Angry Stepmom And Leather Belt

This weekend i was doing my preparations for exams on university.I totaly forgot that my stepmom Alice and my dad Alan going at one birthday party and i forgot to wash their car.I was studying when my step came in my room really angry " Our car is dirty , i told you that you must washed them cause we are going in restaurant on celebration today " !
I started to apologise, but she continue :"Shut up! Give me your mobile phone for one month, there s no dinner for you next week, and you will do the dishes whole month".
"What?Whole month ? You are stupid Alice, you cant do this "!!
That was a huge mistake.She slap me hard across the face then she called my dad.She takes his belt and remove my pants. And then the leather belt start to hurting my *** and legs.Firts stroke was like a fire on my legs , but i try to be quiet.It was hard to receive such strokes.Stepmom start to spank fast and order me to counting the strokes. On the sixth , i started to yelling very loud, "Please stop , please, i will never do this again", "Shut up you idiot , i will teach you to respect me and i will give you the reason for yelling, you will see !"She send me to the corner and her strokes was harder and faster, and after maybe a minute i try to escape but it was mistake again, my dad was in front of the room:( I was sending to the corner for next 20 strokes and after that i was soobing and my *** was burning . They send me in their room , i was naked the rest of day so my stepsister look at me the whole evening and joking about that. It was horrible, and humiliating.I made a huge mistake when i tell my stepmom that she is stupid, and for that my *** is burning and my legs hurting.She said me that she will give me more harder punishment if i ever said her the same thing again.
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I see - and you now find that you enjoy being spanked, makes you *** real fast and hard? @#@

Not so sure about your phone and dinner... I believe she could have belted you for your forgetfulness. As for whar you dared to tell her... I know for sure that a good belt is the best tool which women should use to teach us to behave and be polite. Yesterday my Mistress called me and ordered me to pay for her mobile phone. I did it using my computer and bank account (we live separately) but made an error in her phone number. Today she phoned me again being quite angry and told me that no money had come to her phone account. I repeated the payment typing her correct number, called her and told her my sorry and now I expect a belting.

if you were my son and you forgot to wash my car i would punish you with a belt exactly like your parents did.

no he disobeyed and he should take the punishment.