It Wasn't Bare But The Only Time I Got It On Just My Underwear

I usually get the belt..but one time I got it on my underwear and the backs of my legs bare. It was the worst beating of my life and the last one I got.
I asked my dad if I could go to a party and he said no. My parents are police officers which might not seem like it matters, but it does because they're extremely strict because of it and don't ever let me do things like go to parties and stuff. So I went anyways. I know it was stupid, but in my mind my dad was never going to let me go and even though i didn't want to disobey him I really wanted to go. When I was at the party I drank alcohol..i was 13 at the time and didn't have a lot just two drink and then i started feeling weird so i stopped. the party got loud or something so the cops were called...or they just drove by and decided to stop, i still don't even know. The cops took all the underage people, aside and I told one that my mom and dad were cops and they might know them..they did when I told them their names, and they said they were going to call them. I was so scared. My dad was the one to come pick me up and he didn't talk all the way home. When I got home he made me take a breath - a - lizer to see if i had been drinking when it showed i had he lost it and started yelling at me about how stupid it was to be drinking and how i know better then he told me to go upstairs. he took off his belt and told me to pull down my jeans. he never ever told me that before so i just did it he made me pull them almost half way so my thighs were bare but my underwear left up then he told me to lie down on his bed. i did and grabbed a pillow and closed my eyes and really regreted everything i did. then he started using the belt. he smacked me 5 times on my butt and by the 5th time i was crying as hard as a 5 year old and couldn't help it. it stung so bad and felt like i was on fire. then he did about 5 more on my butt and i was almost screaming for him to stop saying daddy please stop, it hurts, i'm sorry...then he belted me 10 times on my thighs which were bare and i cried even harder. when he finished he told me to stand up and pull my pants up and i did. there were tears streaming down my face and i was sobbing and he told me if i ever did something like that again he would bring me in there and tear my *** up again and i said yes sir. I dont plan to do it again but it was the worst beating i ever got.
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Yes the strap on panties,then your thighs, really hard punishment. He said if you did it again,he tear up your little butt again. That's really is police brutality.


Are you interested to talk about discipline and Punishments for girls ?

20 times and not even bare bottom is not a beating you got a good whipping.You my daughter I would have bare your bottom not used belt but my hand and hair brush

Wow that would be awful

oh it was lol

Are you kidding me? and he didn't get introuble for doing that? that's child abuse. I'm sorry girl. Just make sure next time you go somewhere, think before you do something stupid

he didn't get in trouble hha, and it's alright its not child abuse

Lol why would you tell the cops who your parents were ?

So I didn't get taken into jail lol where they would have eventually found out. i knew since my parents were cops too they would not take me to jail and just let my parents come get me

Ohhh that makes more since lol I thought you meant you just told em haha I was like well that was stupid?.. Lol but I got it now.(:

hahah no that would have been dumb yeah :p

Haha add me as a friend ?

I did :D

Okay (:

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Shows what their kind are made of... disagree? Beat up people. ******* dogs.

Whaaat? Of course I was just a spanking. I was over it like an hour later and learned my lesson. he's just over protective because he loves me. He didn't beat me up, I got in trouble for doing something wrong.

No, he took an object and hit a defenseless person with it. Its what those dogs (bastards (filter test)) do. Its what they have been trained to do. You shouldn't agree to torture, especially on your own body, no matter how much someone loves you.

But using torture to say you did something wrong? That's quite the paradox, and beyond pathetic. But other than you shouldn't drink because your dad doesn't want you to drink, what did you really learn?

Sure you did something wrong. Drinking at 13 can lead to waking up at the hospital with doctors saying you're lucky to be alive, speaking from experience. (although for many reasons, one being that the Law is also to blame for that, if it was legal perhaps an adult could have stopped the overdose but they have to look away or face legal repercussions)

But if you don't overdose, why is it wrong?

Well i guess that's your opinion..but just because you think what he did was wrong, doesn't make it wrong. i had a friend who's dad was a drunk and beat her, like really beat her for no reason almost every day and she hates him. My dad would never injure me or hit me for no reason, and i love him more than anything. i don't like getting hit, but that's the point lol. it's called a punishment. i didn't get hit just because he doesn't want me to drink...i disobeyed him by going and did something i did know was wrong because i could have gotten hurt, and it's illegal..honestly if i just got grounded or something like most kids i probably would do bad stuff again's just how i am. getting spanked is always a last resort for my dad and we're always hugging by the end of the day. to be honest i think you're just soft and a little dramatic :P there are lots of kids who get abused, really abused...i'm not one of them. i have two parents who take care of me and yeah, i get in trouble when i do stupid stuff lol.

