Running Away From A Spanking

I was 11 at this time. We was at the mall and I want an iPod touch, but they said no. When we got home, I kept having a temper tantrum. My dad tolded to me to go to the room, I siaid no. Then he said young lady you just earned yourself a spanking. I cried please daddy no. He sent me to the spanking room. I decided to run away because my dads spanking are very severe if you recall back to my first story dating. I ran so fast but my dad was a former track racer. So he caught me by the arm and gave me a spanking right there. He bend me over his knee, took off my pants and panties. He smack me harder than usual. After like 25 smacks, he led me up. He told me to say I tried to run away and i was talking back to my dad and i wasnt allow to pull my pants. He told me to go to the house and prepare for another spanking. He sent me to the spanking room. I said I'm sorry and I promise not to do it again. I had 25 from the paddle and 25 from the hairbrush. After that my dad told me to lay on bend and he gave me 50 with the belt. After the spanking. I was allow to pull up my panties and pants. He kiss me and hug me. he told me that it was wrong to run away. He told me to take off my pants and panties. I said daddy please no more. He said I only gonna put lotion on it. So I pull my pants down he put lotion on it and rub it. It felt better and he smack my butt and laugh. I laugh too.

Comment If I deserve this spanking.
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4 Responses Nov 19, 2012

at least your dad showed some affection.. my step dad just tells me "Are you ever gonna do that again" and i answer "no Sir! I wont" . He says " damn right you wont" and leaves the room

You were wrong to run away from your punishment.

That was abuse. 25 would have been the max under the circumstances.

Wow You got spanked a lot ! If I tried to run away from a spanking my mom would beat my butt

If I ran, I got it much worse!