Spanked With Belt By Mom And Dad

I was spanked with the belt by both my Mom and Dad when I was young (I am now 54). First it was only Dad- as many a young boy I wet the bed at least once a week.I was 6-7 years old at the time. And everytime I wet the bed, after dinner my Dad told me to go to my room, ***** naked all the way and lay across the bed and wait for him. What in reality was only minutes to me seemed like an hour. As I layed there I could feel my butt cheeks tingling in anticipation of what I knew was coming. Dad finally came up, took off his belt and in a quite and calm voice told me to get ready and take it like a man. I probably got about 10 good and strong whales of the belt across my ***. I did as my Dad said- never cried and took it like a man. He never spanked me in anger. BUT then they were divorced and I acted out a lot- was in trouble all the time rebelling against my mother. dad was hardly in the picture any more and I adored him. Now Mom picked up where Dad left off with spanking but Mom always spanked in anger and it was brutal to say the least. She also sent me to my room to ***** and wait. As Dad she came in- holding the belt and began beating me and lecturing me at the same time. She definatel hit harder than Dad ever did and if I covered my butt with my hands which was all the time- she warned me once if I did she would bit my inner thighs with the belt. I tried holding out as long as I could but inevitably I always covered my butt and I always got a few whacks on the thigh- which was inbearable. Afterwards I would lay there crying with my butt on fire. The lat time I was spanked by her I was about 8 years old. But as a teen- before I ever knew there were other people that got into spanking- when my parents were away and I was home alone I ******** naked and spanked myself with a wooden hair brush. I spanked as hard as I could and would look at my butt in the mirror and the more red I could get it- the more I was turned on and ***********. .
56-60, M
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I spanked my bare *** today. Then I *********** !