And yet, you learned nothing, you just equate disobey = pain. If anything he could at least use his hand and not a weapon. You also got it wrong, grounding is pointless too if the child learns nothing other than equate disobey = loss of privilege. Then again, maybe he wants you to have a great future as a servant of society, no risk, fit right in the system he so violently defends... because he "loves" you. What I am questioning is ... why do you tolerate abuse?

Lol. You're funny. Honestly, I know there are lots of soft people out there like you...and that's soft..but I'm not. It's no big deal at all. I am NOT abused. Abusive parents are ones who hurt their kids for NO reason...treat them meanly..put them down...don't take care of them...and so on. My parents always make sure I have everything I need and there's nothing I want that I don't have. My mom and dad tell me they love me all the time and support me with everything I want to do. They do give me rules and expectations because they want me to be a good kid and stay out of trouble..because they CARE about me. And I'll do the same with my kids. Literally the fact that you would ask me why do I tolerate abuse because I got a spanking is stupid. No offense, but it's just my opinion. Let's see! Should I call CPS or something...get taken away (because laws are made by p*ssies lol) and live with some foster parents and have a **** life...because i got my a** beat because i did something wrong? That's the dumbest thing like..ever lol. I love my life, my family, my parents..everything. I get in trouble like once a year now that I'm older lol and it's because I got spanked when i was younger. I did only get spanked with his hand when i was a littler kid and started getting the belt when I was like 10 for serious stuff. I would do something wrong, get spanked, learn not to do the same sh** again and move on. There's more important things to worry about in the world than getting disciplined..It's kinda sad how i'm only 14 and know this and youre oldeer than me and are immature :p

So its the fear of losing what you have that lead you to tolerating abuse. That's an interesting perspective... I did beat up my mom for way less than that, I'm just trying to understand why people tolerate any kind of abuse. So the next question: why is drinking at 14 wrong?

I wouldn't tolerate abuse. My parents teach me not to. Getting a punishment isn't abuse. So are you saying that no one should be punished? we should just do whatever we want? lol..i know some friends of mine that don't get in trouble andthey have no respect..they do whatever they want and get into trouble. Why? because my dad later was telling me how since there were older guys there they could have put drugs in it and raped me, which i didnt think about, and i could have got drunk and done things i would have regret. also it's illegal..and im guessing your one of those people who think laws or stupid or whatever but i respect them as im gonna be a cop too when im older. and no its not what i have that i wouldn't want to loose...i couldnt stand the thought of being without my parents, especially my dad since im so close with him. people need rules and discipline. or they have no respect. i dont believe in the whole "lets talk it out" xD lol its so pathetic. a little bit of pain is no big deal, teaches kids some humility. im 14 now and looking back on that it was stupid, and getting that whipping made me regret what i did wrong. i would rather take some pain (that goes away pretty fast) and be a good respectful person, than not and be one of those whiny little b-itches who get no discipline. I would never think about hitting my mom or dad...because theyre the best mom and dad in the world and i love them more than anything. MY point is .... i am a good kid, happy, well taken care of, so what's the problem huh?

Does your dad stop you from stepping outside the house, someone could stop in a van, kidnap and rape you. Sure the probability is low, but its also low at a party. Drunk and regret does go hand in hand though, I know people who woke up next to land whales. However, if its all you know, you should probably be asking more questions to him about it, because nothing you state really warrants not drinking. If you don't learn to control your intake now, you wont know either at 21, so you'll regret **** then instead of now.

I am one of those people that does not trust the justice system to protect my rights, but I don't think laws are stupid. This discussion would be on a whole other level for you though.

However, needing rules and discipline is what I find weak. No one literally "needs" any of that, they are just manipulated into thinking they need it. Its the mold of fear at work. But if you actually want to get spanked, then its a whole other story, there is nothing wrong if you feel that YOU need that to function. But there is something wrong if you were told that you need it. What other punishments have your parents tried, if any?

