my dad on my bare bottom because i was simulating illness at school.. my dad is so mad i don't know what to do he sed that he is going to spank me once again then my mother comes home i am very frightened about that and need to speak with some one who can understand me and my situation now;sss waiting for your letters;s i really need to talk ..
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4 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Sorry that happened to you. Never got the belt but I can imagine it must be far worse than hand swats over clothes, which is all we got, or a slap upside the head (think NCIS). Why were you playing sick?

Faking being sick.... you know you deserved to have your butt set on fire. You are lucky you didnt get a warm soapy enema too.

I dont see anything wrong with it. It is healthy. If CPS came to my door and asked why I gave my child an enema, I would say that it is a home health remedy that I believe in. Homeopathic medicine is not against the law unless it is putting the child at risk somehow

Every action has a reaction, if you broken the rules, you will be spanked

I', a parent of 2 kids. I only spanked my daughter once. She was 5, I did it with my hand and she was wearing jeans. I felt so guilty that I intentionally broke my wrist. She wasnt crying when I spanked her, but was crying when she saw me break my wrist,, She said she'll be a good girl for now on. I said was this bec of the spanking? She said that she didnt want Mommy to hurt any more. She has misbehaved a little since then, It's been almost 8 yrs. I never and never will spank my son. i believe learning is painful enough without adding physical pain. I got spanked with the belt the same way you did. To this day I still cant wear a belt. I tried and I would get flashbacks. i want to say to your Dad: ground him, but stop abusing him. he needs you to talk to him, not hurt him.

i was spanked that way too, boy was it humiliating, frightening, and painful. I'm sorry that you have to endure such a punishment. I hope you never get in trouble that gets you in getting a punishment like this again. hang in there, God bless,