How Would You Spank/punish Me - Then And Now?

When I was growing up and didnt get my way, my mom would punish me with groundings and times outs, and loss of privileges. Sometimes, If I was out of control, she would catch me, grab me, and pin me and "spank" me over my pants a few times using the "Don't you ever *smack* ever * smack* do that again, etc"

Whenever I was "spanked" like that I was still punished as the above.

"Spankings* lasted until age 10 or so. She sometimes washed my mouth out with soap or slap my face, but both of those were more rare than the above.

However. after that I would call my mom a ***** when I was mad (even though we have a good relationship), and told her to **** off, stomped my feet, threw things, slam my door (which sometimes she would actually take off as punishment up until age 13), etc. Basically, a temper tantrum. Would last the entire day.

By 16 I ignored her punishments and went on the computer, etc when I wanted to. Bascially, she lost control of me.

However, I sometimes still act like this even though I'm 18. I still throw the same type of bratty temper tantrums.

I know it's not good. But how would you spank/punish me - then and now. Was my mom right then? Should she still continuing punishing me? Should my pants and panties be lowered when spanked? How many spanks? Is spanking over the top? I dunno, but I feel gulty after I act this way (and dont tell me just to stop and behave my self. I cant. And that's why, while I don't want it, some form of punishment from my mom would help, but dont know if spanking is the way to go and if so how to bring that back up to her afer 8 years).

Lot's of questions embedded in there. Please help!
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If you had been my child you would have been spanked from the very beginning probably over the knee with your knickers either left on or else bare bottom until your butt had well and truely paid the price for your disobedience. There is no doubt that you are seeking strong disciplin from your parents and at the age you are now i suspect a few sessions with a belt on your bare backside would be what is called for to pull you back into line.

i not good understand english you mother spank you always at 18 or only like me till 13 and same time injust when she lose self controle

i would bend you over the bed and lash your bare butt with the belt until i hear your screams to make sure you learnet your lesson, i believe thats suitable for your age, you are not a child any more

spank or not spank can be argued either way, but your Mother's way was wrong. Grabbing and a few swats on the clothed butt is not effective. Punishment should be as imediate as possable, but it should be formalized. It should really hurt. I also think it should be private, so bare butt bent over the bed with strap was my choice. If the child is older and it is felt that modasty is needed, then underwear pulled up between the cheeks works, or girls can wear a button front nighty backwards with the lower buttons undone. It will sperate and expose the buttocks when she bends over.