When I was younger and did something wrong I was told not to do it again, and told why it was wrong and that if I did it again I would get smacked. If I did it again, I got smacked. And usually after that I didn't do it again. My dad made it very clear to follow the rules. Kids don't know what's best for them...that's why they need rules and boundaries, and guidance. I actually have a friend who's in my class, and she's a pretty good friend, and I told her once that my dad hits me and is strict...and she said she was kind of jealous. And I was like "whyyyy" and she said because she didn't have a dad and her mom didn't even care about her and she said at least I had a dad who cared what I did. And it's dad might be strict, but I'm grateful to have parents that care what I do. And I disagree. Without discipline...well the screaming kids in wal mart you see who don't shut up when they don't get their way...those kids don't get spanked :) lol. Those teenagers that have everything and complain all the time that their lives are terrible? They didn't get beat when they should have, ha. And I have a cousin who's like 25 and he says he wished his parents would have been harder on him because he did stupid stuff like drink when he was young and all that...and thought it was a good idea at the time, and his parents gave him all that freedom but it actually wasn't a good idea...and he saw that later on in life and wished he didn't do it. Your parents are supposed to guide you, teach you right from wrong, love you and discipline you. My dad always makes it very clear to me and my siblings that if we behave we wouldn't get in trouble.

I get that. Its not uncommon.

However, if they didn't really try any other punishment, how can you know which one is best for you? Obviously, your friend has negligent parents, that again, doesn't mean your parents are doing what is best, it just means her parents are inferior. Why always turn the focus on others instead of keeping it on yourself?

The real price of freedom is responsibility. Seems your cousin couldn't handle it. How about you, is it that you know you can't handle it either? What about other methods of discipline? Why is spanking the only good one to you? (to me, its terrible because you truly do not learn to think for yourself - BUT I do understand that some people are incapable of being fully free - so what the question means, is why spankings for you, why not cornertime instead, extra chores, etc. )

Oh and for information, my mother used psychological violence, fear mainly, which is why I beat her up when she lied to me. I don't respect anyone that uses violence as all forms of manipulation lead to a deprivation of freedom.

My parents do see what's best actually. Like my big brother, my dad smacked him a couple times when he was really little and that's it. My brothers personality was just really reserved and didn't do anything wrong lol. And when he did talking to him was always enough, so that's what my dad did. So it's not like he just wants to hit us. Same with my littlest sister Normandy, she's like my brother and gets the message from being talked to or a time out - it's like a big deal to her lol. But me and my middle sister Alley...are like stubborn. My dad did try all the other forms first. For example when I was like 6 I was... a little too bossy with other kids..and I pushed my sister over when she did something I didn't like. And my dad told me that wasn't OK to do just because she did something I didn't like...and I did it again, so he put me in time out..he tried that twice, then one time I pushed her too hard and she cut her hand so spanked me. That got through to me. It hurt enough that I cried for a minute and I never pushed her again. And when I thought about pushing her cus I was pissed off..I wasn't like "no i should but i can't cus i'll get hit" I thought twice because of what happened last time and then talked it out with her. So how is that bad parenting? And I regret pushing my sister now and needed that spanking to show me some respect.
I keep talking about other people because I am trying to show you what real abuse is. And that if you wanna campaign about abused kids...go ahead..but I am not one of them. Maybe! You're right! Not that you've changed my mind...I'm just saying..I'm wise enough to know I may be wrong about my views. And you should do the same. There is no "right and wrong" for life set in stone...we all just have to do the best we can, what we think is right. And I know my parents always do what they think is right for me and my bro and sis's. I'm sure every parent ..and person..does things that could be improved or whatever..everyone. Even you. But there isn't time in life to sit and analyze every little thing...that's something my dad taught me just always do what you think is right.

You mix up abuse and neglect. You are not neglected. Abused is there the second an object comes into play, like a belt. The bad parenting here is that at your age they don't really respect your intelligence, you can only state dramatic probabilities for why alcohol is "wrong", and they are true, but the same could be said simply from taking a walk in your neighborhood. So obviously they are content with imposing their will, without providing any real reasons, which at your age would be very beneficial.

What are other rules/boundaries you have to live with?

I see. And maybe that's true. So is that the end of the world? That's my point.
It's not a big deal.

Not really many. I have lots of freedom. Mainly in my house the rules or boundaries are respect so we aren't allowed to talk back or be rude..and we have to do as we're told. We can always say what we think..we just can't be sarcastic about it or bratty. He doesn't tolerate that.

