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Extra Circular Activities And Getting Caught

Good morning,

I was sixteen the last time I got a licking from my mom. I had a boyfriend that my parents strongly disapproved of. It was the winter oF my junior year in high school. I was features editor of the school newspaper which allowed me to have access to the little office.. One cold winter day in early January, my boyfriend and I were in the office During the final period of the school day. We each had a study hall which we skipped in favor of some private time. There was a small ancient sofa in the office that must haVe been donated many years earlier. We were on the sofa, kissing with all the passion of first love and forbidden pleasures. He was Stroking the breasts and teasing my nipples with his tongue when the door to the un-locked office was. Suddenly opened and in walked my mom. She did not raise her voice but it was easy to see how angry she was and what was in store for mE. My boyfriend practically ran out the door. Mom pulled me from the Comfy couch where I was struggling with my bra, and said " you are in for the licking of your life when we get home. Get in the car young lady and don't say a single word.

When we got home, I went immediately to my bedroom and she followed quickly in with my dad's thin brown belt doubled over in her hand. I started to make explanations and to beg her not to give me this punishment. She ordered me to remain silent, pulled up my Skirt, yanked my panties down but not off. I don't know how many times that belt came down on my white bottom but it sure was a lot. I cried after the second or third lick and never stopped til my mom had stopped punishing me and had left the room. It was the worst licking that I ever had, until the last one which also took place when I was 16.

Writing this to you now, I know that I was very Aroused and confused by that feeling. Yes, I knew then that there was a feeling of desire for pleasure tied in with the pain.
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i had given my daughters the belt many times when needed most of the time they get long hard paddling an corner time

I don't know why to this day but i have always liked being spanked , not at the time though as they hurt like hell , but i used to wind my mom up till i ended up over her knee and got a good spanking, this carried on as when i got married , i wound my wife up as well as i do now till i end up over her knee for a good spanking, i think that men or women who still like being spanked as an adult stems from their childhood spankings ,but i still like being spanked and i would not have it any other way !!

How do you prefer to be punished? Belt, paddle, slipper, brush, cane ?

As a child and as a teenager, I was always given a belt lickin on my bare bottom. It was my dad' belt but it was my mom who delivered the hard lickins. No cornertime or cuddling. Tough discipline was the only way it was in my house!

I like a hand spanking over her knee to start with which i don't always get to warm me up , then its usualy the slipper paddle or hairbrush that i get spanked with , thats up to my wife what i get , never had the cane apart from at school, but my wife does have a cane carpet beater which i get now and again and it hurts like hell and bruises a lot more than a paddle or hairbrush ,she only uses this if she has realy lost her temper with me , a more typical spanking for me is a good slippering over her knee , bare bottomed of course !

i am not being rude, but you surely deserved it!

My BF and I got slippered and caned a few times at school for those activities. We'd skive off somewhere most games lessons for "exercise" of our own choosing. ;)

Thanks for the story - look forward to chatting. phoebe_lv91 on messenger.

I would of of paddled your bare bottom crimson red.

Mom sure gave u a good spanking, n i bet u got alot of spankings as u got older naughty gal spnkbooty

There were less lickings with the belt after the age of 17. Then like many of you, I found being spanked an incredible turn and a joy as a prelude to making love. I have been fortunate to have had partners who understood my need to be spanked. I have no idea when I will ever be spanked with a belt again. My lover and I ended our relationship less than 1 week ago. I am terribly sad...

Ahh im sure to hear your relationship has ended.hopefully u will have another soon.yes hard to just go finD someone n say by the way can u spank me i love to be spank n people wouldn,t u miss the belt spankings,or do u prefer the hand? Spnkbooty

What I miss most of all are the spankings given with his large smooth and wrong hands. I loved him so terribly much that it will be a long time before I ever give another man the power to spank me.

Meant to say strong hands -;)

I,m sure sorry it happen I can tell your heart has been crushed n I feel for u.May things work out for the best tc n be well spank a spank from spnkbooty

Knew what u meant :)

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Sounds like your mom loves you very much.

Looks like you deserved that spanking, even thou I disapprove of using a belt to spank.

What would you have done to punish me if you don't approve of lickings with a belt, as I was always punished?

Make you tell your friends mom caught you in private study. Then show your friends a nice red butt. Telling them it came from a strap,but you are sure you would like a canning instead!!