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I haven't had this, plenty of good hidings, but not the humiliation of bb. I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to spank a child or young adult bare, except maybe they are perverts who want to ogle their daughter or son's genitals or a complete sadist. I am a supporter of familial nudity but in terms of naturism i.e. tastefully and from a young age. However I am convinced that nobody should beat their child and if he/she does do so, fully clothed hurts just as much and gives the message just as well. I know, as I said I had many hidings from my dad. Bare especially and any sort of spanking should be outlawed and carry a heavy sentence world wide as some countries already do. Many do not learn from their mistakes just because they have been beaten, it is barbaric for an adult to use physical force against a child who hasn't the strength to resist or fight back, we are given dominion over our children but do not have and have never been given the right to beat them. I include mentally 'beating' as well such as what Caleb's father does by not telling him whether the beating is over and in fact planting doubt and dread that it may not be. I reiterate NO BEATING!
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wrinkly I strongly disagree with I always got it bare bottom and there was nothing sexual about [ no ogleing as you put it ]it was done to embarrass you to shame you

Sorry to say it but your dad is a sadist there is no need to beat a child especially a female teenager bare bum. He is justifying his bad behaviour by saying that you will learn that he is in control. Yes that IS what he is telling you, 'I control you and decide what happens'. Please be honest with yourself - do you in fact learn anything from bare bum beatings that you would not learn by any other means? I doubt it!!! I repeat there should be NO BEATINGS AT ALL allowed. Please see that your dad reads this.