13 years olds shouldn't drink alcohol. Lol. Even at the time I knew that I just got caught up in the moment. It's illegal, number one. And at that age no kid is smart enough to know how to handle it. Like my parents have taught me when I come of age to drink I should go out and do that but don't go out the first night I'm legal and get wasted to have a few drinks and see my tolerance or whatever it's called and etc..It makes sense to me and that's what I'm gonna do. I shouldn't have went to a party when my dad said no. And I shouldn't have drank alcohol when I knew I wasn't allowed, it was illegal and it was wrong because I could have been hurt. So I deserved what I got for disobeying my father. Maybe you think I shouldn't obey him or what not...but in our opinion respect is important.

Well, even adults don't know how to handle alcohol. Don't follow your dad's advice on alcohol though, you should drink with someone you trust present that can stop you instead if you go too far, like your dad if you trust him. Legality doesn't matter. You don't go around thinking "I don't kill people because its illegal" do you? (unless you're a psychopath) Why do it for other things? That line of thought is submission to fear! Not surprising with your house rules I must say.

That's exactly what he told me about drinking lol. He said the first time I should do it at home with someone around that can take care of me if I do get drunk or something. And of course I trust my dad more than anyone.

My dad has told me before there are certain laws he doesn't agree with.
Like wearing a seat belt. He told me that when I was little and wearing a seat belt really annoyed me so I kept trying to take it off all the time. He said that we follow laws because it's the right thing to do. And they usually have a purpose. Same with rules. The point is, yeah if I drank underage...and ended up going to jail...that would have a big impact when I went to be a cop. (And that's my dream.)

And I'm sorry about your mom. That's really sad for you. And maybe that's why you think like you do. There are soo many kids who have messed up parents and childhoods. And...I am not one of those kids lol. I have always been grateful for the live my parents gave me. So I'm not going to sit there and critisize my dad for being "too strict" or whatever you think he's doing wrong when he gives me everything in the world I need to make me happy and healthy. They never loose their temper with us, never put us down, never treat us wrong, always tell us how great we are and give us more love than we know what to do with. So yeah..basically my final argument is like..if i'm happy why would i stirr up trouble nit picking at stuff my dad does? I'm not abused, or troubled. I'm well behaved, and happy.

Its not about stirring up trouble, its about talking about it with him... not right after you get caught of course. Its about forcing him to explain why things are wrong, not just telling you that you have to listen to him.

As for seat belts, he is right. for most road collisions, science says they are better. Law has no testing behind it. Just brown envelopes with cash and demands. And if Volvo (I think) wanted to be ********, they could enforce their seat belt patent, forcing you to buy only Volvo cars, which is why having it as a law is ridiculous (or the patent law is ridiculous). Just like closing your door can save you if there is a fire. There's no law about that but science has proven that if the fire starts outside the room, you greatly increase your survival chances.

You don't need law to protect you, that's not why it is there. Most laws exist to try to ruin your life. Now, would drinking underage send you to jail? I don't think so, although different states have different laws. If you're state has "private" prisons/detention centers then of course corrupted judges is something to fear. That is something he should warn you about if that is what he fears, not just stating its against the law. Why settle for petty explanations when you could have him teach you and acquire yet even more knowledge?

In the state of Minnesota that would be called child abuse. In the state of Minnesota spanking is defined as with an open hand on the butt.

I'm in Canada lol

Good thing cause then your parents are safeto continue punishing you as they see fit.


My parents give me all the explanations I need. You're wrong.
When I get in trouble I know what i did wrong, and why it was wrong and I accept the punishment. Then I move on and it's over. I don't feel like questioning my dad about every thing..I just trust that he knows what's best for me cus he's my dad and leave it at that.

Good luck to you.

Thannnk you.

In Canada spankings must be open handed and may only be administered to someone under 12yo with reasonable force. Your parents are criminals... but when they break the Law, it must be ok, ******* cops are all the same. However if YOU break the law, then they must break it to teach you.

And WTF, the legal drinking age is just a suggestion
Also, you can't get jailed for drinking and the maximum fine is 100$
Oh oops, I know Canadian law.

