20 CRUALS LASHES FOR 4 CHIDREN SWIMMING given by salafist in Mali Tombuctu

2 months before , 4 children in Mali near tombuctu are swiming in the river Niger. 2 boys Ali 9 years , Selim 8 years and 2 girls Karima 9 years and Samira 7 years. Islamic police from al qaeda in magreb came and catch them.They said children are immodest and vicious They bring them police station where officer give sentence each child 20 lashes with the belt on her buttocks.They called the families and when each parents they said children must not go swim but stay at home and pry.After they bring the 2 girls and her parents in one room and boys and family in other room. One executioner came for the boys and one other for the girls. Each are great and strong man they have bid leather belt in their hands . When they see the whip; children afraid became to cry and asked mercy. The mothers also said " they are children, they did not know new laws islamic laws." But the salafist reply" we shall given good lesson on her bum so they never forget sharia!".Each children received 20 lashes on bare bum.The obliges to made kneel down on a chair and present her buttocks to the officer. Each mother was obliged to take off the clothes of her children the knickers for the boys and frock for the girls after they take of their underwear so the belt could begin his crual action. Executioner strike very hard .Karima was first lashes she weep and groan for the 10 first lashes and cry for 10 last. After it was the turn of her small sister. The youth girl samira cry on the first lashes" mom pain pain is like fire!" After 8 or 10 lashes, because she suffered too much pain  she put her hands on her bum to rub her buttocks. But the cruel man take her hands and continue to lashe her so hard than her sister.Boys are beat same by other salafist men. They weep a little because they are boys they are stronger but suffered so much than the 2 girls her cousin. After they have blisters and too much hematomas on her bums So when they put dress contact from fabric to the sore skin made explosion of pain. Parents must help them to walk and Samira mother take or daughter in her arms because she too much pain to walk.Samira cry always" why ,why they made this mom I all lacerated !" At home parents made massage to their poor innocent children who suffered too much.The boys who have only weep and groan and no cry like the girls their cousins at home became to cry also . Salim said" mom i never have so pain in life there I could not support"And  he put his hands on his buttocks covered of blisters.Ali said "mom my jean burn me it is like my bum is in fire!"The mother  made good massage with cream and bring her sons in their bed after giving sweet to eat .Samira and Karima are also mass by her mother. Karima cry and said "mom it is too much pain this man are like devil all burn me!"But Samira who was more sensitive said to her mother after massage" mom I feel always all the pain of the blow from  the whip on my bum it is like fire I have pain too much" Her mother continue to mass her.One week they could not seat and feel nor pain sitting 3 weeks after. This story is also on google about mali salafist against children in amnesty international side
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Nov 28, 2012