19 or 18 depending on exactly where poster lives. (or 5 is shes inuit - ok that was kinda racist)

However, sadly, cops are so corrupt in Canada that the stereotype is more often true than not. Female cops are the most agressive however, always feeling they have to prove their strength given the sexism in most police stations. They rarely obey the law themselves, not counting the violent crimes, which most cops commit - during protests mainly (but they still have no right to suspend the law) many are literally the source for satellite theft chips, weed/drugs (and that one is from several experiences), cable theft (experience with that too - but when caught, I ratted them out just cuz it was a cop, the cable company offered them to sign a 1 year prepaid contract for the service or face charges, so its impossible to know what would have happened), pawned stolen material (funny experience here, because it is badly written law - In Canada, you can steal stuff, pawn it and you cannot get accused criminally for the actual pawning. So if you are in possession of stolen goods, you didnt steal them so you're safe. If you get caught, you may have to reimburse the money you got from the pawn shop to the owner (who has to pay to get it back). Thats why many cops do that ****), etc. Police in Toronto, Montreal, RCMP and Ottawa are actually infiltrated by the mafia, question is, is it the same one? Others wouldn't surprise me either. But hey, at least, if a cop rapes a woman he goes to jail for 6 months, that's awesome justice, right?

As for your reasons, the only valid point you make is the 2nd one. Opinions are not valid. The brain grows until your 30s on average. Marijuana can also lead to improved learning skills, its opinion, just like alcohol decreasing it. Both lead to other REAL logical reasons for that. Marijuana keeping people calm in class and makes it easier to focus, while alcohol does cause agitation. But drinking one night will not affect learning. So learning to drink in a social context would be far more benefecial for children than forcing parents to look away and not be there for their kids. That is also a huge increase in crime victim probabilities.

Well luckily, teens cannot be targetted by pedophiles. But all you said can happen to adults too and quite frankly, some adults are far more vulnerable than some kids, so you cannot use vulnerability as an argument either (I dont have a gf for my good looks). You seem to be overprotective and need to accept the fact that teens will be adults very soon. If they dont learn now, they'll learn at 18 and at that age, law can definitely destroy a whole life. Some mistakes will be made no matter how hard you try and how much effort you put into it. At least at 14, a teen is forced to accept parental guidance whereas at 18, its a whole new game.

Seeing a 10yo family member drunk is also entertaining, but after 3 spiked drinks we stopped him. At a party he would not even know his limits should he have not been allowed to drink. Oh his brother started drinking at 18, hes on probation and is the only alcoholic in the family. Stopping someone from drinking as a teen does not prevent, nor does it cause alcoholics. That is a myth.

I started drinking at 12 and still woke up in the hospital after drinking too much at 15, so no guidance is also no good, which is why penalizing parents that let children drink is stupid. I never knew it could do that because my parents were not allowed to be there (not that they would have been there, my mom is a schizophrenic that believes in some god and my dad ran away from her, dont really blame him). Funny thing is I have 6 beers in the fridge... since May. Now had I been 16, I could have been brought to court for "being drunk in public", risking 100$ in fines + some fees, so good thing I did that before 16 and not at 18 where I could have had 2000$ + admin fees in fines, which would have stopped me from going to college, which would have stopped me from getting a job like this one and being marked as a criminal, which means I would probably be on welfare. Fact is, I know now not to drink 1 litre of Rhum in 10 minutes, something any adult would stop a kid from doing. If a kid wants to do something there are two rules:

1: He will do it no matter what you say
2: When in doubt, refer to rule 1

PS: Had I been raped, it still would not have been **********.

Well teens can only be targeted by pedophiles if they have a condition that makes puberty start late or not at all. Past puberty, its yucky for a *********. Stop misusing the term, here, raping a kid up his *** will land you 18 months in jail... but a ******* dog, 10 years... only because the media made everyone think pedophiles slept with 15yo that looked like grown ups.

A 10yo falling flat on his face because hes drunk is funny as hell. And big LOL at 16 and parents in the same sentence. What kinda 16 yo listens to their parents? I was 16 when I beat my mom up for the last time. You never ever bought alcohol and go off to drink in nearby woods or crop fields?

Well everyone dies so seeing a 10 yo falling over is hilarious.

Well for legal reasons they told him no, but he got some when they weren't looking. Does that work for you?

Well then, you should never go to Germany :)

Seeing a 10 year old drunk is disusting.

Well seeing a 65yo drunk is disgusting too. Age doesnt matter.

No it doesnt. Age is relative to the amount of times the planet revolves around the sun based on an arbitrary time system based on a revolution of that planet which is based on calculations in sexagesimal form. Age means nothing as long as its funny.

umm age does matter, what person will most likey die from drinking, a 10yo or a 45 year old, the bodyis delvoping, im a 12yo and i know it lol

dont bother, shes trolling lol

habatur, every body knows to not give a kid beer, lol, shes trolling...

true, but the way shes saying its funny to see a 10yo die from drinking gives it away, no one finds that amsumseing lol

yep, but it sounds like it, lol

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